Angelo Cataldi is Simple, Proud and Wrong

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The Philly Voice looks good so far. It’s got an attractive layout, an impressive list of contributors, and a comprehensive focus. Oh, and also a column from Angelo Cataldi that is complete garbage.

Though no one has ever asked for an all-over-the-place, hyperbole-driven, talk-radio-in-text (and other hyphenates) column from anybody, Cataldi has delivered it. His whole schtick can be summed up in one of his lines here: “Philadelphia sports fans want the truth about their teams, delivered in plain language, preferably in a raised voice.” Or, broken down: I will yell dumb things at you.

Cataldi’s column begins with a brag about his “two degrees in journalism,” to remind you that what follows has no excuse for being such garbage. It’s about the “clowns and has-beens and frauds” that run the pro sports teams in this town. Cataldi takes the controversial opinion that, hey, maybe Ruben Amaro is bad at his job (and maybe Jeff Lurie is a bit clueless). Shocking. But the biggest problem with this whole thing comes in a couple of opinions with no background — Cataldi’s style — about Sam Hinkie:

In this space every week, you will read the truth as I see it, taking no prisoners and suffering no fools. For example, the clown I refer to in the opening paragraph is, indeed, Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Phillies, the worst general manager in sports. The has-been is Flyers chairman Ed Snider, who hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 40 years. And the fraud is Sixers GM Sam Hinkie, whose bogus rebuilding plan is impressive only to idiots.

The alarmingly large army of knuckleheads embracing GM Sam Hinkie’s master plan need to ask themselves one question: Are Michael-Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel actually building blocks for a Sixer championship? If your answer is yes, congratulations. You win a lifetime supply of Hinkie Kool-Aid.

Cataldi never offers an alternative — just like Howard “I’m so upset that Hinkie won’t talk to me that I’m actually getting alarmingly obsessed” Eskin* — just the buzzwords and armchair analysis that the Sixers (and analytics-driven sports) don’t lend themselves well to. People coming from the same viewpoint as Cataldi will often say, against tanking, that the Sixers made the Eastern Conference Semifinals  just a few years ago, without acknowledging that the team fell ass backwards into them in a lockout shortened season and that it was their undeniable peak.

People like Cataldi, who make their money by shouting, don’t understand what the Sixers are doing. I’m not on board not because Hinkie is a genius or because the Sixers are guaranteed to be great in two years, because neither of those things can be said with certainty. Fans drinking the “Hinkie Kool-Aid” are just hoping. That’s it. I acknowledge that the Sixers’ plan may not work. I know that it might. But rather than floating around the middle, bouncing back between a 10th seed and a 7th seed and just chilling there for years (a real alternative), Hinkie and the Sixers want to actually try to win something here. If it works, great. If not, we’ll all move on… like we’ve been doing for 30 years. At least an effort is being made to build something good – great, even – instead of pretending everything is alright and knowing you’ll float around the middle for decades.

But people like Cataldi and Eskin work only in absolutes. Good vs. bad. Right vs. wrong. “Fraud” vs. someone who will give the media a quote or two here and there. On that side, Hinkie is a fraud, a nerd, and a non-basketball person doing backroom deals and burning bridges. He’s a businessperson, not a players’ GM. Except that he might be:

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No one is sure if the Sixers’ plan will work. But what about blowing it up and starting over to really gun for something big instead of being mediocre is against the Philly-fan ways? Cataldi is right that Philly fans are passionate. But he seems to think they’re a lot dumber than they are, and he’s fit into that role pretty well himself.

*This is really just as much about Eskin as it is Cataldi, but Eskin didn’t write dumb lines in a column.


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  1. Eskin and Cataldi two over the hill hacks trying desperately to stay relevant in this town.

  2. Out of all the things you can blast Cataldi about, you choose his opinion on Sam Hinkie?

    Do you realize that even when the sixers made the playoffs, this ciy STILL didn’t care? They are by far the worst fans in the city and the NBA is the worst product that gets put out by any of the big 4 sports.

    Want to rip the guy? just listen to his show, he is more a fake radio personality, than a provider of actual sports content or commentary.

    The only person worth listening to on the show is Keith Jones, 7/10 things he says are just a wise-crack but he regularly provides an acutal, coherent, and logical sports point or opinion. Hollis Thomas comes in a not so close second, but he is still well ahead anyone else on that show.

    Cataldi may remain on Philly air waves but it is more of an indictment on the listeners, it in no way validates the quality of the show.

  3. “People coming from the same viewpoint as Cataldi will often say, against tanking, that the Sixers made the Eastern Conference Semifinals just a few years ago, without acknowledging that the team fell ass backwards into them…”

    Kind of like Kyle crying for five years about Carter and Richards being traded and Holmgren breaking up a team that was “two goals away from game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals” without acknowledging the Flyers were literally a playoff bubble team that made the postseason on the very last day of the season by winning a shootout and then fell ass-backwards into those Finals and were a mediocre team in 2009 and a mediocre team in 2011 that got by the unimpressive Sabres in seven games in round one and then got demolished by the Bruins in four games.

    Cataldi is an embarrassing, stereotypical dope though. So, spot on, Jim.

