LeSean McCoy’s DeSean Impression is Pretty Spot-On

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It can be argued that the Cowboys/Colts matchup in Week 16 is even more important for Eagles fans than the Eagles/Redskins one. But for the players, their minds are 100% focused on the Redskins game, and one last chance to show-up former Eagle DeSean Jaccson. But LeSean McCoy thought: Why wait for the game?

As Redskins reporter Dianna Marie Russini told us last week, DeSean’s tenure with the Redskins this year has been classic DeSean: throwing teammates under the bus, complaining in private, complaining in public, generally being the worst. There’s especially been strain between DeSean and whomever his QB may be — mostly RG3. So when Shady decided to poke some light fun at DeSean and his reputation, it looked like it was a “no harm no foul” deal. The addition of “RG3 would agree haha” in the caption is a nice touch, but I really don’t think RG3 (or any ‘Skins fan) is laughing. It’s also a nice touch to deliberately spell “jackpot” the correct way.

As a side note: This is the kind of stuff the internet is good for. You got your analysis and your reporting and all of that stuff, but it’s also great that stuff like this — not exactly “news” per se, but a message directly from player-to-fan — can be put out there for fans and whomever else to enjoy. Or …

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Don’t look now, NFL Network News Desk, but you’re ruining it.

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14 Responses

  1. Now that shit is funny…not even in a trash talk type of way but more just one of your boys breaking your balls. They’re still friends so I could see DeSean laughing that off…I don’t think DeSean beefs with anyone on the Eagles current roster (save for Riley Cooper and Sconces Williams), as much as he just hates the front office.

  2. That’s racist. Just because DeSean is black it doesn’t mean he talks like that.

  3. DeSean will be getting the last laugh when he torches that mediocre Eagles secondary,and those lowly Redskins knock the Eagles out of playoff contention.

    Redskins 34
    Eagles 23

  4. Assuming he’s saying “cuz” at the end of each statement, and assuming Shady is not smart enough to make up stuff Desean has not said in the past; this would further prove that Desean has gang ties. Urban Dictionary the term “cuz”. You’re welcome Jim.

  5. Yeah, I got a new rap album comin out soon. Just a taste fo my fans on it.

    1. Me Me Me Me
    2. All deeze guy suck
    3. Short pass gator arms
    4. I can torch anyone
    5. Running faster than my mouth
    6. Talking faster than I think

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