Mike Vick says Playing for the Redskins would be a “Dream Come True”

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick, the now-boatless sometimes starting quarterback of the New York Jets, knows he is not long for the green and white. He’s only attempted more than twenty passes in two games this year, and only over fifteen in another three. On the season, he’s 64-for-121 for 604 yards and three touchdowns. But next year, the then 35-year-old Vick will be a free agent, and boy would he love to play for the Redskins.

Vick told reporters that playing for the Redskins would be “a dream come true,” and “that’s home for me. Don’t get me excited. Don’t get me excited.” Don’t get you excited? I think you’re the only one getting you excited. Vick also said he’d like to reunite with his “little brother” DeSean Jackson:

“I know his speed, I know his acceleration path, I know when he’s coming out of his breaks. There’s nobody that knows DeSean Jackson better than me. I think he knows that, and we were just trying to position ourselves to be together again, but it didn’t work out.”

You know what Mike? Maybe you guys can both play together next year, but I really doubt it’ll be in Washington.


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  1. Gym, you forgot to spell DeSean’s last name with 2 C’s. We are the only websight still keeping that joke a live. We are very dsappointd with y ou.

  2. Is there any athlete on Earth as delusional about his abilities as Mike Vick? This dude is a total has been and outside of one good year in Atlanta and 8 good games in Philly in 2010 he is a never was.

    1. He definately has a better arm than Sanchez does. He moves better than Sanchez does. He’s not as smart. I think Vick might be a better back up QB than Sanchez.

      1. Is Sanchez as delusional though? Vick still thinks he’d be an MVP candidate if he was a starter.

        Sanchez also falls in the category of “never was”.

        1. Well, I am talking back up mainly because neither are starting mat’l. Can’t argue your original point. But i do think we’d be better off with Vick over Sanchez. Not much, but better.

          1. However, in all likelihood Vick would’ve been hurt by the Green Bay game and Barkley would’ve been the QB now.

            Vick and Sanchez I think are six in one half dozen in the other. However, only one of them served time as a convicted felon and knowingly spread herpes around to the ladies like he has handing out tips at the Copa, the other is just an embarrassing douchebag. So, I’d still prefer Sanchez.

    2. We could debate the value of Vick’s contributions to the league all day. What is not up for debate is the fact that we would be in a much better place if we still had Vick as our backup QB instead of that beaner Sanchez. Imagine a t-shirt that features Marcus Vick tweets inspired by Mike Vick’s play. They would be top sellers. Now that I think of it, I’ll take 2. Get on it KYLE. Now KYLE. Do it KYLE.

      Beaners – taking our jobs since the 1977.

      1. Not up for debate?…says you. Gtfo with Vick as your backup. I hope you were trying to be funny ( BTW you failed)

        1. That wasn’t a joke. Vick stays motivated when he’s on decent teams. It’s not a surprise that he wasn’t prepared to play for the jets. He was there for the paycheck.

          1. I hadn’t even considered that you were a beaner too. Sorry if you were offended but I stick by my comments.

            BTW – if you forget to mow behind the deck again, you’re fired. I can pick another one of your kind up tomorrow at Home Depot. Ya dig?

  3. Slow day at the office Jim.

    This article is the equivalent of hipster dumpster hopping for a good meal.

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