University of the Sciences has a Basketball team and they Beat Drexel

That is one of four similar pictures Getty has for University of the Sciences, the team that beat Drexel last night.

The University of the Sciences basketball team — so small I didn’t know it existed and people thought it notable that it was even on an ESPN app — were not supposed to beat Drexel last night. Division II teams are never really supposed to beat Division I teams, but especially ones that share a neighborhood(ish) and have a student population difference of about 23,000. But that is what happened. USP (or USciences or that school) defeated Drexel 54-52 on a game-winning three, seen below:

The kid who drained that three (bringing his point total on the game to 27), was Garret Kerr, no relation to Steve, but the son of former Flyer Tim Kerr. It was the first road win for a DII school against a DI school in 227 games this season, but if we’re being honest, USciences might have just walked to the game. Still, road win.

And what does this all teach us? For now, until we forget in a year, we all know that USciences has a basketball team.


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  1. “Not supposed to”? How about some stats and research, Jim. Stats like DI teams being 227-0 against DI at home, until last night, 232-1 vs DII teams overall, until last night? Let’s call out the numbers here so we can see how ridiculous this actually was. And a mention of injuries to nearly all of Drexel’s starters and an 8-man bench would be helpful here too.

  2. This is actually really interesting, but after reading two lines I want to kill myself.

    Jim you are like a fun vacuum

    1. I mean, it’s almost as if the article was rushed to post after someone called CB out on not mentioning this 15 minutes before it was posted:

      1 hour ago: “@CrossingBroad Drexel is 1st ever DI team to lose at home to a DII, and the hero is Tim Kerr’s son? How does that not get notice from you?”

    1. This is actually very interesting. It’s NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER so that makes it newsworthy. It happened here. Between two teams from here. With an amazing underdog story. And it tangentially involves a beloved former star in this town. And college basketball. And NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. And fuck you.

        1. Because I took 28 seconds to write a post on a blog? I am sorry, I didn’t realize you were suffering from a diminished mental capacity that keeps you from performing simple tasks like writing a paragraph in a reasonable amount of time. Apologies.

    2. You are some kind of dumb bastard, Judge Smalls. This is national news and it happened in the city this blog is based on. Everyone cares about this. I’m starting to question if you’re even a real judge.

  3. Crossing Broad has a terrible writer, and his name is Jim Adair, he can never conclude a sentence, and he consistently has run-on sentences, and he was never supposed to be the next writer at Crossing Broad, this tells us that Kyle doesn’t feel the need to find a new writer, still, shitty writer

  4. This is embarrassing. Glad to see that incredibly expensive tuition gets put towards trendy restaurants that students can’t even afford instead of putting a decent basketball team on the floor.

    1. Well I guess that happens when you go to Drexel cuz you can’t get into Temple. Or into Nova. Or into LaSalle. Or into St Joes. Or into Penn. Or into PhilaU. Or into Haverford. Or into Swarthmore. Or into Bryn Mawr. Or into Pierce. Or into Arcadia. or into Haverford. Or into Ursinus. Or into Cabrini. Or into Holy Family. Or into Chestnut Hill. Or into Wiedener. Or into West Chester. Or into Penn State Brandywine. Or into Cheyney. Or into DelVal. . Or into Newmann. Or into Immaculatta. Or into Thomas Jefferson. Or into Moore. Or into PCOM. Or into Community College of Philly.

      Or into The University of the Sciences.

  5. Grew up with the Kerr Brothers and the DaSilvas. They’re the real deal. Garrett is d2 all American and kids are freak athletes. If you knew them no surprise they beat Drexel, and could beat better teams

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