And Now, Because Your Wounds Haven’t Healed, Here’s Jimmy Rollins in a Dodgers Uniform

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It still hurts. We knew it had to happen, and we’re squarely in the camp of “we wish Jimmy all the success in the world out there, since we’re not winning anytime soon,” but it still stings a bit to see a smiling J-Roll™ rocking Dodger blue. Oh well. At least he didn’t say anything to make to sting worse …

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Oh goddamnit.


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  1. You miss Rollins personally or his .243 BA and .323 OBP? Don’t get it. Phillies are rebuilding, which people like you cried about for the last few years, they trade Rollins to begin the rebuild, and you now miss the guy? Unbelievable.

    1. Maybe he’s saying “miss ya already Jimmy” for everything he did for the Phillies during his career. Pretty sure we all understand the timing of his trade as there isn’t much use for him in Philly anymore but the guy is one of the greatest to dawn a Phillies uniform.

      No reason to get butt hurt because the fans will miss him. I don’t think johnmatrix was implying he was mad Rollins was traded, just saying thanks for the memories.

    2. Yeah, Jimmy was the problem. And what #s do you think Galvis or Hernandez are going to put up at shortstop this year? I don’t mind players like Jimmy leaving if you got something better to put out there but the Phils don’t and I have NOOOO faith in the Phils front office to scout the players they got from the Dodgers in return.

  2. Are you kidding me?
    No one misses him.

    He’s old and we had to move on. We had to move on the first time his contract was up in 2011 and he was testing the waters and refused to give Philly a hometown discount. Then he realized no one wanted him.

    He’s trash. Thanks for the WS but other than that, PEACE!

      1. Your name/post must be a feeble attempt at being ironic, ya jambroni. Let me drop the “People’s Elbow” on you.

        1. its “jabroni” not “jambroni” Einstein.

          Plus that’s not what I said.

          Gotta love players who play here for 14 years, have borderline HOF numbers, multiple gold gloves, an MVP and a world championship (something this town just cant ever seem to get) and since he doesn’t hustle on every groundball he’s “trash.”


  3. “I haven’t won enough rings. That’s why I put on this uniform.”

    Hey Jimmy….Is that the 2014 version of “we’re the team to beat”?

    Good luck…but I don’t think that club is your ticket to more rings.

  4. And also best of luck to Tommy Lasorda, who is apparently due to deliver triplets any day now.

    Sweet merciful fuck he’s one fat wop…

  5. Players move on. It’s not really a big deal. The guy gave the Phillies almost 20 years. Helped bring the Phillies the first championship since 83. He will be back eventually when they put him in the wall of fame. What I dont get is the hate. Without him, the Phillies dont win. Plain and simple. I dont get why our city loves to hate its best players.

      1. Says the guy that would probably blow Chip Kelly at a moments notice. One thing McNabb brought was a playoff win. Something that you’ll still be waiting on from chipper until at least his 3rd year.

      2. Best QB in franchise history. NFC Championship. One Super Bowl appearance. It couldve been better but no other QB did more for the franchise. Thats why I dont get why people hate McNabb but at the same time probably love Jaworski or Cunningham. McNabb doubled their success. But McNabb smiled on the field. How awful

      3. Wow…..that’s just a really uninformed comment my friend.

        You’re one of those “if it’s not a world championship then it’s nothing” guys, eh?

        Chuckleheads like you need a reality check. Stop allowing your opinions to be colored by some of the goofy stuff that McNabb does TODAY that gets way too much media play, and go back and watch the games and check the stats.

        1. Yes–in professional sports, it don’t mean dick unless you win the championship.

          1. So…what you and the original poster are saying is that McNabb is PERSONALLY responsible for the Eagles not winning a championship?

            That’s funny….I though he was on a TEAM.

  6. I’ll add this. I had a chance last night to watch Rollins’ 20 minute press conference on the Dodgers’ website. All Jimmy talked about was how great of a leader he is and will show young guys like Puig how to play the right way. Is this guy fucking joking? A guy that ran half-assed to 1st base and would occasionally show up to the ballpark late getting his ass benched by Manual and Sandberg is now a leader? He’s full of shit and everyone knows it. Still has a good glove and can hit occasionally for power because he swings for the fences most ABs. Leader this guy has never been.

    1. YAY! All ROllins ever did was play 150 games in 10 out 15 years. And less than 137 only once in his career. Doesn’t he know it is better for him to run as fast as possible on every ground ball, wear out his knees and then have Wilson Valdez play 50 games?

      1. Rollins not running hard to 1st base because he’s worried about his knees and health is a media-excuse myth that has been perpetuated by said media to the fans. Many, many players have ran hard to 1st without these problems over the history of baseball. Why do the media perpetuate this myth for Rollins? Because they want to protect Rollins from fan criticism because he’s black and you can’t have fans calling him lazy or they must be racist.

        1. dude, you’re clueless.

          I’ve never seen so much hate for such a great player over time who didn’t “hustle” all the time.

          Race has nothing to do with whether Rollins was a good player for this town or not.

