Vinny Lecavalier and His $6 Million Salary Will Be a Healthy Scratch Tonight


Paul Holmgren’s gift that keeps on giving. From Frank Seravalli:

The fact that Lecavalier would be a healthy scratch for the first time in his illustrious career really hit him yesterday, though, when he saw his name penciled next to injured player Ryan White on the fifth line for practice at SAP Center.

“It’s very hard to take,” Lecavalier said. “It was a tough night, when you’re told something like that. I talked to [coach Craig Berube]. We had a conversation, but I’m out of the lineup. It’s as simple as that.”

After this season, Lecavalier still has three years and $10.5 million remaining on his contract, with a $4.5 million cap hit and a full no-movement clause. The Flyers have their very own Matt Geiger!


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  1. This team is on full mediocre mode until Vinny, RJ, Coburn, Grosssssmannnn, and MacDonald ‘s contracts expire, or somehow Hextall is able to trade them for a bag of pucks. I just cannot believe how many Homer trades were disasters….its gotta be a record right?

  2. Embarrassing . One of the dumbest signings in franchise history, not because of who Lecavalier is, but because of the full circumstances surrounding the signing. Genius Holmgren decides that after the amnesty of Briere and Bryz, getting to press the reset button from previous bad long-term deals (not so much Briere), he learns absolutely nothing and overpays on money and years for an old washed up player. When asked why he made the signing, Holmgren suggested it was merely a reactionary signing because he wasn’t expecting Lecavalier to be available. He was available because his former team decided his previous contract was too long and for too much money and then got out. Repeat mistakes year after year and this is what we have to show for it. Idiots.

  3. Anyone still think couturier is good? Maybe CM still has hope. Sucks that the flyers are bad but it does feel pretty good to be right after all these years.

    1. I see your bizarre obsession with me being a flyers fan continues. All I’ve ever said from the beginning is that I’m gonna watch and root for them. Just like I do for the Eagles and Phillies. Should everyone just stop watching the teams when they’re bad? Wait until they’re good again? You’re a fraud fan

      1. So you just proved the Mike miss theory that flyer fans don’t watch or like the sixers. I pick on you because you seem to be a blind loyalist. But at least now people seem to be coming to their senses

        1. I don’t watch the Sixers Bc i don’t like the nba. I watch college basketball instead. Please bro you’re not picking on me you’re just obsessed and it shows Bc you bring my name up out of absolutely nowhere. The only reason I responded is Bc I just happened to click on this comment section. It’s just a little weird and creepy

  4. PS – how does scratching a player motivate them to get better? He is paid the same just doesn’t have have to show up for work, and cannot be fired as he will still collect his normal pay and the team will still be strapped with his contract cap hit.

    I see no motivation to the player to get out of the funk and hustle…..Vinny is milking this retirement contract to the max…..

    1. Maybe because Lecavalier has a sense of pride. It’s really hard to make it to the NHL without it.

  5. If Holmgren isn’t “retired” very soon from this franchise I’ll be shocked. I can’t think of many GM’s who deserve a tar and feathering more than our man Homie here. Besides Amaro of course….

  6. After getting scratched, Lecavalier is expected to be on the injured list for 4-6 weeks.

  7. Scratch Coburn, MacDonald and Luke Schenn as well…

    Don’t even bring up anyone to replace them, on their shifts just tie a parking cone to their defensive partner and let them drag it around.

    Guarantee it does a better job in it’s own end than those 3.

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