    1. The Sixers making Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals because of injuries to another team is not even remotely comparable to the Flyers playing in overtime of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and being the third best team in the league the next season, with a core that would go on to play a major role in winning two Stanley Cups over the next four years, and, in the latter, a goalie that would win the Vezina the following season. They weren’t mediocre in 2011– they had 106 points and got beat, badly, by what turned out to be a tremendous team.

      1. They made the 2010 Finals by squeaking into the playoffs on a miracle shootout win. Beat the Devils who weren’t that great, Boston who was missing seven starting players and had Rask not Thomas in goal, beat the 8th seeded Canadiens and then got beat by Chicago.

        Bobrovsky won the Vezina based on two good months in a lockout shortened season. What has he done since? He win any playoff series yet? No?

        And yes, the great Bruins torched them. But the woeful Sabres took them to seven games in round one.

        Your boy Carter got us the leading scorer in the NHL. If Columbus was stupid enough to trade him for Jack Johnson that’s on them. Your boy Richards is going to spend the next four seasons as a healthy scratch because he sucks, his coach hates him and no other team in the NHL wants a fourth line center/healthy scratch who is making 5.6 Mil a year.

        2010 was a fluke. If Boucher….(yes, that Boucher)…didn’t win them that shootout by some will of God, Richards and Carter were on the first bus out of town in June of that summer.

        You know why they were dealt? Because Holmgren stupidly signed them to enormous long term deals with NMCs about to kick in and they showed that the two of them couldn’t do it on their own and there was no way to add pieces around them meaning the Flyers would be stuck with the two of them until 2020. They took a swing at a marquee goalie and missed. They let Jagr walk, traded JVR for Luke Schenn instead of Rick Nash, failed to land Shea Weber via a trade with Nashville during the 7 days after they signed him to an offer sheet. Signed LeCavalier and Andrew MacDonald to bonehead deals. Its not about Ritchie and Carts, or Bobrovsky at all.

        “But they won two Stanley Cups in LA!” Yeah. Good for them. They wound up in a great situation with a fantastic goalie, surrounded by great talent. Mike Peluso won a Stanley Cup too….so did Dan Carcillo. Who cares? Had they stayed you know where the Flyers most likely would be? In the same cap purgatory except no Voraceck and Giroux may have been shipped out to make room for 18’s and 17’s combined contracts.

        However, to the point of the article. Cataldi sucks. Spot on, Jim.

        1. Bravo. Spot on. Hopefully we hear more from Steve Mason as Rob Zepp takes his job. (sarcasm). Funny how those seasons are referenced but the 2010-11 Flyers led by Richards and Carter won the SAME NUMBER of games is the 2011-12 Flyers without Richards and Carter.

          Jeff Carter was traded for who is now the league leader in scoring. Of course he’s good, but the guy we got back has turned into being a special player. The equivalent of the Carter-Jake trade is like entering the 2012 season by trading Ryan Howard for Mike Trout (as far as hockey goes). and if that wasn’t enough we got that Coots guy who is the only offensive player who plays defense, and scored a hat trick in a playoff game at Pittsburgh.

          Mike Richards got demoted to just 9 minutes of ice time last week, and is now in the “healthy scratch” discussion every day like Vinny Lecavalier. Oh and if you don’t know what 9 minutes of ice time looks like, Pierre Bellemare gets more ice time for the Flyers, and Richards is getting about what Chris VandeVelde gets this season.

          What also has to be considered……i’d love to hear someone explain how we could afford keeping Richards and Carter around, while resigning Claude Giroux to his monster contract. I know capgeek went down, but it’s basically impossible with what we pay defensemen.

          1. You’re act is tired, go away, along with 0-49. Both a couple of attention seeking assholes.

    2. Not a Flyers fan and it makes me sick to defend anything End Snider has to do with, but how do you figure that they “fell ass backwards into the Finals”? I wouldn’t necessarily consider coming back from 3 games to 0 to force game 7 then come back again from 3-0 on the road in that game 7 to win then rolling through Montreal in 5 games ” falling ass backwards”.

      1. They did fall “ass backwards”, but so do most NHL teams. Rarely does the best regular season team win, and it’s just about how you play late in the season. We saw plenty of that the seasons after as a great regular season in 2010-11 and 11-12 turned into early exits.

        But to be fair:

        – Had to win a game at home against the non-playoff Rangers to make the playoffs. Should of lost the game, got lucky, won a shootout because the Rangers players shot the puck right into Boucher.
        – Got lucky to be the 7 seed (finished tied with 88pts) and play the Devils, who the Flyers dominated all season. The other team with the same number of points had to play the Capitals who finished with 121 points which is insane.
        – Beat Boston who decided that benching Tim Thomas was a good idea. Incredible series, but they were a single Boston shot away from getting swept in Gm. 4 overtime.
        – Had Home Ice Advantage as a 7 seed in the Conference Championship. That would be like the Cardinals hosting the Lions in the NFC Championship game this weekend.

  4. This has been cataldi’s m.o. for years. It doesn’t matter if its sixers, flyers, Phillies, or eagles. No substance what so ever in his comments. I wonder how many sixers games he has actually watched the past 5 years. Most of the time he makes no sense.

