If LeSean McCoy is Sent Away, It Leaves a lot of Useless Jerseys in Your Closets

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy would like to stay an Eagle, but he’s seen what happened with DeSean and it worries him. Chip Kelly said he’d like him to come back, but that it’s not fully up to him. And a lot of people who just bought expensive McCoy jerseys are gonna be really bummed if he is moved. That’s a lot of people, because McCoy’s jersey was number one among running backs this year, at least according to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This, of course, doesn’t take into account any jersey bought at NFL.com, the Eagles’ website, or any place that’s not a Dick’s Sporting Goods. But at least at Dick’s, Shady’s jersey was the number six top seller, and the only running back in the top ten. That would mean a possible Shady move could lead to tossed jerseys, out-of-date tailgate shirts, or taped-over names a la DeSean Jackson and Nnamdi Asomugha. But for now, people are still buying them up.


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  1. If the Eagles land Rex Ryan as a DC, Revis, Byron Maxwell, and Aaron Rodgers… they could win Super bowl.

    Use this as your next “If” story, Jimbo. Everyone appreciates the in-depth thinking.

  2. Because no one wears Brian Westbrook jerseys anymore. McCoy is gonna be a legendary Eagle and 25 Jerseys will always been worn on Sundays at the Linc no matter where McCoy is playing.

    1. McCoy never won a playoff game. Only played in three playoff games. Will probably be out of here in this offseason if not the next one. Was mostly known this season for guaranteeing 2,000 yards and falling nearly 700 yards short and of course that 20 cent tip. You have an odd definition of “legendary”.

      1. Tell him bro. 20 Cent is the most over rated RB in Eagles history. And anyone who wanted his jersey deserves to have it rendered useless ASAP.

  3. Sorry Jim, this post was so dumb and elementary that I was forced to comment about it. I assume Kyle still has you on a trial period and writing things like this will get you sent back to the Occupy “whatever is trendy this month” camp even sooner.

  4. He’s not a free agent. He’s in his prime. He knows the offense. He’s an elite talent at the position. It’d cost them money to cut him…

    I am failing miserably to see any fucking point to cutting LeSean McCoy. Anyone want to fill me in on why the shit they would even consider this?

    We should be concerned with adding to the garbage secondary and possibly acquiring some offensive line depth. Cutting Shady shouldn’t even be mentioned.

    1. Because culture wins football. Didn’t you buy that awesome tshirt Kyle made? I cut that punk MeSean because he didn’t wanna block and look at what that did for our rushing attack. Dropped us almost a full yard a carry and from 1st in the league last year to 15th this season. So glad to have Cooper and Maclin instead of Jackson and Maclin. What a great football decision, huh?

      If I cut McCoy it’s the right decision because I am a football god and can do no wrong. Now drink my kool aid, bitch.

    2. Oh shut the fuck up. Running Backs now a days are disposable, and easily replaced. In no way is McCoy worth the cap hit for next year. And before you worry about him being gone, rest assured that there will be ten guys just like him in the draft next year. Franchise backs don’t exist anymore, and that applies here too.

      1. So his cap hit is worth taking the cap penalty and essentially paying more than half the hit we would take if he were here, just to let him line up in another jersey?

        Pass that shit to the left. Cutting DeSean made no sense. This would make even less sense.

        1. Gonna pay the guy over 5 mill to leave just to save 3 when you’re going to be damn near 20 under the cap when the new cap comes in…people are fucking nuts.

  5. Bravo, Jim. Thirteen commas in a 150 word article. I hope… you don’t talk… like… you write.

    FYI – In the first paragraph, all of the commas except for the last one are unnecessary. You also could have cut the number in half in the second paragraph.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Thank you.

      Seriously, and in all honestly, the commas Jim uses, are to most, completely unnecessary, nonessential, and useless.

      His writing is awful, but as we know, that doesn’t matter to Kyle, the proprietor of this site, and we should just deal.

  6. I hope that McCoy stays an Eagle. Hard to imagine that not happening.

    But I will say this – the fact that he is so ineffective at the goal line is a huge problem for this team. The truly great ones live to get the ball in those situations. I hate to use a former Cowboy as an example, but can you even imagine Emmitt Smith not getting the ball down close(or not scoring a TD)?

    Moving the ball between the 20’s is great, but don’t think for a moment that the coaching staff and front office aren’t concerned about Shady’s lack of TD production. It probably cost us the playoffs as much as anything else, even if no one seems to be talking about it that way.

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