Best Score Update Ever!

For real, that’s great.

H/T to readers John and Dan

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25 Responses

  1. Today Rob Ellis called out Josh Innes, who made fun of him the previous night. Then Rob Charry called him fat.

    Andy Bloom sitting on his dick. Kyle posting screen shots. Rinse, wash, jerk off.

    1. The Josh Innes show where he talks everything but Philadelphia sports.

      And before you no-life Josh Innes fanboys come to his defense like you normally do(as if he gives a flying f uck about you losers),or Josh posts under fake names like he normally does,I must say his show brings zero substance to Philly sports talk radio,and there’s absolutely no way he takes over the afternoon slot for the simple fact that the hardcore sports fan wants to talk sports and n heat some shock jock wannabe talk little to no Philly sports.

        1. Josh wake me up when you can do a full show on how the Flyers Phillies and Sixers can improve their respective teams.

          The reason I left the Eagles out of the equation is because they’re talked about 24/7 on both stations but rarely do you ever delve into the other teams.

      1. To be fair, none of the shows really ever talk about sports the entire time. Which is pretty irritating. I wish that the assholes who run WIP would realize that no one gives a shit about: the hosts’ kids (especially “lil’ Clark, “lil” Ant, and Massimo), the last time Angelo tried to run out on a check or otherwise proved himself a cheap c0cksucker, Innes’ inferiority complex or the fact that “he’s not from here and has a different perspective duh duh duh,” what gangster movies Macnow thinks are the best, how great Rob and Ant think The Wire was, etc., etc., etc. People bitch and moan about how Innes doesn’t talk sports the entire show but they’re all guilty of it.

  2. Josh Innes strikes me as a really lame. Like what do you think hanging out with him is like? It’s probably really depressing! He’s so self important but real hasn’t “made it.”

    Also, why do we have sports talk people who aren’t really interested in Philly sports? Why are they here?

  3. I’m not sure why there’s so much hate in innes. I am 32 and haven’t laughed, cried, and smiled more on my commute then when listening to josh. You never get boaring. You get entertainment that is anything but predictable. Hate em all you want, I person look forward to tunning into his program any time of the day he’s on he has the skill set to work any time slot. Thanks josh and no disrespect to any of the other hosts but josh is the one I never change the dial on!!!!

    1. I agree with you 100%. I am about you’re age(28) and in my opinion Innes is the most entertaining guy at the station. The only people that seem to complain about Innes are angry old men that enjoy dry sports talk. Nobody under 25 enjoys Rob Ellis, he is boring as shit.

      1. I wish 97.5 and and 94.1 would go back to playing music so all of you loser children of mine will stop bitching and debating about these no talent hacks on the radio. Everyone just shut the hell up today about the fucktards on our airwaves, I’m nursing a hangover.

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