Riley Cooper was the Worst Starting Receiver in Football This Season

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who watched Eagles games with their eyes this year knows Riley Cooper didn’t have the best year. Hell, anyone within earshot of the game and their dad yelling “Why’d they give that idiot all of that money” knows Riley Cooper didn’t have a great year. But did he have the worst year? Let’s look at his numbers this year against his numbers last year:

  • 2013: 47 catches on 84 targets (3 drops) for 835 yards (17.8 per catch) and 8 touchdowns. 246 yards after the catch.
  • 2014: 55 catches on 94 targets (3 drops) for 577 yards (10.5 per catch) and 3 touchdowns. 157 yards after the catch.

That’s a decrease in production with an increase of playing time (and targets). That’s not the way production is supposed to go. But once again, was it the worst? Well, yes.

According to Pro Football Focus’ rankings, Riley Cooper was the worst starting wide receiver in football this year. Based on grades and scores given to each player after each game, Riley Cooper’s final grade was -12.7, good enough for worst, just in front of Reggie Wayne’s -10.8. Somehow, not one member of the Eagles secondary made the worst list.

But on the positive side, three of the Eagles’ offensive lineman made the league’s best list, with Jason Peters (37.7), Evan Mathis (23.8) and Lane Johnson (15.8) topping their respective positions. So basically, that means they held off the defense as long as they could (and were some of the best at doing it) so their quarterback could heave the ball towards the league’s worst starting receiver. That’s a pretty apt summary of this season.

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29 Responses

    1. You literally took the words out of my mouth.

      Seriously Kyle, Jim has to go. Unless, of course, the ultimate goal is to make your stories/writing appear superior – in that case you’ve succeeded.

  1. ….and despite this, they produced double digit wins. I’d say Mark Sanchez for half a season was the most damning evidence of why we didn’t make the playoffs. Riley Cooper was the #3 WR, trusting a constantly petrified/terrified Sanchize in the pocket to get through and properly distribute the ball to his third progression is not one of the pillars of Chip Kelly’s S/8. Riley Cooper is the easiest person to pin a bullseye on though, he did get drunk and say something stupid a few years ago o_0…

    1. Why did the Eagle shave double digit wins?

      Carolina, Jacksonville, Tennessee, St. Louis and the New York Giants were on their schedule. Six easy wins there.

      Sanchez blows, no doubt, but Foles was just as bad. Foles had more wins because he didn’t have to face Green Bay, Seattle and Dallas (twice).

      However, if you are trying to make excuses for Riley Cooper. Sell that somewhere else. The guy sucks. Whether or not he is a creep off the field (he is) he plain sucks on the field.

      1. The Rams & Jax games weren’t the gimmies expected. Those were actually worked for, with the thought of losing evident.

        So… moar bad?

  2. It’s because of what he said that makes him OK in my book! And you pathetic Eagles fans better get used to him because he’s not going anywhere!

  3. I don’t know man, there were much worse starting WR’s IMO. Look at Carolina. Kelvin Benjamin and…Jason Avant? Philly Brown? Look at teams like Kansas City. Not a single WR scored a TD all year.

    Cooper wasn’t that good by any stretch, but to say the worst starting WR in the game? Not even close.

    1. I don’t follow your comparison to Kelvin Benjamin, unless you’re going by drops. The talent level versus Cooper is not even a question, and I’d take Benjamin any day of the week over him. I would tend to think most would.

      1. I wasn’t referring to Kelvin Benjamin. I was referring to the player who started opposite Kelvin Benjamin. Jason Avant? Philly Brown? I can’t even name exactly who it was. You mean to tell me Cooper wasn’t better than the #2 on Carolina? Or the #1 on Kansas City? That’s my point. No way he was the worst in the league.

        1. It’s going by PFF’s grades throughout the season. You may not agree with them, but they come by them using statistics/performance vs level of difficulty.

          Sure, Cooper probably isn’t the last starting WR in the league that you would choose to have on your team. But he graded out as the worst according to PFF. Look over their methodology, it’s actually pretty interesting.

        2. The Panthers #2 WR this year was Jericho Cotchery, you fucking ignoramus. And yeah he kind of sucks too but he still had 3 more receiving yards than Cooper despite missing one game, having 16 fewer targets and having a crappy offensive line and Derek Anderson QBing a couple games.

          And the Chiefs #1 is Dwayne Bowe. He may not have scored a TD with Captain Checkdown at QB, but you’re fucking dumb as hell if you think Riley Cooper is better than he is. In a down year this season, he had 60 catches for 754 yards. Cooper didn’t get close to that. Bowe also has three 1,000 yard seasons and in 2010 he has 1,162 yards and 15 TD’s.

          Why don’t you get your facts straight before pulling nonsense comments out of your ass? Fucking Philly Brown. Get real, dude.

          1. I’ll take Bowe over Cooper everyday of the week. You’re really going to go that hard on Jericho fucking Cotchery? The guy is 50. Who played opposite of Bowe? If you know all of these guys stats without having to look them up then you need to get a fucking life son.

            PFF has SOME decent metrics and SOME decent articles, but the point of this was to merely state that Riley Cooper is not the worst starting WR in football. Period.

          2. Go that hard on Cotchery? God you’re fucking dumb. Here is what I said about Cotchery: “yeah he kind of sucks too.”
            Yeah that’s really going hard on him, huh? All I said is that he sucks slightly less than Cooper. Hardly a ringing endorsement. I was simply correcting your incorrect assertion that philly brown was their #2 WR.

            Riley Cooper is terrible. I have no idea why you need to defend him. The fact that Cotchery put up better numbers than him in a non-chip kelly offense tells you all you need to know about how bad Cooper is.

  4. Only in Philadelphia could we employ the worst statistical wide receiver and the worst left fielder in their entire sport.

  5. Judging Cooper in any form with Sanchez as QB is laughable. Yea I get that somebody out there made a pie-chart, but for christ sake Jim use some common sense as a guy who actually watched the games.

    Jim, you did actually watch….oh, never mind.

  6. Cooper would not catch sanchezzzz pass cause he’s a mexican. That’s logic people.

  7. When the offensive line is banged up, QB’s get nervous.
    Foles got banged up early, Sanchez panicked.
    Jordan Matthews made Cooper Django Unemployable.

  8. Probably the most non-sensical statistics ever considering he was running X routes and had a quarterback who couldn’t throw the ball further than 15 yards. Every Eagles receiver depended on YAC when Sanchez came in and that’s obviously the opposite of what Riley Cooper does well. Last year, he thrived when he had a quarterback who could let him go up and get the ball. Eagle fans like to hate on him because he earned himself a nice contract. Makes zero sense.

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