Videos: Jimmy Rollins’ Greatest Moments as a Phillie

The reaction to the reported Jimmy Rollins trade has been interesting to watch. Though many have wanted this to happen for a couple of seasons now (myself included), it’s still sad to see one of the team’s all-time greats go. But it’s a big part of the fans and the team finally letting go of the now-aging core, which is necessary to move forward. Still, Rollins’ 2090 games played as a Phillie is second only to Mike Schmidt, so this is… difficult. And no, I’m not crying, my contact lens just popped out and I had hot sauce on my hand and I put it in my eye or something.

Here are some of Rollins’ greatest moments:

Setting the franchise hits record:

A 2007 Inside the Park home run called by Harry Kalas:

Check out more clips after the jump.

Addressing the crowd at CBP after the World Series Parade:

Here’s a video with the Franzke and L.A. call of that 2009 Game 4 walk-off:

Making a kid’s Make-a-Wish come true:

Rollins doing one of the rare pro athlete acting jobs that isn’t terrible in a Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial:

Rollins’ big sixth-inning triple to help clinch the NL East title in 2007 is here, as one of Rollins’ top-five hits of his career.

Being profiled on “Real Sports”:

Rollins’ 200th career home run:


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    1. Same here. Harry was the best.

      I was fortunate enough to be in CBP during the World Series parade, and one of the coolest moments was the booming ovation Harry got when he started to MC the ceremony.

  1. Gonna miss Jimmy. Especially when Freddy Galvis is playing shortstop for a whole season. Phillies problem isn’t the contracts as much as their inability to draft and develop any players as good as Rollins, Utley, Hamels & Howard in all the years since those guys made the bigs.

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