Please Welcome Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor to Liberty Broadcast


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re sort of building a thing here. Liberty Broadcast is now the podcast network of choice for Tony Bruno, Bleeding Green Nation, our show, Eytan Shander, and now… you know what, I’ll just let our joint press release with the newly-formed Philly Voice tell you about our STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP! We’re in the strategic partnership business now, apparently:

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The Podcast Debuts on Friday, December 19 at 12 P.M. on

PHILADELPHIA (December 18) – Liberty Broadcast, a sports-focused podcast network, and, a new media company serving the Philadelphia and South Jersey region, announced today a strategic partnership in bringing Eagles fans throughout the region Eagles Insider, a weekly podcast featuring Jimmy Kempski,’s Eagles Writer, and Tommy Lawlor, a Writer for and Each week, Eagles Insider will bring listeners directly into the locker room, covering the team and breaking down the X’s & O’s of past and future games. The podcast will feature interviews with Eagles players, coaches, beat writers, and national experts from all over the country. The first episode of Eagles Insider debuts Friday, December 19 at 12 P.M. on, and will join the network’s popular lineup of podcasts, including The Tony Bruno Show, Crossing Streams, BGN Radio, and Shander Show.

“I am thrilled to welcome Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor, two of the best new media football minds around, to Liberty Broadcast,” said Kyle Scott, Founder of the popular podcast network. “Their show will be the perfect smart, and funny, alternative to traditional sports talk radio, and a great complement to our growing mix of podcasts. Both guys have carved out a niche (from scouting to stick figures) in discussing the Eagles in new, insightful, and humorous ways.”

Following a hiatus from their popular podcast, Helmet2Helmet, Eagles Insider brings Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor back to Internet radio. The show will provide Eagles fans with a wealth of insight, countless laughs, and an open forum for listeners to hear the latest news about their favorite NFL team. In the coming months, Eagles Insider has plans to further expand its lineup of notable hosts, providing fans with even more leading voices on the Philadelphia Eagles.

“This exciting collaboration with Liberty Broadcast will provide with the opportunity to further connect with Philadelphia’s passionate sports community,” said Lexie Norcross, Managing Director, Insider will provide Birds fans with the perfect avenue to feed their craving for the most relevant breaking news and information from two of the best Eagles writers in the region.”

“I have always loved Jimmy and Tommy’s work not only as writers, but also as co-hosts of their podcast Helmet2Helmet, said John Barchard, Partner, Liberty Broadcast and Host, BGN Radio. “I have been trying to figure out a way to get them together again, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that the recognizes how important Jimmy and Tommy’s voices are when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles.”

Known for his in-depth analysis, coverage, and stick-figure portrayals of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jimmy Kempski is the Eagles Writer for Prior to joining the new website, he formerly covered the Eagles for four years at and the Allentown Morning Call.  Kempski provides breaking news and coverage of the Eagles year round, and interacts with his large following on Twitter daily. Follow him @JimmyKempski.

“The opportunity to team up with Tommy again for Eagles Insider thrills me,” said Kempski. “I look forward to connecting and interacting with fans and readers on the air, providing them with yet another convenient outlet to receive the very latest Eagles news and analysis.”

Lawlor has followed the Eagles since the late ‘80s and has been writing about the Eagles since 2003. He began the website in 2005, has written a weekly column for since 2007, and founded Follow him on Twitter @lawlornfl.

“I am enthusiastic to return to Internet radio every week with Jimmy talking Eagles,” said Lawlor. “Eagles Insider will provide listeners with all the access they need, without the constraints of traditional radio talks shows.”

More on the way.


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  1. Well I’m out, I can’t stand that little pussy Jimmy Kempski, I’d rather try to stuff a Pepsi can up my asshole than listen to that wanna be tough guy.

  2. Tommy is one of the best ones out there for Eagles info. Guy has spent a long time doing amateur work and had a great eye even before he had access to the coaches camera view like most reporters do.

  3. Eagle Insider podcast dates:
    December – an exciting two shows of dwindling playoff chances
    January – dead air
    February – dead air

  4. Leave it to the dumpster fire crossing broad Comment section to throw filth on an otherwise joyous announcement.

    You ingrate mouth breathers are a fucking disgrace. Kempski and Lawlor joining Liberty Broadcast is tremendous news, I can’t wait to devour their weekly podcast.

    1. Are you a fish with gills?? i would like to know how your body is supplied with oxygen.

      It’s for science….

  5. I refuse to welcome any “sports radio” type personality to anything but walking the plank. I seriously can’t stand any of these assholes. This is what living in the tri-state area listening to total douchebags on the radio does to a person.

      1. Nope, nothing like it at all. That explains the radio transmitting tower in the logo.

        Philadelphia sports radio has left me jaded and I would rather read (read) insightful opinion on sports where there’s no blowhard giving an opinion which usually sucks. I can’t listen to it anymore, i’m done.

      2. Hmmmm…..probably a bunch of guys sitting around a table in front of microphones with headphones on, and talking.

        Not a bit like radio at all….

  6. Jimmy Kempski is a Eagles ass-kisser with absolutely no objectivity whatsoever. Dave Spadarro is more critical of the Eagles than Kempski

  7. If you read the headline quickly, you can convince yourself that Jerry the King Lawler is the guest.

    But then you go back and read it again, and the sadness sets in.

  8. How about the Sixers getting screwed in signing an injury prone lemon in Turkish power forward Aldemir.

    I guess the same medical people who examined Andrew Bynum also examined Furkan Aldemir.

    One game in and his foot is shot(smdh).

  9. Lawlor was all about Bradley Fletcher.

    He’s a dude who watches football tape and writes things that sound substantially better than the average internet commenter, therefore he is terrific. And Kempski is a douchebag nobody….big deal you draw stick figures.

    There’s no difference between these 2 dopes and the dopes you hear on the radio, except the dopes on the radio are actually good broadcasters.*

    *-not including Jon and Sean

  10. well done guys! especially Jimmy – this may be one of your best comments sections yet.

  11. Everything I needed to know about “Liberty Broadcasting” I found out in the much-hyped Scott O’Neill episode.

    You had 2 fanboys stumbling over each other to tell Scott how they were “down with the plan” while stammering and ummming their way through the questions and the set up. Then they let Scott, a noted propagandist, monologue for 10 minutes uninterrupted while he made it seem like Sam Hinkie was basically Mother Teresa. Then they budded up to him by taking his side for his exchange with Eskin. ESKIN!

    I know it’s easy to punch up, Kyle. Attack sports radio, you’re so much better. Here’s a thought: Let me know when you develop broadcasting talent, interviewing skills and get rid of your hipster sidekick. Then come back to me.

  12. Typical airhead Philly sports entertainment. If you douche nozzles want real, intelligent sports analysis, tune in to Josh Innes. He’s the only real sports personality on the landscape.

  13. The Eagles website already has an “Eagles Insider Podcast.” Couldn’t come up with something more original?

  14. How the hell can you call Kempski’s writing in-depth? Have you ever read one of his “articles”? The guy just makes lists, he’s horrendous. And I’m not trying to be an asshole either, his articles are seriously dog shit

  15. Jimmy is great. I remember before when he had his own website and covered the whole NFC East in detail. He tell the story as it is and tells it in detail.

    I would love to see all these people say their comments to Jimmy in person. I doubt they would be talking all that smack to his face.

    1. Yeah please tell your husband Jimmy I’d have no issue doing so. He’d probably just list the reasons I was wrong as a response.

      Seriously, google his articles from It’s a list after stupid list

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