This Was the Saddest Chip Kelly Press Conference Ever

Chip was Nasty McNastierson today:

Jeff McLane: “Would you feel confident in leaving Bradley Fletcher alone on Odell Beckham?”

Chip Kelly: “We haven’t talked about any of that, so… again…”

Jeff McLane: “I was just looking ahead to next game [since you said you didn’t want the season-ending questions].”

Chip Kelly: “Was that like a wise-ass comment?”

Kelly also took exception to questions about Mark Sanchez starting (Nick Foles is out again) and one on “what-ifs”.

video via the Eagles’ website

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75 Responses

    1. totally agree with your comment mac. this kind of hostility toward reporters does not reflect well on him or the team… you can feel the doubt seeping in

      1. Seriously? Philly media asks the same questions over and over again. Who wouldn’t get tired of this? 20 wins in 2 seasons is now a bad thing? The toughest thing in the world seems to be an Eagles fan….We just can’t ever agree on anything…. Lurie needs to just blow this team up, sell it or move it out of philly and to a city that would enjoy having a Football team.

        Sell the team to the fans and poll the fans on everything and go for it…5 choices of coach, assistants, and every player. We all get to vote. Guess what..still no-one will be happy. Its a no win situation here.

        Personally, i moved on. I’m now a fan of the nfl. no more favorite team. i just watch games and enjoy football..46 years as a diehard season ticket holding Eagles fan and i quit. passed the tickets on to my children. I won’t ever go to or watch another Eagles game, not because i lost love for the team…..nope… it was the media and so called fans

  1. Don’t buy into the myth that the way head coaches treat the media has anything to do with how the team is doing. For a long time, only the media cared how coaches treated them. I don’t know why the people care whether the media is treated with respect or not. I’m sure in the run up to games the coaches aren’t spending any time wondering how their playcalling will be perceived by Jeff McLaine.

  2. He mentioned 10x that he was only focused on beating the Giants next week when dodging questions about the future of this team so this is an ultra legit question

  3. So the reporter gets called out for being a smart ass? What’s the fucking problem. I’m glad Chip is in a shitty mood. Like the rest of the people who expected not to lose to that trainwreck of a team.

    1. Would you rather he give some cheery, slap-in-the face press conference, pretending nothing is wrong? I’m glad Chip is pissed off, that means he’s gonna do something about it.

  4. The city will be turning on Chip very quickly. His “genius” offense is not so genius and his defense is terrible. Let alone the lack of discipline seen with all the bonehead penalties. We are witnessing Andy 2.0, loved by the national media, but soon to be hated by the local audience. I expect this version of Andy to run it course much quicker the 2nd time around.

    1. You do realize that he walked into a 4-12 team, and totally reformatted and is rebuilding the defense from scratch. And in 2 years is 19-12? But I guess you’d rather have Gus Bradley…

      Have some patience and chill with knee-jerk reactions. Its fans like you that make Philly look bad and dumb.

      1. No it’s ass kissing kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs such as yourself Mikey that give Philly fans a bad name.

        Unlike you I’ll call out Chip for his team’s epic collapse,as well as setting the team back two years with his shitty 2014 draft class.

        Since Chip is 2 years removed from the 4-12 season,you can no longer use that as an excuse for the Eagles not making the playoffs you moron.

        I wonder what you’ll be saying when your Lord and Savior Chip Kelly leaves you and the rest of the lapdog posse high and dry when he returns to the comfy comfines of a major University.

        1. I’m definitely disappointed in them missing the playoffs, but who cares anyway? Mark Sanchez and our secondary couldn’t beat any of the top 5 teams in the NFC. But you can see them getting better and figuring out the system.

          Name a head coach that took over a 4-12 football team and won a Super Bowl within 2 years.

          But he should definitely be run out of town, especially since there are so many better options….oh, wait…

  5. Worst presser ever. I get you gotta back your team but christ man give up the whole “I know more than all of you attitude”. That shit gets old real fast. He is a complete smart-ass who knows he completely blew it this year. It is the classic get defensive move when you know you really fucked up.

    Side-note: Did marks and mikey miss both suck the same dick this weekend? They both sound like hell.

  6. cant believe people are making comparisons to andy reid because chip was a little snippy at a presser after his team shit the fucking bed in their push for the playoffs. Im glad he is pissed, and who gives a shit about the dumb ass media. They need to get their shit together and get some legit players to turn this team around in 2015. The Andy comparisons are laughable, and the fact that everyone thinks hes just gonna pick up and leave are pretty fuckin stupid too. Too many haters, jesus.

