Sad Redskins Fans Will Mourn Team at D.C. Bar During Eagles Game

There are many reasons why the Eagles should easily take care of the Redskins on Saturday. So many, in fact, that many ‘Skins fans are already resigned to their fate. We discussed the mood in the D.C. sports landscape with Dianna Marie Russini of NBC Washington, and the short version is that it’s not a happy place right now. The long version comes courtesy of the Washington Post.

In a blog post describing the different ways ‘Skins fans are voicing their displeasure with the team and its ownership — from Christmas decorations to the classic paper bag — Dan Steinberg tells us about the “Washington Wake” planned at Lou’s City Bar, staffed and owned by Redskins fans. It’s been a rough year:

When general manager Joe Capone and director of operations John Groth saw Saturday’s Eagles-Redskins game on the schedule, they figured they should try something different.

“We thought it was a good way to — I wouldn’t say celebrate the season — but look back in disgust, I suppose,” said Groth, another Redskins season ticket holder. “I hope the Eagles don’t score very much and that we win. But hope is running out.”

The bar is encouraging Redskins fans to wear black attire to Saturday’s event. Every Eagles touchdown will yield free “Im-peach Snyder” shots, which will be Fuzzy Navels. If the Eagles win, the bar won’t show the Redskins-Cowboys finale, out of respect for the fallen. Groth said he doesn’t think that would impact business much, because hardly any Redskins fans are showing up anyhow.

I’d laugh at this, but really it’s just pretty sad. The state of that once proud (and currently proud, but for weird reasons) franchise is in shambles, and plenty of good, hardworking fans are left with no choice but to celebrate how terrible everything is. Actually, I lied. I am laughing pretty hard.


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  1. I think we should all buy “the interview” on iTunes and watch the movie during the game!!!!

    F-Sony , we are America!!! We don’t back down from nuthin!!!! Let’s all help make this film the largest grossing movie ever!!!!!

  2. Maybe we can get a bar to do this for the Phillies. At this point, I’d rather drink fuzzy navels at a D+ bar than go to CBP to give my money in support of Rube’s.

  3. we could do this for the eagles season Saturday at a local city watering hole. drink some egg nog for the eagles lost season & celebrate santa

    1. Is your sense of humor awful?

      Do you have zero creativity? Specifically when it comes to designing T-Shirts?

      What’s your WPM (words per minute)?
      (Trick question! We only use three buttons on the keyboard)

      Give us your top 5 Survey Questions you would like answered by the public.

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  4. Hey Jimbo! Don’t laugh too hard, asshole! The Eagles and Redskins will be doing the same thing at the end of the season! Watching other teams play. Still laughing? Because I am! Ha Ha this!

    1. You beat me to the punch, Riggo! It don’t mean a thing if you can’t get the ring, and I’m sitting here checking out my reflection from mine. God, I’m a handsome man. Jim can laugh his ass off all he wants – it’s even funnier that Philly still hasn’t won one.

      1. Way to go, Joe! Feels good, eh? That’s OK though, they’re going to win it next year! Hahahaha!

  5. For a fanbase that has to root for the Colts in order to get into the playoffs before losing to their first round opponent…at home…again, Eagles fans certainly are pumping their chests a lot.

    The way the Eagles secondary is playing the Redskins could have a big day. The way Sanchez’s confidence is totally shot, the Eagles offense could have a rough day.

    Its unlikely the Eagles lose, but not impossible, Jim.

    Where is your Conor Barwin article?! Isn’t their a quota of articles about famous douchebag hipsters you hipster bloggers must meet?

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