Two Eagles Videos to Get You Pumped Up for the Redskins Game

DUDE, THE SEASON IS NOT OVER! Everyone seems so down. Eagles win two, Cowboys get crushed by Colts, Eagles make playoffs, go to NFC Championship Game. Simple.*

Another one after the jump.

*Alternate take: The Eagles are going to lose again because they didn’t use Bradley Cooper. 


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  1. Eagles win two. Dallas gets crushed by Colts. Eagles get demolished at home against the Lions in round one because this time around there is no freak blizzard rendering Calvin Johnson useless.


    Cowboys, unlike the Eagles, take care of business with the playoffs on the line at home and beat the Colts.

  2. We’re down because it’s fucking pathetic to lose to that team at home the way they did. We’re down because Sanchez is what everyone thought he was (nothing special) and Foles looked like shit before going down. We’re down because all 3 of the other teams are unwatchable and the Eagles have no QB, a joke of a secondary, and a group of WR that don’t scare anyone.

    You need to be more upset about this. The city of Philadelphia in general needs to be more upset about the embarrassing state of its sports teams.

    1. Hey Riggo ! Forget “Fly Eagle Fly” How about a little Steve Miller and “Fly Like an Eagle”?

      “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
      Into the future
      Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
      Into the future”
      AND STILL NO RING!!!!!!!!!
      I don’t need a mirror when I’m wearing my ring. God, I’m a handsome man.

    1. Don’t you have more important things to worry about like your hair plugs and your shitty movies?

  3. dont worry guy.s the eagles will STOMP a sub .500 team and then you can all jump back on the bandwagon! SUPERBOWL BOUND!

  4. As an Eagles fan it pains me to say this but Marc Sanchez will personally lose tomorrow’s game with yet another multi-turnover game,and the Eagles will lose by a touchdown 27 – 20.

      1. Hey Riggo! Chase Utley’s Urologist should be his Proctologist. He’s got his head up his ass !!! Sitting here eating Christmas cookies and brushing my perfect hair in the reflection of my Super Bowl ring. God, I’m a handsome man.

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