Ruben Amaro Reportedly Never Offered Yasmany Tomas a Contract

Well this should pretty much infuriate you.

Jay Alou, the agent for Yasmany Tomas, the Cuban slugger who the Phillies didn’t sign because they can’t do anything right, told the Inquirer’s Matt Gelb that Ruben Amaro never offered his client a contract because Ruben Amaro is a big dumb idiot had to clear salary first:

Industry pundits labeled the Phillies as a favorite for the 24-year-old outfielder’s services. But Tomas agreed last week to a deal with Arizona for $68.5 million without ever receiving an offer from the Phillies, his agent said.

Jay Alou said Monday the Phillies showed constant interest but never submitted a formal contract offer. Alou believed Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. had to “clear salary” before making a substantial commitment to Tomas.

“His hands were tied,” Alou said.

He tied them himself, actually.

As you know, Tomas signed with the Diamondbacks for six years and $68 million with an escape hatch after four years– an incredibly reasonable contract when you consider that he was projected to get upwards of $100 million. I wrote all my reasons why signing Tomas would’ve made sense here. But the fact that he was never made an offer, even a low one, should have you shaking your damn head.

Gelb pointed out that the Phillies have $130 million in salary committed next season, with much work left to be done. But still, Tomas, at an average value of a little over $10 million per year, wouldn’t have hampered them that much, especially if the Phillies can unload one of their massive contracts (not holding my breath).

There is, of course, the possibility that Amaro has something else up his sleeve, as there have been rumors that the Phillies and Red Sox could work out a major trade involving some of the Red Sox’s’s’s’ younger players and Cole Hamels… but I will literally eat my hat if he pulls that off.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that the Phillies, in their effort to rebuild, didn’t even make an offer to a 24-year-old, affordable Cuban slugger, who, it sounds like, would’ve signed here. Ahhhhh!


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  1. Why you persist on doing that weird thing with adding a bunch of ‘s after random words is beyond me. And beyond annoying.

  2. They didn’t need this cuban with his bad defense. Good move by RAJ and the Phils organization

  3. Are you a moron? This guy signed with the D-Backs, despite seemingly reasonable money with a very team friendly deal. Every single franchise with any financial clout passed on this guy…that should be indicative of his worth and likelihood of sustained success.

    This appears to be a rare example of Ruben showing restraint, not screwing up.

    Stick to t-shirts, your sports analysis sucks.

  4. It’s time to have a funeral for the word “mediocre”. Richard Sherman introduced this word to the populous last year at this press conference and it has run it’s course.

    1. Yea, because no one ever used the word mediocre before Richard Sherman. What are you even talking about? What a mediocre comment.

  5. I am now hoping & praying hamels gets traded to the sox for a sweet payoff so that I can watch a video of Kyle eating a hat….
    We’ll let you drink water & all the condiments you’d like to season your hat, don’t worry.

  6. Seriously, Thank Effing god they didn’t sign this guy. It would show just how FVCKING stupid Ruben would be to pay that much to this guy when in “rebuild mode”. Hiring this guy is like playing russian roulette with frozen paintballs. Sure it won’t kill you but there is a very good chance it’s going to hurt real frigging bad if you lose that gamble. Kyle, please think before blogging.

    How much sense does it make to sign this guy for 11 mill+ per season when he may just absolutely blow, while trying to trade away Hamels who makes 20 mill per season and he’s a known ace who’s also proven to be one of the more durable starting pitchers in baseball?


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