    1. * Arrogance
      * Smart Remarks to media questions
      * Never runs the ball when he should
      *Tries to outsmart everyone, yet really only outsmarts himself
      *Beef with superstar WR
      *Best Pals with Angelo compared to Eskin
      *Doesn’t know how to manage the Clock
      *Beats up the bad teams, but can’t beat the good teams when it counts

      These are just some quick off the top of the head similiar attributes.

        1. Chip prefers Angelo as you preferred Eskin. Now get a Ham Sandwich and get ready for another January with no football.

      1. I’m trying to find your posts thru the season where you mentioned these before….if ur pissed ..ur pissed but cmon bro…Andy?? Gtfo

        1. Been saying it since last year….Chip is pumped up to be this great inventive coach, but really what has he done?

          I bleed green but I don’t reward people before they earn the accolades. Chip has a lot to learn and prove, and I’m not sure he has it in him. I have lost faith…

          1. What has he done? Is that a joke?

            Name a coach that took a 4-12 team, and won a Super Bowl within 2 years. Its ok, I’ll wait…

            Please stop posting, you just make yourself look dumb and our fans look bad.

      2. Actually Reid’s teams beat the good teams for the most part. It was poor to middling teams that would come out of nowhere and bite the Eagles on the ass.

        1. Not all those NFC championships and playoff games we were “supposed” to win, only to see Andy outcoached….

          1. St. Louis was a far, far better team and the Eagles hung with them til the end. Tampa–again like I said an inferior team that bit the Eagles on the ass. Carolina, no Westbrook and McNabb broke his ribs halfway through first quarter, Koy Detmer played most of the second half; kinda hard to judge this one. 2008: Eagles beat the favored Minnesota Vikings on the road; went into NY and beat the defending Super Bowl Champs, went to Arizona and lost to the inferior Cardinals. Pretty much supports what I said.

        2. Cant reply to your other post but your logic behind your statement is pure stupidity.

          Andy lost to the poor – middling teams, but beat the good teams….and you back that up by describing the losses to the Rams, Panthers, Bucs, and Cardinals….ALL 4 of those teams went to the Super Bowl….safe to say they werent poor or middling.

          1. I didn’t say he only lost to poor, middling teams. I said those were the ones that would surprise the Reid teams. Whereas (until Saturday) Chip’s teams blew those teams out but then came up small against actually good NFL teams.

            And you brought up the NFC Championship games not me. Obviously if a team made it that far they are good. I was replying that the Eagles, on paper and through the season seemed to be the better team in the case of Tampa, Carolina and Arizona.

        3. Lol. This comment could not be more wrong. Name ONE out-of-division game that Andy won that he wasn’t supposed to. Just one. Go ahead…We will wait. The best you’ll be able to come up with was a win in Lambeau on a pass in the rain to Trash where we were 3 point dogs. He literally won ZERO games that he wasnt supposed to unless it was in the division.

          1. And please don’t bring me the cecil martin game in Chicago or the win in Minn. Not only did we think they’d win those games, we EXPECTED it. Those were inferior teams and it wasn’t close.

          2. Green Bay at Lambeau. The absolute thrashing of Green Bay at the Linc in 2004. Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh in OT in 2000. Chicago playoff game on the road in 2002. The before mentioned Minnesota wild card game in 2008. Seattle in 2001. Carolina (regular season 2003). Baltimore Ravens 2004.

            Just off the top of my head. I don’t have time to go backtracking their entire schedule, nor am I degenerate gambler so I don’t know point spreads from over a decade ago like you do. Your family must be proud.

          3. Andy beat Favre in Lambeau on a Monday Night. Pinkston caught the game winner. Pretty sure the Packers were favored.

          4. Wrong, wrong and even more wrong. While sure exciting, that win in Pitt was not a an upset. An upset has to at least be an underdog of 5 or 6, and Andy has ZERO out of division. None of the others you mentioned fall into that category either. The point is that great coaches are able to win games that are unexpected. How many have the Giants won en route to 2 recent titles? Not only did Andy lose all of those games, he lost the biggest toss-up games as well.

      3. Exactly. What I said has nothing to do with being snippy to reporters who ask the same stupid shit every week. It has to do with everything you listed as well as the continued habit of drafting garbage because you think you see something nobody else does.

    2. Yes. the Andy Reid comparisons are laughable.

      By this point in his tenure Andy had a plan in place, had his franchise QB, had hired an amazing defensive coordinator who molded one of the team’s best ever defenses and Reid had a playoff win.

