Report: Chip Kelly’s Phone to Ring this Week

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Earlier this season, talking heads and reporters made a non-story about the fact that the University of Florida would probably dial Chip Kelly’s phone number about a coaching job, and that Chip Kelly would probably answer the phone when it rang. If there is no chance of him leaving the NFL for the Florida Gators — which there isn’t — then it’s a moot point. However, that has not stopped sources mentioning that someone at Florida will call Chip Kelly.

It’s not the first time someone is going to call Chip Kelly or any other coach with college experience for a college opening — Jim Harbaugh probably gets a call once a week and that guy is a nightmare — but it’s not a story every time. In fact, a source just told me Kyle was going to get a call from a perspective game day blogger. That’s some breaking news.


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    1. Yea, man, Perspective.

      He means like, “The perspective game day blogger could see Shane Victornio’s house from Olyney Station.”

    2. It is goddamn amazing. This professional “writer” who has to write 100 words per day manages to mess something up in EVERY one of his posts. Adair really has little grasp of the English language.

      Spell check mother fucker!

  1. Nothing better than the blogger complaining that the subject he’s blogging about shouldn’t be news…

  2. Yup Chip is gonna go from a playoff and super bowl contending team making millions to a slightly above average college program where he’ll never compete with the likes of Alabama, LSU, and auburn. It’s amazing what the media gets away with these days. You can literally write anything you want just for attention. Hell you can be a fringe media member like Farzetta and get a stort written about you

    1. You must be getting Florida confused with another program…Vanderbilt perhaps?

      Before Alabama and Auburn were running the SEC/BCS, Florida was. I don’t think Chip is going anywhere but you’re a fool if you don’t think this is one of the best jobs in college football.

    2. All the big programs pay big money. Nick Saban makes about $300K less at Alabama, than what Chip makes with the Birds. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that the money is only in the NFL.

      1. 9-3 tied atop the NFC conference doesn’t make you a SB contender? That kind of logic can only come from a scumbag cowboy fan

          1. 2-3
            W–Indy, Dallas
            L– AZ, GB, SF

            AZ isn’t the same team. SF, they’re a mess. And GB is a great team at home. 3-3 on the road

    3. Actually Fla would more than likely match or pay more than the birds do. Where coaches really have an advantage in the NFL is they don’t need to fly all over the country begging entitled a- holes to come play for them. They draft the entitled a- holes instead or pick them up as a FA. Another thing, no NCAA. Either way, I think Kelly sticks it out.

  3. CM-

    Never compete with LSU, Bama and Auburn? Did you forget that under coaches before Mus Chump the Gators won multiple national titles? Do you also realize that Florida, among other schools would be willing to pay Chip more than the Eagles do? Good insight bro.
    Tim 3:16

    1. USC used to win national titles too. What’s your point? Florida used to be good. Right now they can’t compete with those teams recruiting wise

      1. They can’t? They bring in a top 5 recruiting class every year. You should probably stop talking about things that aren’t Eagles/NFL. You sound like an idiot.

        1. I’m not saying Florida isnt a good job. But auburn and bama are getting the better recruits plain and simple. There’s a reason Florida hasnt won since 08 and that’s because Alabama and auburn have ruled the SEC since. As much as I think chip is a good coach, he’s not gonna out do Saban or even the guy at auburn in recruiting

          1. “The guy at Auburn.” I am a dope. I act like I have a clue but don’t even know the coach’s name. “The guy” must be a great recruiter. I hate myself.

          2. You imitate me on a blog and I’m the one who hates my life? Before you go looking in the dictionary….imitate means to act like someone else

      2. I think I told him!! I may not know football, but I know what “imitate” means. Now…..back to SEC football….”that guy at Auburn” is a good recruiter. I swear.

  4. So Chip, who’s making $6.5 million per year, is going to leave the pro game and head back to college, where in addition to kissing the asses of 16 and 17 year old kids year-round across the country, he’ll have to deal with the UF boosters.

    Yeah, that’s not happening. Furthermore, look at UF’s last several hires:

    Muschamp (college coordinator)
    Meyer (Utah HC)
    Zook (special teams coordinator)
    Spurrier (UF alum; Duke HC)

    Based on their track record, they’re not paying a top tier established HC more than $7.0 million a year +.

  5. Marc Farzetta???? Boy people’s sources really must be drying up if they are now quoting a backup analyst on WIP who is also the update guy when Rhea isn’t on.

  6. Can’t listen to Farzetta. Reminds me of Macnow, just tries to hard to be cool. Sadly it seems like they have forced Innes to carve out a bigger role for Farzetta. I think Farzetta may challenge Rob Charry for most updates recorded when its all said and done.

    Rhea sucks. Unfunny yet no one seems to have the balls to tell her. Her snide “rips” on Angelo are about 6th grade level busts. Its sad.

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