A Couple of Capitals Fans Wore Blackface to The Game Last Night

Voila_Capture 2015-01-09_10-12-24_AM

Well, that’s one way to show your support for Joel Ward.

pic via (@WScogna)


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    1. I bet you’d like to “clean” kyl3’s “chimney.” and my “clean his chimney” I mean insert your penis into his anushole.

  1. Kyle is dying to break another rascist story that actually brings people to his site or national publicity. The Riley cooper story is the only story that actually did anything for this site

  2. Yup….that’s pretty much the caliber of fan that gets seats so high they can touch the fucking ceiling of the place.

    They probably had dinner at Wal-Mart before the game.

    1. Ya because of insane ticket prices, the only people who sit up there are wal mart shopping racists. That might be the most pretentious thing I’ve read in any comment section.

      1. Wow…you are one humorless motherfucker aren’t you?

        Simmer down, Francis.

        But I’m glad I’ve achieved something in your book.

  3. It’s not blackface…

    Blackface also uses white paint to make the lips and eyes significantly bigger, playing on the stereotypes of African-American slaves. That’s racist.

    This is no worse than a severely botched spray-tan.

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