      There is no comparison between Andy and Chip.

      1. just wanted to point out that in the playoff game in 08 between the birds and vikings it was the eagles who were favored not Minnesota. I remember because i was a degenerate gambler who bet the birds and was scared shitless. They started out 4.5 point favorites then went to 5.5 because the betting public didn’t believe in Tavaris Jackson and why would they?. plus the eagles were riding a huge wave of momentum. I lost the next week betting the giants but won the next betting the cards, didnt trust Andy in the playoffs, plus i thought kurt warner was on a mission from jesus

  7. Some of you guys are clueless. What do you expect him to say? Fletcher sucks? We ALL see that and know that. By his actions he feels that Marcus Smith really blows. He can’t say that either. It’s like these reporters are dying to see him confirm what they write. This guy is the face of the organization. He can’t be blunt like we want him to be.
    He’s pissed, which is good. I want him to be pissed off. If he wasn’t I would want him outta here.

  8. Humble yourself, Chippy. And here’s a thought: maybe you should stop ignoring the time of possession stat. Or are you too smug to admit you’re wrong?

  9. Please don’t run this guy out of town…What do you want him to say exactly?

    “Well, Bradley Fletcher looks like 2011 Nnamdi Asomugah, Nate Allen is Nate Allen, we lost the QB of our defense and have had to start Casey Matthews multiple times, Mark Sanchez is the definition of mediocrity, we get penalized non stop, Riley Cooper stinks, we miss DeSean and yeah I am fucking angry that I won’t get Mariota…anything else?”

  10. Could Rex Ryan and Chip potentially co-exist? I’d like to see them give it a whirl with this dumpster fire of a defense.

  11. Does anybody listen to the dumb ass questions these guys ask every week? They try and sound smart but you can tell they have no clue. I love when chip gives smart ass answers too them. Fuck those shit stirrers. They’re more interested in”sources” and who can tweet the news the fastest more than they are interested in getting facts and diggin for stories. I’m glad chips pissed. He should be after the last 3 weeks. Throw in dealin with them blowhard twits, wtf do you expect?

  12. People really need to calm down. Yes it’s dissappointing that the Eagles are missing the playoffs this year. But is it really that big of a surprise? They lost their starting QB for half of the season. They had an easy schedule last season and managed to win a weak NFC east division. This year was obviously going to be tougher. And would making the playoffs really matter? They’re not beating Green Bay or Seattle anyway. They just aren’t good enough. They are still rebuilding. Remember they were 4-12 two years ago. All this run Chip talk out of town is stupid. They were one of the top offenses in the league with a backup QB. Once he gets his guy whoever that might be this offense will be even better. No reason to not be disappointed but to call for a coaches head or say this team can’t win in the future is stupid.

    1. Their “back up” QB was a starting QB for years in the league and made it to multiple AFC Championship games.

      Foles was just as bad as Sanchez. He just played easier teams. This whole notion that Foles getting hurt derailed the season is not logic. It’s ridiculous.

      1. Sanchez while he played in 2 afc champ games is a backup. No one wanted him as a starter. I think Foles is a hair above him skill wise. But like I said wait until chip can get his own guy before we run him out of town. If anything doesn’t it help his cause that he has had this much success offensively with 2 mediocre QBs?

  13. Losing Foles sucked because he was better than Sanchez. Still, the loss of Ryans was much worse. I think he made Billy Davis’ defense look way better than it really was. I don’t want to hear this bullshit about the Seahawks/Packers games killing their confidence. Those two key injuries killed their confidence along with Fletcher deflating the defensive morale every other play.

    I understand people going after Chip. You’re pissed and you need someone to blame. The fact is that this team didn’t have the talent to do anything this year. Drafting Marcus Smith in the first round set us back a good bit. Our quarterbacks are average, and our secondary can’t stop anyone (except Eli Manning, apparently).

    You’ll all feel better once Dallas is inevitably bounced out of the playoffs. At the end of the day, the Redskins are still a hilarious national pariah. Enjoy the better draft pick try to chill the fuck out.

  14. Team and franchise will be fine. Chip is still a good coach. You lose your starting QB, you will have rough time making the playoffs. Only Arizona (out of the 12 teams) will make the playoffs with a backup. And they will be one and done. Get a CB in the draft and in FA and you will contend next year.

  15. E-A-G-L-O-S-E-R-S


    Culture beats scheme but the Cowboys beat both!

