Sponsored: Ride with Godfather Locks in the New Year

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New Year’s and the NFL playoffs are coming up, and that means football. Lots of football. Football games you’ll probably be watching from your couch like the gluttonous sloth that you are. So let’s throw in a little greed, too.

If you plan on betting on any of these games, let me turn your attention to our good friends at Godfather Locks, who have sponsored us for the entire 4th quarter. They may be paying me to tell you this, but facts are facts. They’ve been sending me some of their picks lately to verify. And while there were a few days of scuffling mid-month,  they have been on absolute fire since around the 20th, including a 5* recommendation on the Redskins over the Eagles… which, as you know… yeah. Other facts:

– A $100 player has made $3,400 in the past four days.

– Over the weekend, 9 of 11 college football picks were winners.

– 3-0 on Friday– LA Tech, Rutgers and NC State.

– 18-7-1 in last 25 NFL games. 10-4 in 5* NFL recommendations. A $100 better has made $4,700 last three weeks.

– Silly hot in last nine bowl games. 8-1. 7-1 in 5* games. $100 better has made $4,500 this season.

– 8-4 run in college basketball. 6-2 in 5* plays. $100 bettor has made $1,800 this season.
– $100 NBA bettor has made $3,000 in the NBA this season.


You buy the plan that works and log in to get the plays that you want. Unlike most fraud cappers you hear screaming in radio commercials, they never call you and everything they do is documented on the site and Twitter.

There are a lot of football picks, but it’s hoops where Godfather typically kills it. NBA and college lines are wayyyy more in flux than football lines, so it’s easier to spot holes. Godfather has a three-year track record with repeat customers. And as an advertiser, I can tell you that they are one of the most reliable and pleasurable to deal with. We’ve been working with them for two years, and trust me, if there were any signs of the typical BS you’d expect from handicappers, I would’ve seen it.

The pricing is fair. Most people play the $100 system, but it’s low enough to play to scale. Some of the big boys out there invest in a plan and use it as a part of their overall strategy.

So check them out at GodfatherLocks.com and follow them on Twitter (@GodfatherLocks).