This Picture of Sean Brace, circa 15 Years Ago, Is for You, Commenters

Voila_Capture 2014-12-03_03-37-00_PM Voila_Capture 2014-12-03_03-42-08_PM


I checked with Sean to make sure this is really him. It is. And he mentioned that I should tell you to go see him tomorrow night at Pitcher’s Pub and to have a “lovely holiday season.”

Don’t say I never did anything for you whackos.

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250 Responses

        1. Hardly. And he is fairly liberal on most issues. The funny thing is, despite what Al Sharpton wants you to believe, there is no one person authorized to speak for “all black people”. There are nearly 100 million Americans of African descent. Each has his own opinion on any variety of topics. There is no “black spokesperson” any more than someone speaks for all white people.

          1. African Americans are 12-13% of the population so there are less than 50 million. But I totally agree with what you’re saying.

    1. Josh Innes once again just ripped Missanelli a new one and my question is what did Missanelli do to get Josh so riled up?

    1. Once again, Kyle demonstrates what a hypocrite he is by teeing up an old photo of this public figure for ridicule while we still can’t say h0rse on this site because commenters were making fun of another public figure.

      Kyle fears hot pussy.

  1. In one of my old elementary school yearbooks (Wedgewood in WT) is a 3rd grade picture of Anthony Gargano. I hesitate to post it because you may not be able to recover. Picture that big fake grin with a perm. Much like the ones Mike, Greg, Peter, and Bobby wore on the Hawaiian vacation trilogy on the Brady Bunch.

    1. That can’t possibly be true because we all know Anthony Gargano is a big strong tough guy,who grew up on the mean streets of South Philly,running with local mafia guys like Joey Merlino and Nicky Scarfo.

    1. He’s a alcoholic wigger from Scranton who pretends to be a sports talk host,but fails miserably.

  2. Finally, you GET your demographic! (97.5 soundboard applause)




  3. Pitchers pub is a bunch of pussies who don’t protect their DJ’s

  4. All I know is dat back in ’99, da ladies loved da white Hanes beefy Tee and collared shirt combo.

  5. Brace was a handsome fellow with hair until he decided to go with the pitbull look. Grow it back !!

    Also listen for me around 12:45 Thursday when I call marks & brace to give my eagles opinion for Sunday

    1. Just kidding you guys Brace is a clown,and somebody needs to tell him he is not now,nor has he been in the past or will be in the future the rapper Pitbull,so cut out the clown act it’s played out.

    1. $40k tops. If they hustle with the personal appearance bullshit like this Pitchers Pub quizzo appearance, maybe they see $50k. Maybe…..

      1. seems like brace is a hustler with a lot of other gigs. wouldn’t shock me if he makes up to 100,00

        1. The dude was just recently living with a roommate in Manayunk like he was an unemployed college drop-out. No way is he making $100k.

  6. Fur real though! Godda keep du dream alive and screw deez haters! Got my backwardz hat on and gonna spit some real creepy game to the fanatic girls. Memba when I tried to shoot a free throw and couldn’t hit du rim? Yo cum see me tonight at pitchas pubb I’m gonna shrivel my liva up smalla den my penis that looks lyke my head.

  7. I know this guy. He used to be in our hotel lobby offering to fellate the whole group for free tickets.

  8. This is maybe the peak of your hypocrisy, Kyle. You should be ashamed offering up Brace for sacrifice like this when a certain self indulged, narcissistic traffic ho bag is off limits.

    To right the wrong, you should share an old picture of Kansas City traffic Wibur – bushy eyebrows, pre implants, Botox and all.

    1. This is awesome. I wish someone would just put Martinez or however you spell his dumb Greek name in his place. He’s a squirrelly fucc.

  9. Yikes, Bracey has been packing on the pounds. He looks 30 pounds lighter in that picture. Brace, you are already stupid and drunk, might not want to complete the dreaded trio with being fat. Put down the fork, FACE!

  10. The real reason I left is because I walked in on Brace blowing the 97.5 management team…4 of them already shot loads on his face but he was hungry for more.

  11. Can’t wait to see what Holmer does with this flyers team. hexy has to make some changes. Already got rid of hartzy. Really need simmer to step it up. Want see G play up on his skates more. Mase needs to stand on his head. Hope ghost get healthy soon. I am a huge deuche.

    1. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!

      You guys really wanna hear something funny,listen to the Mike Missanelli show to hear me talk about NBA basketball.

  12. You’d do sooooo much better to have “crowd-funded” tee ideas … basically just Sean Brace bashing quote tees. You could use any of the above ideas and they’d sell like hotcakes.

    People here want to wear Sean Brace Hate Tees instead of CB “We’re from Philly and we fight” or Blind Squirrel Nutbag Cream / Sean Brace collaboration tees.

    1. You look like you’ve been around the block a few times Robin. I mean how many times did you have to suck Tony’s golf balls through his garden hose to keep working?
      Your getting old, learn to do more with less, or get the fuck out

  13. Listen to me for a sec…Brace may be the least knowledgable guy on the radio. Gallen doesn’t have a regular gig and this tool does? Sheesh

  14. Reports are I might start practicing outside of Mizzoura and Illinois to help this Marks fella out y’all hear

  15. power rankings for most useless 975 weekday host

    1 Kail
    2 Brace
    3 Marks
    4 Mike miss
    5 Revolving door of Brunos 10a-12p replacements

  16. The reason there is so many comments is bc Coach Kellee decides to answer everyone’s posts. Most annoying person on here.

  17. Ran into Sean Brace a few months ago. He talks to women like they are trash. So glad he is off the radio station. It is really sad that he treats people like they are trash.

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