          I bet you agree with Schilling that he didn’t get voted into the HOF because he’s a Republican.

          1. I’m clueless? I just cited numerous examples in this post with the problems with Rollins and I am clueless?

            Typical liberal response is “you must be a republican” when you call a black player lazy, like Rollins. Media perpetuated. I provide facts and the only retort is “you’re clueless” because you have nothing to add of substance to the debate. Rollins is as lazy as your intellect.

        2. I’ve never really seen the media try to make excuses for Jimmy’s occasional lack of hustle.

          I’m certainly on board with the idea that certain media outlets can spin things on behalf of certain folks. But I don’t think Jimmy Rollins is a big enough celebrity to warrant that kind of consideration.

          Seems like a bit of a reach my man….

          1. @Bob….

            I’m not saying Rollins wasn’t lazy, all I’m saying is why is that an excuse to rip the guy? Even as a “lazy player,” he was pretty damn good. He did things for the Phillies we hadn’t seen in years and now you don’t like him because he was lazy?

            He’s a human being. Maybe he was hung-over some of the games or sick, who knows? I’m not trying to make excuses but do you really think every single pro athlete gives 110% every play of their professional career? Especially this day in age?

            Jimmy Rollins is one of the greatest to ever wear a Phils uniform but if people didn’t know the topic, they would think he sucked listening to you.

            is Miguel Cabrera a lazy player too because of the DUIs and the weight?

            What about Manny Ramirez?

            Prince Fielder?

            I could go on and on and on.

            You wouldn’t take those players in their prime?

            Jimmy was a triples hitter too, pretty sure you have to be pretty talented and quick to be up there in that statistic.

            Stop the hate!

        3. Yea! Totally. I still remember that big announcement by the LAMESTREAM media that they would protect Rollins. THERE was never any negative articles about him. And then like any time ROllins didn’t hustle, it was never shown on TV. And nobody every wrote columns about it. I think they would even show his clips in super fast motion so it would look like he was running fast. They used the 1080p.

          I thought it was just me and you that knew about him not hustling on every play! They always protected him. IN fact, I was NERVous about even just admitting that he did not hustle all the time. I am afraid the MEDIA is going to show up at my door now!

  7. At least he didn’t say anything to make to sting worse …

    To make THE sting worse, Jim. Or “to make IT sting worse” would also work.

    One paragraph and you still fuck it up.

    1. Wow. I didn’t know anyone actually read the articles. I always thought people jumped right to the comments.

        1. I’m not an anomaly. There’s a whole pack of people ’round here ready to tear Jim a new one every time he fucks up an article.

  8. Rollins was a bum for not running down the first base line all the time and no one will miss him. Every player should be like Bowa / Utley.

    1. You meant to say “St. Utley.” Rollins is a top 10 player in team history. Utley is far from it.

      1. Rollins WAR since 2000 totals 49.3. Utley’s since 2003? Try 55.9. Guessing though since you made such a stupid statement that you will cite RBIs or some equally misleading stat. Just as a heads-up, Utley is one of the best second basement of all time.

        1. And that was a typo. Utley’s WAR since 2003 is actually 59.2. And I’m not saying Rollins wasn’t a great player for the Phillies because he absolutely was. But to say Rollins is a top 10 Phillie but not Utley is just assassin.

          1. Sorry I hit you with you know, actual facts. Next time do a little research instead of just throwing out shit and hoping it sticks.

        2. The only problem with Utley’s WAR is that we have seen that damn replacement player on the field too much the past 5 years.

    2. Larry Bowa couldn’t carry Jimmy’s cleats,and as for Chase Utley and this is coming from a white guy,the reason Chase is so loved and Jimmy is so despised by some in this town is because of race.

      I mean the white protectionism of Chase Utley,Nick Foles and Claude Giroux,while at the same time hating Jimmy Rollins,Ryan Howard and LeSean McCoy is strictly race related,and you guys know I’m 100% correct.


      1. Utley & Foles blind loyalty yes. Giroux? No. Howard hate is somewhat deserved (although probably worse than it should be because he’s black). Rollins gets undeserved hate and I think most people like McCoy even tho most reports are that he’s an asshole.

      2. You say this nonsense, yet Brian Dawkins is more beloved than any of them. Get a clue…

  9. With the addition of Jimmy Rollins and possibly Cole Hamels(by the trade deadline) my Dodgers will win the 2015 world series.


  10. If Lasorda wore a green sweater, he could be mistaken for the Phanatic’s Dad. Good to see the Holidays were good for Tommy’s workout program.

  11. Why does this site prompt “Awaiting Moderation” when you type a comment when there is no logins and hence no moderation at all?

  12. Jimmi will fit in great in LA with his rap, shoebox, Bentley, and hanging with Kanye.

  13. I wish Jimmy the best, but I don’t believe there are more rings in his future. It does look strange to see him in Dodger Blue.

  14. To Mr. Lasorda,

    You were our spokesman for years and are now giving us a bad name. Our product reduces weight – not increases it. We will expect a refund check for what we paid you.

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