Teen Thinks His High School’s Basketball Team Could Beat the Sixers

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 9.52.17 AM

That screenshot, taken during a high school basketball game on ESPN, shows a fan of Plano West HS in Texas saying his team can beat the Sixers. Never mind that saying you can beat the now two-win Sixers means you think you could also beat everyone they beat, and every team those teams beat and so on… the crazy thing is, Plano West is almost out-rebounding the Sixers.

h/t reader Doug

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8 Responses

  1. This just in, teens are stupid. And teens from Texas are even more stupid. And this blog post is somehow even more stupid than that.

  2. Jim, stop posting stupid bullshit about the goddamn 6ers. NO. ONE. FUCKING. CARES. Hey, I heard some guys talking about how shitty the 6ers are this morning, better track them down and write a 2,000 word post about it!!

  3. Did I ever tell you kids about the time I beat the sixers? Off? Well not the whole team, but over a one week stretch I took care of good chunk of them. Iverson has a little winkie.

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