There Is a Massive MMQB Feature on Danny Watkins Today

Photo: Dan Clerico,
Photo: Dan Clerico,

That is a headline I never thought I’d write.

MMQB’s Emily Kaplan today wrote a lengthy and fascinating piece about Danny Watkins, his failed NFL career and passion for spraying water on dancing orange and sometimes blue things. It paints a different, if not expected, picture of Watkins: that he couldn’t care less about football or money and really just wanted to fight fires, by golly. There’s something quite commendable about that, and I suggest that you read the whole piece. But, we’re interested in the Eagles bits (and self-aggrandizing) here, and there’s more than a hint of pissedoffedness from then-offensive line coach Howard Mudd:

Mudd remembers word spreading through the Eagles’ facility sometime during the second half of that nightmare 2012 season. This was Mudd’s 45th year in professional football, as a player and a coach. “Never have I heard something so ridiculous,” he says. “Not in my entire NFL career.”

Mudd thinks back to the local news footage, a mystery that, publicly, has never been solved. In August, Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad published photos that allegedly depict Watkins fighting a fire. The Philadelphia Fire Department looked into claims Watkins violated code; PFD Executive Chief Clifford Gilliam says the case is closed, no action will be taken against Watkins.

Mudd knows what he saw on the news… or maybe he had just heard about it so many times he convinced himself that he saw it. Now, he thinks back and sighs. “It wasn’t like it was a national emergency, like the fire department summoned anyone with experience to help,” Mudd says. “For whatever reason, he was just motivated to be there and not with us.”

I imagine that for offensive line coaches named Mudd, few things in life except, maybe, the death of a child* come between them and football. FOOTBALL! So the exchanges between Mudd and Watkins – which included Watkins calling him “Captain” – must have been delicious.

*And even then it’s like: “Ehhhh… can we hold off on the funeral until Monday?”

There’s also this:

When Watkins received an invitation to Radio City Music Hall for the draft, he was going to turn it down. He’d put on a pair of sweatpants and sit on his couch in West Kelowna, maybe have a few friends over. Plans changed when he found out he could visit with the New York Fire Department and tour Ground Zero. So he and some old firefighting pals flew east for draft day.

“I think we were more excited for the draft than he was,” says Schnitzler. “He was excited for the fire-related stuff.”

Like I said, this is all very commendable– pursuing one’s passion instead of seeking fame and fortune. The antithesis of a professional athlete. Of course, Watkins is still a guy, and he wasn’t above sending pics of his very own fire hose to a local news personality during his time with the Eagles…


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  1. Me, Me, Me, I,I, buy a cum rag… Ever tell you bout my keg room? Shut the fuck up! I hope somebody gives Riley Cooper your address for Christmas. That’s it shut it the fuck down!

  2. His work as a fireman is commendable. But the Eagles were idiots for not checking the background on this guy further. He was a reach at the position to start and they completely miss on his personality and desire. Thanks Andy for that wasted pick!

    1. But you also have to give Big Red credit for drafting Trent Cole Todd Herramans Brent Celek DeSean Jackson Jeremy Maclin LeSean McCoy Jason Kelce Fletcher Cox Mychal Kendricks Vinny Curry Nick Foles and Brandon Boykin.

      And although Brandon Graham was a bust early,he’s developed into a pretty good outside linebacker,so much that overrated Chip Kelly is actively trying to re-sign him.

      1. So you give us a list of a dozen guys out of the 13 years he was here? That’s not exactly hittin out of the ballpark. And Boykin (!) is on your list and McNabb isn’t?

  3. Old news Kyle,how about you call out Chip Kelly for wasting a pick on Marcus Smith when cb Darqueze Dennard,wr Kelvin Benjamin and ss Deone Bucannon were still on the board.

    How about ripping the overrated coach a new one for re-signing that bum Riley Cooper and getting rid of our only deep threat in DeSean Jackson.

    1. Skippy–you speak the beautiful truth….Philadelphia: Home of incompetent GMs.
      Fuck off Nephew Howie


  5. That’s one thing Danny can be happy about. Two years down the road they won’t be talking about him anymore as Smith takes over the new mantle. Danny at least played. He wasn’t very good but he got on the field. Smith other than a few cameos has been incognito and I’m not talking about the former Dolphin OL.

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