BEAT WRITER WARS: Ryan Lawrence is Accusing Matt Lombardo of Plagiarism

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Similar stories often pop up in the world of beat writers. Right now, for example, the not-happening Jonathan Papelbon trade is the top Phillies story. So it makes sense that all the beats would have something to write about it. What doesn’t make sense, is why something that is based on fact looks to have been plagiarized.

Ryan Lawrence noticed that the third to last paragraph in his “Papelbon-to-Brewers looks dead” and the second to last paragraph in Matt Lombardo’s “Jonathan Papelbon trade rumors: Talks between Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers appear dead” look indistinguishable.

Ryan Lawrence, posted this morning at 3:01 AM:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.19.48 PM

Matt Lombardo, posted at 10:24 AM, updated at 7:11 PM:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.20.02 PM

In case you can’t see those pictures, here’s the text as originally written by Lawrence:

Papelbon has a limited no-trade clause – he’d have to approve a deal to 17 teams, including Milwaukee – and he has a burdensome contract, too. The 34-year-old is in line to make $13 million this season and has a vesting option for another $13 million in 2016 that kicks in if he finishes 48 games in 2015.

In that second screengrab (from Lombardo), which I just snapped, the word “clause” is missing. It was in Lawrence’s original screengrab.

It’s one thing if Lawrence and Lombardo both presented Papelbon’s contract details in a similar way, or if there was a blockquote citation (which we do all the time). In this case, Lombardo linked to Lawrence’s story [UPDATE: not when the post first went live] but copied the entire paragraph in a way that wasn’t obvious. That’s straight lifting. Lombardo hasn’t responded to the Tweets.

UPDATE: Matt Lombardo has since edited his post to feature the offending graf as a block quote:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.32.14 PM

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25 Responses

  1. It’s a terrible thing for Matt Lombardo to rip off an article by Ryan Lawrence, give it to and pass it off as his own. All he did was basically move a couple of sentences around and kept the same facts and common phrases together. I would assume that this would be grounds for the firing of Lombardo by If not, I don’t know what is.

  2. If you are going to rip someone off, at least rip off someone who does their job well. Lawrence is a fucking tool.

    1. NBC10. 6ABC
      Brittney Shipp. Cecily Tynan
      Sheena Parveen. Vs Melissa Magee

  3. The article by Matt Lombardo has now been completely edited/changed to give Ryan Lawrence credit. Unbelievable. The damage is already done. They should have pulled the plagiarized article immediately. Now they look more foolish changing it.

  4. I’m surprised Lombardo stops fellating the Eagles long enough to even plagiarize a story about the Phillies.

  5. Who the fuck is Matt Lombardo?

    I know Sam Lombardo, Matt Dillon’s character from “Wild Things.” That threesome with Denise Richards and Ne- who gives a shit. I jerked off to that scene so many times.

    Anyway what

    1. Matt Lombardo is a young up and coming Chip Kelly ass kisser,looking to overtake Howard Eskin as Chief Lapdog with lips firmly planted on the buttocks of one Chip Kelly.

      I was considering Sean Brace but none of the new breed of lapdogs can m olest a coaches rump like Matt Lombardo.

  6. This is so overblown….lombardo probably meant to credit him originally but didnt for some extraneous reason. Its a brief news item not ryan Lawrence’s graduate school dissertation for christ’s sake…lawrence is a dick for not contacting matt first as a peer before bitching out on twitter…what a fucking dick.

    1. Matt? Matt? What is he your butt buddy? He committed the unpardonable sin in reporting he passed off a piece written by another writer as his own now thats a douche.

  7. I wrote about Papelbon, too. There’s five facts that have to be squeezed into two or three sentences. You’re going to see repetition. Makes me wonder if I’m guilty as well?

    1. Did you put the facts in the same order and use the term “burdensome contact” too? He obviously copied and pasted the whole paragraph. Such a stupid comment. Josh innes would be proud of you.

  8. I hate that you have the name Reggie Dunlop (awesome) because you’re 100 percent wrong on Ryan. Great, great dude. He’s competent too. I don’t blame him for being livid.

  9. Lombardi is such a tool and his voice makes me want to off myself. Entire weekend crew at the Fanatic is god awful.

  10. I agree, Lombardo has the worst radio voice I’ve ever heard. I feel like I’m suffocating listening to him. Makes me change the dial

  11. I dont give a good god damn about another shitty beat writer soaking his tampon over a bunch of nonsense. Who the fuck reads these goddamn pricks anyway? Theyre nothing but a bunch of fatass dingleberries that suck on each others dicks.

  12. Sad to see this happen to Matt. I was in multiple classes with him at WCU and he’s a good dude. He genuinely loves sports in this town and is passionate about them. I can’t see him having a need to flagrantly plagiarize. I’m hoping it was a situation where he needed to cite his sources, was up against a deadline and simply forgot to cite/credit.

  13. Matt Lombardo has no need to rip off an article. Even if he were going to, he sure as hell wouldn’t be dumb enough to do it in this fashion. It was an honest mistake.

    Curious that Ryan Lawrence chose Twitter to call him out. Couldn’t have just called Lombardo or emailed? Seems like a pathetic attempt by Lawrence for attention. . Maybe his mother didn’t hug him enough when he was little.

    1. Or maybe lamebardo is just a douche. You think you know someone but do you really. Every article about Tebow is negative like Tebow did something to him. I know he can have his opinion but jesus christ the guy misses one throw and he repeats it over and over like he’s trying to convince everyone else he sucks when in fact lamebardo sucks. Low brow low class bum.

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