A Fat Man Reacts to Dez Bryant’s Overturned Catch

Glad to see that Chris Christie and Jerry Jones left room for the Holy Spirit this time around. But they have every reason to be pissed.
UPDATE: The photo appears to be NJ.com’s and was taken when Bryant first made the catch. There is a full gallery here.

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58 Responses

  1. Kyle – are you fucking serious? They “have every reason to be pissed”???

    Here’s the rule spelled out because you seem to have difficulty grasping simple shit:

    via NFL head of officials Dean Blandino on Twitter:

    “Bryant going to the ground. By rule he must hold onto it throughout entire process of contacting the ground. He didn’t so it is incomplete.”

    Pretty fucking clear cut.

    Stick to the TMZ shit and leave the real analysis to the people who actually get paid for giving insightful reasoning and hard facts.

  2. They did have a right to be pissed. It is a chintzy call and a chintzy rule. Fuck Dallas, but they got screwed no matter what the rule says.

    I guess this puts to bed all the sand in their pussies bitching by WIP Morning Show listeners and Eagles fans about a conspiracy tp get Dallas into the Super Bowl.

    1. It is still the rule whether it is chintzy or not and karma is a bitch. Don’t know what you think they have a right to be pissed over Kyle.

    1. I guess I was wrong. The bitching continues. Wash the sand out of your pussy.

  3. What are you talking about? I am a top five elite NHL goalie. Kyle Scott said so. That’s why my team is in first place, I made the All Star game and am a front runner for the Vezina!

  4. I could careless about that fat fuck, I’m fired up the packers didn’t get that 2 pt conversion for the cover

  5. I guess this is the nfl’s way of making up for the shaft job they pulled on the Detroit Lions.

      1. Nice. Not only do you steal my handle but you hold conversations with yourself. Get a life. And please grasp what the term doppelgänger actually means, you fucking airhead.

        1. My God you must be the biggest loser in the Delaware Valley, and that’s saying something. I know I hurt you by telling you to give us a big EAGLES cheer but at least be man enough to attack back under your own handle.

          1. We get one when we double team your old lady. Room #5 at the Lincoln Motel on the Boulevard. She isn’t worth a better room.

  6. Was a great fucking catch and should have been a cowboys first down. Was even better that they took it away. Fuck the cowboys and the retard first commenter.

  7. They really didn’t show much of Jerruh and the Fatman.

    It was definitely a catch by Dez but karma’s a bitch. Live by the no-call, die by the no-call.

  8. Damnit man these radio hosts and their obsession with Marcus Mariota is sickening.

    Get it through your thick skulls Eagles fans,Tampa Bay in no way shape or form will trade Chip Kelly their number one pick.

    Just be happy with either Bryce Petty or Brett Hundley in the 2nd or 3rd round and keep it moving.

    1. Agreed. More likely that Chip bails and becomes head coach of Tampa Bay to reunite with Mariota than the Eagles acquiring him.

      Then Howie can slink back to GM duties and he and Jeffy will be happy.

        1. Handle stealing and no original material. Your old lady had the same complaints about you when I was balling her in your Kensington home the other day. We laughed at you as I finished on her rack.

  9. “UPDATE: The photo appears to be NJ.com’s and was taken when Bryant first made the catch.”

    By all means, don’t change your completely inaccurate headline though. Don’t wanna mess up that piece of click bait.

    1. Seriously, are you a group of cells that recently divided? Is it that hard to create an original handle?

  10. The best team lost today. It should be Cowboys vs Seahawks. But…. The refs wanted it otherwise.

    1. Aaron Rodgers was actually great today. Cowboys are not a better team than Green Bay. Of course Seattle will probably eat GB alive and would have done the same for the Cowboys. Refs handed them the game last week “The Refs giveth and they taketh away”

    2. I agree with you fake Skippy.

      Now you and your buddies go find a spot on broad st for the parade celebrating the Cowboys loss since it’s the only thing in this town you guys can be happy about.

    1. …you will have six months to ponder it. Only thing better than the catch was the successful challenge. Carry on.

  11. Why do you Eagles fans care?? Would you be so obsessed if he rooted for the Chargers? No Shut your loser mouths.

  12. Does it bother anyone else when Peyton Manning says “chicken parm you taste so good”? It’s like his mouth is packed full of saliva as he’s saying it

    1. Nah I’m more bothered when I turn on 97.5 the fanatic,and Phil from Mt Airy blabbers on and on about trading from 20 to 8 and from 8 to 1 in hopes of drafting Marcus Mariota.

      This my friends is the dumbest trade proposal I’ve ever heard,and why Phil from Mt Airy is employed by the fanatic is beyond me.

  13. Hey, if I wear my lucky red sweater to the RNC convention in Cleveland in 2016, I’ll need someone to hug. Jerry?…Jerry?

  14. The fat piece of shit has managed to change the conversation about why he’s a rat-bastard. Before, it was becuase he’s corrupt in his politics and shut a bridge down for political revenge and forced his minions to cover him (among other misdeeds). Now, it’s because he’s a fraud Cowboy fan. That was a fiendish move, he’s a greasy, mad genuis. We should all be afraid.

  15. Where’s all the asshole cowboy fans that have been trolling the comments the last month? Anyone?


    I’m shocked the call went that way after the refs gave them the last game and much of this one. Really thought the fix was in. But now that Jerry is gonna be bitching the rule will probably be changed.

  16. I had no more use for my good-luck mojo orange sweater today, so I donated it to a Portuguese restaurant in Newark, and they’re going to use it as a tablecloth for a party of eight.

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