Sam Hinkie’s Tanking, Now in Flowchart Form

Original photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Original photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Hinkie has executed a dizzying number of deals since taking over as Sixers GM, (actually six pages worth in under two years on Pro Sports Transactions). It’s all part of his tanking plan, which last night included trading Brandon Davies for two guys who may or may not play here, the option to swap second round picks in 2018, and the rights to a 12-year-old to be named in 2020. With Hinkie at the helm, whom the Sixers had, whom they have, and whom they will have can be pretty confusing. So we decided that a flow chart was in order:

Excludes hilarious undrafted free agent signings

[Click to enlarge]


Now, the fine print:

Other than the 2017 first rounder (from the Cavs, originally from Heat), all the picks the Sixers received are unprotected.

Conditionally, due to a pre-Hinkie deal that brought Arnett Moultrie here [from Real GM]: “Philadelphia’s 2015 1st round pick to Boston (via Miami) protected for selections 1-14; if this pick falls within its protected range and is therefore not conveyed, then Philadelphia will instead convey its 2015 2nd round pick and 2016 2nd round pick to Boston [Miami-Philadelphia, 6/28/2012 then Boston-Golden State-Miami, 1/15/2014].”

If the Sixers’ first round pick in 2015 falls between 1-14 (it will), then they’ll get to keep it and instead send a second round pick to the Celtics in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Additionally, that 2015 first rounder that came here in the Thad Young deal will likely stay with the Sixers, unless the Heat somehow land a top 10 pick this year, in which case the pick would be deferred to a protected first round pick in 2016 or an unprotected pick in 2017. Still with me? With the most likely scenarios in place, the Sixers currently own seven first round and 13 second round picks over the next six drafts– three in 2015 (the Warriors’, Magic’s and Clippers’), one in 2016 (the Nuggets’), one in 2017 (their own), three in 2018 (their own, whichever is better among the Knicks’ and Clippers’ picks, and whichever is better among the Cavs’ and Nets’ picks), three in 2019 (their own, the Knicks’, and whichever is better among the Bucks’ and Kings’), and two in 2020 (their own and the Nets’). That’s all good for a total of 20 draft picks over the next six years… unless, of course, they trade some of them, which they absolutely will. We’ll keep this updated.

If you’re in the mood to give yourself a headache, you can check the criteria for all of those protected picks here and how they’d shake out with the way the league looks today over here.

Big assist to Jake Pavorsky for helping us make sense of all this.

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18 Responses

  1. Can the Sixers give the Celtics a different 2nd round pick, other than their own. I.e. Orlando’s

    1. Only if the pick is better than the Sixers’ and they feel like just giving up draft position (could help them tank?… about 80% kidding).

      There’s no way Boston would accept a worse pick.

  2. Many teams have tanked in the past, but none have made such an utter mockery of the rules (i.e. signing guys from off of the street) as Hinkie has.
    If the Sixers do win a championship in a few years, I believe it will be viewed by most as a tainted championship, one that will be looked upon with an asterisk.

    1. Really?? Are all the Spurs championships tainted since the utterly tanked for Tim Duncan? Was the Celtics chip tainted by tanking and trading the picks for Ray Allen and KG? Did the Cavs trip to the Finals with LeBron get tainted by their tanking to get him #1?

      Sadly, the only way to get the talent necessary to win a championship is to fail badly enough to get top draft picks. Were you not around in 2001 and how they got Iverson in ’98?

      Maybe you can dress up like an asterisk for the parade in 2019. Or just shorten it to an ‘as’.

      Sure am glad you are not the GM of the Sixers, or we would have Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes in our starting 5 for ad nauseum…

    2. Having had a championship “tainted” in 2008 , we in Philadelphia can say that we give just as much as a shit as Patriots fans (cheating), Steelers fans (the refs), Dallas Cowboy fans (crime), Laker fans (Donaghy), etc about tainted championships.

      Which is to say none at all, with loud laughter.

  3. So let me get this straight,the Sixers own 2nd rd pick which most likely will be 1st in rd 2 will go to Boston because Rod Thorn and Doug Collins traded for Arnett Moultrie in 2012?

    Just 1 more reason why I can’t stand Doug Collins,and thinks he’s easily the most overrated coach to ever set foot in this town.

  4. Yo i been working on my game at pops playground in kensington..Sam Hinkdaddy hit me da fuck up nigga…i dont live that far nigga i can bus dat post up game is vicious i know you read this 267-248-9856 hit me up Hink im on them weights now nigga thanks in advance merry xmas

    1. Prob going to add an option to subscribe for like $3 per month to bypass surveys early next year.

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