    1. The only person on that station that could make a coherent point about the Sixer’s or basketball in general was Gargano. And Sony Hill if you wanted to talk about 60’s, 70’s basketball.

  5. Could not agree more. Cataldi kills the Phillies for not completely blowing it up and rebuilding all the time. However, when the Sixers decide to go down that route and invest and develop young talent he kills them. For the past two or three years the Sixers have brought in a prospect or prospects that many consider to be some of the best available for that given season. They are not overspending on average vets that jam up the roster and destroy your cap. Players that may win you 10-15 more games but wont allow you to draft the top talent or make it the finals. They are allowing the young players to play valuable minutes on the court and in practice helping them mature and contribute sooner. So while he destroys one team embracing its rebuild until it was too late he destroys the other for going all in on its own rebuild. He is your classic ra-ra radio voice who will say anything to get a debate going. But when it comes to sports knowledge he has very little.

    1. It has nothing to do with the rebuilding process and everything to do with Hinkie having the audacity to not come on his clown show and kiss his ass. But whereas Eskin has all but admired to his criticism is based off of being stiffed from interviews and them not admitting to tanking, which no team will ever admit to, Cataldi just screams and hollers about the rebuilding plan but when pressed by callers for an alternative he has nothing and just resorts to calling them names and playing that pigeon sound bit.

  6. Cataldi is a loud mouth blowhard who does the sports fans in this area no service whatsoever. His schtick is old and tired, I wish he’d just retire. I have no time for his bullshit in the morning. If he were fired I’d bet the incidents of road rage would drop 50% in the listening area.

  7. the union are more relevant than the sixers. I can’t believe people still waste their nights watching the NBA.

  8. People say Philly isn’t behind the Sixers are idiots WFC has been louder than it’s been in a while. To the Cataldis and the Eskins and their followers I say shut the hell up. Go back to not caring about the Sixers like the previous decade and jump on the bandwagon if the plan works. Seriously, how many times do we have to hear from these imbeciles that the plan might not work? Do you need to be told if you stop breathing you’d die? Also stop calling out Sam Hinkie, it’s like trying to start a fight knowing your friends are going to hold you back. Hinkie is not going to speak, which is a good sign seeing as most Philly media is toxic case and point these bozos. Here’s something, you know that guy, Scott O’ Neil? The one they pay millions of dollars to talk and be the face of the plan, who is on Twitter, and at almost every Sixers game? Talk shit to him it’s what he’s here for except he’ll actually respond and he knows a great bit about what’s going on and would own both of those guys. Why do we even care what this guy thinks he’s from fucking Boston.

  9. This is the same fool who said one of the reasons for signing his extension is that he wants to be on the air when the Eagles win a Super Bowl, and he thinks chip kelly can deliver it. Delusional doesn’t even begin to decribe him. Hey douche, if you want to be on the air when the Eagles win a super bowl you’ll have to sign a 70 year contract and also figure out a way to live to 130.

    1. Anybody? Someone respond. I need attention. I will start hitting refresh now. If nobody responds I will respond to myself and claim I am an imposter.

      1. Difference is Kelly comes on the air with him every week, while Hinkie smartly has nothing to do with that clown.

        Feel better now? Someone responded.

  10. Cataldi is the worst. Complete fraud. He is a smart guy(2 degrees) and is just in it for the money. Repeating and yelling garbage for hours a day does not make it true. He appeals to the lowest common denominator. Been ripping Stern off for 20 years. It’s funny when people knock Innes for being a Stern clone, but listen to Cataldi.

    Time to retire. Please?


    I CANT WAIT FOR WING BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Cataldi sold out years ago, and he and Eskin will both be 64 in the next couple of months. The Over The Hill Gang. He has a degree in journalism from Columbia (and I am not talking about the schlock School of Broadcasting). He prostituted himself out as a clown and pervert as he could not make enough money being an honest beat writer. He works at IP for the same reason Richard Petty would not race at Indy. “A man has to want money real bad to race (work) there.”

    1. I saw the “smokeshow” natalie 2 years ago at the phillies 5k run, she was taking pictures. She does not show well in the morning light, looked like a sewer rat. nice ass though

  13. “I’m not on board not because Hinkie is a genius or because the Sixers are guaranteed to be great in two years, because neither of those things can be said with certainty.”

    uhhh….what? Who edits this shit?

  14. Congrats Angelo, you have two degrees. Yet people will only remember you as loudmouth 3rd rate Skip Bayless.

  15. Haha Angelo is so transparent. His disdain for Hinkie is clearly all motivated by Sam’s lack of media availability. When chip kelly first got hired, Angelo was on his ass complaining about his lack of discussion of the depth chart, not revealing he hired Shumur as an assistant before the combine, etc. All of a sudden, Chip does a weekly call-in on his show and Angelo can’t stop tounging his balls.

    Actually that kind of reminds me of how Kyle stopped referring to Scott O’Neill as “Devils CEO” righ after he appeared on Kyle’s podcast and allows him and Jimbo to play grab ass with Mike Miss on the Wells Fargo center court.

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