Ruben Amaro’s Asking Prices are Reportedly Way too High, Again

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When Ruben Amaro failed to make any moves at the deadline due to a high asking price that utterly baffled Jayson Stark, the hope was that he would learn from his most immediate mistakes in the offseason. That’s not really happening.

After missing out on Yasmany Tomas, Ruben has reportedly been asking for too much in return for both Jimmy Rollins and Jonathan Papelbon. According to Hardball Talk, Papelbon has received zero interest, even from the Blue Jays and Astros (both in need of closers), because “neither is interested in paying the price.” And over the weekend, we found out that Jimmy Rollins to the Yankees talks fell through because, according to Stark, the asking price was again too high. “[Jimmy is] somebody we want on our club,” Ruben said. “[He] would be very hard to replace.” Neither of those things are especially factual.

It’s unlikely Rollins would have waived his no-trade for the Yankees anyway — according to, again, Stark’s sources — but it’s nice to know Ruben is up to his old, terrible, non-productive tricks.


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  1. I heard that regarding Rollins, all the Yankees were offering was a utility player. Good thing Ruben didn’t accept that…

    1. Well, thats what he is worth………a journeyman. Yankees in existence 30 years less than the Phillies have won around 25 Series to the Phils’ lowly two.

  2. I heard that Ruben is sending e-mails to the other teams. But for the other teams to even open the e-mail, they have to complete a survey or pay 10 cents.

    And then the beginning of the e-mail is Ruben trying to sell them “Pence-sylvania!” t-shirts. And then he tries to get them use the Amazon donate thing that was designed for charities.

  3. First of all if anyone in their right mind thinks a team who was 28 games out of first place (Astros) last season is ready to sign a high paid closer like Papelbon they should get out of the business (Stark). In other words the Blue Jays are the only team actively looking at Papelbon.

  4. I like how Jim states (in his own words) that the Jays and Stros need closers and then still puts Heyman’s tweet below, which is where Jim found out that these teams need a closer haha. We all know he clearly doesn’t know anything about baseball or probably any other sport.

    Blue Jays have that kid Aaron Sanchez who could easily close unless they try to make him a starter. Or just re-sign Casey Jannsen who has been quite reliable for them the past few years. I do agree that the Phillies should just give Paps away. Would have a better chance at next years trade deadline in hopes that a contender has a mess of a bullpen.

    And why even try to trade Jimmy Rollins at this point. He likely won’t waive the NTC and they wouldn’t get anything for him anyway. Anyway, would people seriously watch 100+ games with Freddy “Cooperstown” Galvis at SS batting .205? Keep Jimmy this upcoming season and hope JP Crawford may be ready for 2016.

  5. I have no problem with Amaro asking for a ton in return for these guys. I’m tired of taking back garbage in return when the Phillies trade players. It’s time that other teams pay our prices or they can look elsewhere. And, those that think the Phillies should get back anything but a team’s #1 prospect for Hamels they you are a clueless fuck.

  6. What a bunch of clueless idiots commenting here. The Phillies NEED TO START OVER! That means dumpe EVERYBODY on this roster except Giles and Franco, by getting ANYTHING for them – right down to the proverbial bag of balls. No one one this roster except those two has ANY value for a ballclub this bad. Clear that payroll completely, aside for the 95% of Howard’s contract they will have to eat.

    1. What has Franco proven that makes you think he is untouchable? I haven’t seen shit from him or anyone not named Giles that makes me think they are anything but an average Major League player. There is no need to trade Hamels. He is locked in for 5 more years, and if the Phils do this right they can start competing again in 3 years. The guy they need to get rid of is Cliff Lee.

  7. This blog gets worse each day. The writing is adequate at best. No real content here just bs. And stop selling stupid nick nacks

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