Young Flyers Fan Gets Sidney Crosby Jersey as a Gag Gift and Does Not Appreciate the Joke

“Ewww” is really the only reaction you could expect the kid to have. It’s also a nice touch that his immediate physical reaction is one of “I don’t know what weird diseases I’ll catch from this thing so get it away from me.” This kid is going places.


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    1. Jim didn’t bother to link to the story that was posted on The 700 Level this morning or include the description from the original video, so here it is:

      “My sister orders a youth-sized (instead of regular) Crosby jersey for her son by accident, and it’s too late to send back before Christmas. Time to have some fun with the Flyers fan of the family.”

      1. Makes more sense that way. Weird how I sometimes expect to get the whole story and not the lazy version. Guess I should get my “news” elsewhere.

  1. I guess it have been worse. We could have seen another Mo’ne Davis athlete of the year post.

  2. Funny video but come on, dude, this video was posted a few days ago and everything from NBC sports, to CSN Philly to Bleacher Report had this up. You got to work faster.

    1. Good to see you have nothing else better to do than be on the web all weekend! CB took the weekend off!

      1. Hey I know the TPS ports but I wanted to take the day off and go fishing.
        You see it doesn’t work when yiur business model is SPORTS and TAYLOR SWIFT updates. Since you’re stealing the content anyway what’s so hard about updating it in a timely fashion. Unless the tagteam nancies were counting their overstock of pick up the shield shirts.

  3. gotta love the classy woman in the back who drops the s bomb right next to the kid.

  4. This does deserve a Cmon man!!!! Shit was all the place a couple days ago. Oh dear Chip n Fucking Eagles look what u have done to us. Flyers aint going nowhere and Nova will get bounced in sweet 16. You know it dont come easy. Ruin tomorrow

  5. A trial run this week and a permanent spot sooner than you think. Innes is playing coy on the air.

    1. Fucking ay!!! Told you all!! I am so ready to FINALLY get some intelligent sports analysis.

  6. Jimmy Head, Summer Chill, Rippin n Tearin;, Avalon Brian, Mitchie Tools, Cowboy Dave, Beef Wellington, uh, uh, LaSalle Pete, Temple Fred, Delaware County Community College Cecil, Rob Ellis and John Boudreau all miss you, Ant.

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