Video: Here are the Phantoms Scoring Three Goals in the First Thirty-Six Seconds Last Night

It’s a clip so nice, Deadspin posted it twice: The Lehigh Valley Phantoms scored three goals in twenty-one seconds (the first one coming only fifteen seconds into the game) last night, so if you were in line for a beer you really screwed up.


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  1. Straka has 8 goals rev… Brandon manning 3 assists last night, 6 goals 13 assist in 24 games, +5, generating better then 3 shots per game. He’s the next Gus. Free Brandon Manning!

  2. So I just watched 900 goals to see three.
    Man that was some goalie effort on the third.

  3. The Flyers would be better off if they dumped 70% of their team for 70% of these guys.

    True or False ?

    1. False dude….don’t be an idiot….the Flyers are bad this year….but there is nobody on the Phantoms that should be on the Flyers’ roster this season….who you bringing up …Powe, Akeson?….yea they were beast when they were on the team before

      1. Don’t mistake my question for an inferred statement. I just want to know what everyone thinks.

        But with the highest payroll in the NHL they should be awesome, or close to it, or good, or mediocre. Mediocre isn’t too much to ask is it? Yup, it seems to be. I am now wishing they weren’t terrible.

        Don’t call me Dude..

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