Temple Blew Out Kansas Last Night

Pictured: Not Villanova, Kyle uninterested
Pictured: Not Villanova, Kyle uninterested

There was some winning basketball at the Wells Fargo Center last night. As you can probably tell by that first sentence, it didn’t involve the Sixers [Editor’s note: Or Villanova, who did their winning on Saturday.]

Temple crushed Kansas — for their first win over the Jayhawks in 19 years — by a score of 77-52. Fans rushed the court. Kansas still uploaded a highlight video (it’s very short). Mychal Kendricks was there. The team rode the subway to the game. Kyle was having sweet dreams in his Villanova Snuggie and apparently refused to post about it.

So the next logical question becomes: Can Temple beat the Sixers?


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  1. soooo last article in 2014? or are you working the holidays while kyle plays with his purple dog toy?

  2. Of course the Vilenova ass clown wouldnt post this story. He lives in that bubble that think:

    1. Vilenova is relevant nationally
    2. That 1985 was last year, instead of 30 years ago (see ed Snider)

    Thanks for the post Jim

  3. thanks for the update idiot. don’t post about basketball…you have the worst jump i’ve ever seen in my life.
    here’s a logical question…should jim be fired?

  4. Can we please stop saying “first win over the Jayhawks since…”. They’ve played 3 fucking times in that span. It’s not like some AAAAAC opponent, it’s a conference power across the country. THREE TIMES.

  5. Of course Kyle wouldn’t post this. He’s too busy getting ready for Nova’s big match-up tonight with New Jersey Tech. Nova’s early season schedule is the biggest joke around.

  6. That other horrically terrible basketball team from the center of the state beat the horrifically bad team from the city this past week.

    Penn State leads the B1G despite only 2-4 of those teams being relevent. All of this said, it is the best the team has ever looked and might end up having a shot at making march madness and going further than about any other team in this state besides Nova

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