You want to see the most fired up dude on the entire planet right now? That is YouTuber “EventStatus” in that video above. What got him all fired up? This video rant from YouTube favorite EDP445 after the Eagles lost to the Redskins in which he thanked the Redskins for putting an early end to the Eagles season. EventStatus did not care for that, and spent about fifteen minutes above letting it be known. There were times during that video that I got mad by osmosis, and there were other times where I was afraid. Dude is no joke ready to explode.

In fact, dude was so fired up that he broke EDP445 (Note: Below video is actually pretty depressing):

Do you see what this season has done to us? It’s not even week 17 … it’s not even Christmas … and we broke EDP445. What if he’s gone forever? What if he never comes back? Oh wait, never mind. He’s back.