    Have fun sitting at home in January you bunch of drunk fools! I hope Santa brings you some new jorts and white sneakers to make you feel better.


    1. 1. Why do you read this blog?
      2. You are going to get embarrassed by GB or Seattle in the playoffs because you have a gutless ginger trust fun baby coach and an overall lesser football team.

      1. Because it’s fun watching you idiots go from one extreme to the other. First Kelly is a Saint who will revolutionize football. Now he’s a fraud in a visor with a set of flash cards.

        And I love hearing the rationalizations: Foles got hurt, you lost your defense QB, 10-6 would be good enough to make it any other year, the refs were out to get us. WAHHH WAHHH!

        Look at it this way. You now have more time tosit around in your kelly green throwback and watch Invincible a few more times. Better luck next year!


        1. My rationalization is that in the spirit of the season, they figured they’d let Dallas have the East this time since every other team took it from them the last 3 years. Congrats on not blowing it for a 4th straight season, dummy

  16. Chip looks like:
    a) A deer in headlights.
    b) A guy who still has DeSean Jackson’s right foot up his ass.
    c) Like he aged 5 years since Saturday.
    d) A guy with absolutely no answers whatsoever.
    e) Andy Reid 2.0.
    f) All of the above.

  17. I can understand fans being upset at chip for the way the season ended, it was embarrassing, but after overrachieving last year the team had to regress this season, it’s just the way things go. Especially when the team is not that talented to begin with. Did any body really think this was a super bowl team at the start of the year? I thought they would win 9-10 games and for sure win the east because the division was a joke but murray finally stayed healthy for Dallas, in fact a lot of their players did and a lot of Eagles did not. Believe it or not Tony Romo is a really good quarterback, Jason Garrett for once has not fucked things up! that defense though….

    Back to Chip and the Birds , there were plenty of problems this year from the QB, injuries, secondary, running game, playcalling and Bill Davis. Honestly i think Nick Foles is our guy for the future, he will be next season at least so he’s going to have to prove it at least. We all know the story, great in 13,shitty in half of 14. My issue was that I kinda expected the team to be shitty this year as a byproduct of Foles play and also of defenses sorta figuring out Kelly, first place schedule, etc. . Anyone who thinks selling the farm for Mariota is the answer i think is crazy because we do not have a farm to sell and i think Mariota is gonna be a bust. I hope they draft either Marcus Peters (i know he got kicked off UW so he might be unlikely under Chip’s “culture”) or P.J. Williams at CB with their first pick. Byron Maxwell from SEA will be the hot commodity FA on the market if he dont resign but he will be so over priced because there wont be anything else out there.

    Here’s your chance to call me crazy but I’d explore trade options for shady. He’s making close to 10 milion next year and there are good teams without good backs out there. Whats his worth? a 1st round, 2nd round? at what selection? as long as the eagles dont take the next Marcus Smith reclamation project i would strongly consider it based on the performance he gave this year and in a year or two will be finished. They could easily end up with their CB, FS, and deep threat WR to play on the outside in this draft if they dump shady, plus clear cap space to sign a free agent.

  18. This comment thread is exactly why we can’t have nice things in this city. Quite frankly, we don’t deserve a championship. God forbid a second-year coach goes through growing pains and doesn’t make the playoffs with 10-win team. In year two. Nobody will ever win here. Would love to hear who a viable replacement would be.

    1. Thank God. One voice of reason amongst these insane people. we were 4-12 in 2012 and the talent cupboard was bare, particularly on defense.

      1. Really? Seems like vast majority of productive players from this team were there when Chip took over. Yeah, the defense wasn’t as good but you still had Ryans, Kendricks, Curry, Cox, Cole, Graham, etc. Since then we’ve only really added Barwin and Logan as positive difference makers (sometimes Jenkins) while we’ve tried to make do with mediocre signings (Sopoaga, Phillips, Chung, Williams, Fletcher, Allen on his extension) late draft picks (Watkins, Reynolds, Poyer, Wolff) or early reaches (Smith) and seen little improvement.

    2. agree. the only thing we should be bitching about was Kelly’s draft last year. He really didn’t fill any of the huge holes on the team and I feel like we are starting over with this draft.

  19. anyone ever listen to a Belichik press conference? biggest douche in the NFL, but they’ve been to 5 SB and won 3. None of these coaches say anything at their press conferences, and Chip is no different. These reporters like to think that THEY are the story, cause they asked the TOUGH questions. We all saw what happened and we all know why. Now what is he going to do about it?

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