The Eagles-Cowboys Pump-Up Video is Missing Bradley Cooper

WHERE IS BRADLEY COOPER, DAMMIT?! They had him before the Giants game– ass kicking. They had him before the Cowboys game– ass kicking. They didn’t have him before the Seahawks game– ass kicked. WHERE IS BRADLEY? The Eagles are going to lose and it’s all going to be because someone couldn’t get ahold of B-Coop for, like, five minutes of voiceover work this week. Yes, I know he did the others  at the beginning of the season. No, I don’t want to hear excuses. We need Brad and we need him now. Fix it. FIX IT!

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5 Responses

  1. He probably didn’t want to have his name attached to these losers any more after last week’s game.

    1. Which would put Bradley Cooper in your category,a typical frontrunner that rides with the team when things are going good and bails when they lose like all of you front running scumbags.

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