Bernard Hopkins is Planning One Final Match in 2015

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The seemingly ageless Bernard Hopkins turned 50 years old last week, and it got him thinking. Maybe, he thought, his 50th year is the one where he stops hitting people and getting hit by people. B-Hop was on Good Day Philadelphia this morning, where he announced his impending retirement:

“This year will be the year. I’m saying it on FOX; I didn’t say it on any other website, or any other information highway or media. This year will be the year, and I’m looking for one great one historic fight.

To be 50, and to be halfway into they say lifespan. This is something I want to do just because — 50, and any 50-year-old that somehow believes that they’ve been written off and they’re still breathing, you haven’t been written off. You’ve been written on.”

Does that last part make any sense? No. Am I ever going to say that to Hopkins’ face? Hell no. But Hopkins is, at least right now, planning on retiring from boxing this year. After he kicks one more ass, that is.


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  1. Ok?

    Doesn’t anyone actually give a fuck about boxing these days? This is a serious question. Because, it seems to me that people in the media only talk about boxing because they feel like they’re supposed to talk about it out of habit.

  2. He’s been getting punched in the head for the last 35 years, don’t expect him to form coherent sentences all the time. Now a blogger on the other hand……….. hmm?

  3. Is boxing still a sport? I think the last time I actually cared about Boxing was the late 90’s ( rented Holyfield/Tyson II and he bit his ear off), but its pretty sad how its not on the radar in the US, and only certain international countries love it. I grew up in the 80’s/90’s when a big Boxing match was an EVENT just like the Superbowl where the whole sports world stopped. Whether it was Tyson, or Hagler/Leonard/Hearns in the middleweight division, Boxing was king then. I wish I was older to see the 70’s with Ali/Foreman/Frazier/Norton, etc. Now it isn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar under the age of 25.

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