Oh, Tony Romo Has Broken Ribs, Too

Photo: Dallas Cowboys
Photo: Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo, somewhat laudably, has been playing with both a broken back and broken ribs, according to embededededed Cowboys ESPNerererer Edededed Werderererer, whose neck devours itself just a bit more every time he’s on-screen:

Tony Romo has been dealing with the effects of back surgery this past offseason and two transverse process fractures, and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback let it slip Thursday night that he also has been playing through a broken rib for the better part of two months.

Romo played well against the GOD AWFUL Bears last night, but the Eagles? Well, let’s just say Romo picked the wrong time not to take his pain meds:

“I took a [pain-killing] shot this week,” Romo said. “I didn’t last week in the Eagles game, and that was a poor decision I think.”

Romo will have 10 days off before the Cowboys play the Eagles Dec. 14 at Lincoln Financial Field.

“I’ll probably start on Philly a little tonight on the plane,” Romo said. “Then from there I think I’ll probably do a little bit of work [Friday] during the day. I’ll go ahead and get some treatment and … take off Friday night and Saturday and probably come back on my own on Sunday.”

This is shaping up to be an all-time Cowboys finish. My prediction: Romo plays and gets hurt against the Eagles. Not his back or ribs, but something more irksome, like a strained lat or some shit. He misses the rest of the season and the Cowboys finish 0-3. Write that down.


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  1. would have thought Dallas won the superbowl last night with they way people were tweeting about them. Especially ESPN

    1. Espn had the cowboys as #5 on their power rankings last week.


      EaGLes !!!!!!

    2. another gem I’ve been hearing all week from ESPN (paraphrasing a bit) “Yea, the cowboys are still a playoff team. That loss to the eagles wasn’t like them because they had a short week and all…”

  2. Jerry Jones needs to be reprimanded by the league. As much as I hate the Cowboys, the thought that Romo will probably be a cripple later in life because of how Jerry Jones rules over his kingdom with an iron fist is disgusting.

  3. So, everyone in Eagledom gets all moist because Dallas’ starting QB is probably playing at 50% with broken ribs and a broken back and the hope is that someone knocks Green bay off so the Birds don’t have o face them…that’s the hope for the Eagles to make it to the Super Bowl, Dallas to lose their star player and another team to take care of the big job of defeating Green Bay, only to then have their skulls crushed by the Broncos or Patriots?

    Nothing second rate about that.

    Notice the “GODAWFUL” distinction for the Bears. But that same GODAWFUL moniker was never given to the Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Rams, Giants or Redskins.

    1. They don’t need Romo to be injured and they don’t need anyone to knock off Green Bay. They need to not play Green Bay IN Green Bay, and they need to get a bye. They control their own destiny. Beating Seattle this week would be a huge step.

      Romo being injured and playing injured should be more of a story considering this could be two years in a row that the guy has broken down by week 12 or 13. The guy is just falling apart. Aikman said last year that the back issues would continue to haunt him and that the misconception that concussions ended his own career were false. It was actually similar back issues that caused Aikman to hang it up.

      If I had my way, we’d play Dallas when they were coming off of a bye week with their entire roster 100%, so when they get smoked they have no fucking excuse other than, “They were the better team that day.”


    2. …and the only two “God awful” teams you listed are the Jags and Titans. The others are at least competitive and have some talent. Christ, the Rams beat Denver….

      1. he only two decent teams they beat were the Colts and the Cowboys. A lot of teams do because the NFL sucks. If you think the Eagles playing Green Bay in Philly is a “gimme” you are insane.

        For the record. I hate the Cowboys and Romo.


        1. Not a gimme by any means, but if they even want to have a legitimate shot, it has to be in Philly. I don’t think ANYONE will beat the Packers at Lambeau, barring a catastrophic injury to Rodgers in the next month.

          I’ll give you the only GOOD teams they’ve beat are Indi and Dallas. The rest are either trash or middle of the pack. Keep in mind they were less than a yard away from beating San Fran and Arizona…both games they should’ve won. I know a win is a win and a loss is a loss, but if we were to line up against either of them again in the playoffs, they could easily beat either of them. Arizona would get smoked with their current slate of injuries.

          1. How can anyone take a team led by Mark Sanchez seriously? He’ll show up eventually. Mark my words.

          2. Keep in mind they beat Indy because the refs didn’t call the blatant pass interference on the INT that led to the Eagles score.

            You actually think they can beat Seattle? Are you on drugs? They lose to all playoff and championship caliber teams. Where have you been the last two years? If they get blownout by Seattle, will that be a statement game too?

            I notice how people say the Cowboys suck (which they do), but are so desperate to list good teams that the Eagles beat, that they include them in that 2 team list. So are they a good team or do they suck, i’m so confused

          3. “You actually think they can beat Seattle? Are you on drugs? They lose to all playoff and championship caliber teams. Where have you been the last two years? If they get blownout by Seattle, will that be a statement game too?”

            Yes they can beat Seattle. No, I never said the Cowboys “suck”. I’ve watched every game, every season, for as long as I can remember. No it won’t be a statement if they get blown out because Seattle is the defending SB champ and they don’t need to prove themselves.

            I love how you blame a non call in the Colts game too. We could play “what if” all fucking day with just about every close game this year. The fact of the matter is they beat 2 good teams this season, almost beat two other good teams, and got blown the fuck out by the best team in football right now. Who are they REALLY? We’ll find out Sunday.

            As for the guy saying Sanchez will inevitably show up…might be the difference between a W and a L this Sunday.

          4. Seattle has the best secondary in the league and the Eagles have Mark Sanchez and Riley Cooper.

        2. No argument there, but their offense isn’t very good outside of Lynch and Wilson. I think it will be close, win or lose.

  4. As a side note, why does Tony Romo look like an eager 14-year old who’s doing the football player’s homework for him?

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