The Phillies Tendered Brown, Bastardo, and Revere but Didn’t Bother to Mention it

Midnight last night/this morning was the deadline for MLB teams to tender contracts to players who would otherwise become free agents. Even for a fan base as exhausted and frustrated as Phillies fans, this is still news they want to know. So, while many teams made their tender announcements as the deadline approached or passed, the Phillies said “Oh, we’ll let them know in the morning.”

And it was at 9:40 this morning when the tenders offered to Dom Brown, Ben Revere, and Antonio Bastardo were finally made public. It was a technicality and an expected move all around, but why wait nine hours? PR couldn’t be bothered to stay up that late? It’s a 24-7 news cycle here, you know. [Insert comment about Kyle not working on weekends:        ]

Each of those three players must now reach a deal with the Phillies by February or they will go to arbitration, which will be announced by the Phillies weeks later.

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16 Responses

  1. Dom Brown has so
    Much untapped potential but the fan base won’t give the guy a shot. I don’t get it! He’s a 20 hr & 20 sb guy.

    1. Dom Brown has so much untapped strikeout potential and the fan base won’t give the guy another shot. I do get it! He’s a 2 hr & 200 so guy.

    1. I’m sorry, it was on last night around 9PM or so. Even worse that you missed it on their site.

  2. Ruben probably wants everyone to go to arbitration. Better an arbitrator than him valuate what a suitable contract looks like. Fucking moron.

  3. I’d love to be able to hear how Scott Boras spins Dom Brown into a productive OF for Amaro and cons him into overpaying him. I think we all know Boras will get Amaro to overpay. Amaro is like low hanging fruit to Boras isn’t he?

    “Ruben, we all know about Doms untapped potential, and that he’ll soon be a top 10 OF in baseball right?”

  4. If you were the Phillies’ management, would YOU mention that you were keeping these stiffs? The Phillies organization sucks big time, and after the anomaly of a few good seasons, have now settled back into their role as “all-time loser of the most games in professional sports”.

    Through poor evaluation and even worse contracts, the clueless Batboy has saddled this team with unmovable garbage, while at the same time being unable to attract any good free agents (why would they want to play for the Phillies?).

    So, we are left with the same recycled stiffs, which will result in a worse record than this year (since other teams ARE improving themselves).


  5. Three big pieces of shit that should have been flushed a long time ago! I don’t really give a fuck thought because I stopped watching this sorry ass excuse for a baseball team!

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