BREAKING: Chip Stays, Gets More Power

Photo credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles statement:

Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie today announced a new structural change for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Howie Roseman will be elevated to the role of Executive Vice President of Football Operations and will continue directing contract negotiations, salary cap management and NFL strategic matters, while overseeing the team’s medical staff, equipment staff and more.

Head coach Chip Kelly will now oversee the player personnel department. He will also lead efforts to hire a new personnel executive – a process that will begin immediately.

Soooooo, Chip takes Roseman’s job and gets to hire his buddy’s replacement. Those balls have never been bigger.

Roseman gets a greater title, but loses football control and sticks with what he’s good at.

Here’s Lurie’s full statement, courtesy of Reuben Frank, who just a few hours ago gave Chip a greater than 50% chance of leaving [UPDATE: full text from Eagles]:

“Today, we made an important announcement and one upon which I would like to offer further perspective.

“In the normal process of evaluating the end of the season, I meet with key executives for thorough discussions and evaluations of all aspects of football operations. During those lengthy meetings this week, we discussed a comprehensive approach on how to seamlessly integrate the personnel and coaching departments in order to maximize every facet of the process.

“Working with Chip (Kelly), Howie (Roseman) and Don (Smolenski) we came up with what we believe will be a more thorough and thoughtful model that would best be overseen by Chip. It’s most important that we find players that match what our coaches are seeking.

“This new approach goes even further than we have in the past starting with Day One of the scouting process. This is part of an all-encompassing vision that takes you from the scouting process all the way to on-field performance.

“Howie, Chip and Don are all united in their desire to win. Together, we decided this approach was the best course of action for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“You have heard me say many times that I want strong leaders who feel free to express their opinions.  And that is what happened here. Chip will now lead this process going forward with the continued full support of Howie, Don and myself.

“Chip will not be doing this work by himself, obviously. He has been charged with recruiting and hiring a new personnel executive that will report directly to him and together we will move forward with this new, highly integrated approach.

“When I said – after the Giants game – that Howie was returning as general manager next season, I meant that. But after carefully listening and reflecting on the lengthy discussions that I had with our senior team, I changed my mind.

“I have a very good relationship with Chip that continues to grow stronger and stronger. When we spoke, he was thoughtful, thorough and professional. There were no demands, no threats – quite the contrary – he was passionate, engaged and articulated a dynamic and clear vision on how this fully integrated approach will work.  We look forward to seeing it come to life over time.

“Let me also stress that Howie will continue to play a vital role in our operation. He has been elevated to the role of Executive Vice President of Football Operations and received a contract extension.”

“In closing, we have looked hard at where we are today and what we want to become. We are all united in our desire to win for this city.”


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93 Responses

    1. Andy! Good to see you back in the comment section brother. I’ve been holding it down and offering the Schreiber perspective as only we can. Ending a post with ‘Amiright’ is classic Schreiber. Welcome back little brother.

    2. yes. what happened to all the sports “reporters” who stated “my sources tell me Chip is leaving.” douche nozzles.

  1. Ha. Just delaying the inevitable. Kelly is gone afyer nxt season if not sooner. This team is a fucking mess.

    1. thank you!!! all o Chimp’s ; bait n switch, slight of hand, smoke n mirrors tricks might add up to 4 wins next season. Did it occur to anyone else that if the Chimp hadn’t RELEASED two veteran, proven receivers and gotten nothing in return, then he wouldnt have had to waste his FIRST ROUND pick on yet another UNDERSIZED WR!! A depleted O-line and porous, often deplorable defense should have been priorities. I mean, if Agholor were C.Johnson(det) or even J.Jones(atl), then you would almost HAVE to take him, as their impact on the team would be nearly immediate. But he is no Megatron. Rookie WRs rarely have SIGNIFICANT impacts, R. Moss being the all-time xception to that. Eagles needed to draft the kind of player/position s who can contribute almost immediately.

      As much as I dont want this , i truly feel that C. Kelly is doing damage to our birds that will ruin the franchise enough that they will not win the East, nor a playoff game, for SIX years, if not longer. I would say they’ll miss the post-season, but i,ve seen far too many bad teams ass their way into the playoffs, only to be sent home, one-and-done. How is it that no-one admits to themselves that without prior NFL experience, college coaches FAIL 100% of the time.{ The Jimmy Johnson anomaly is the exception that assures the rule) And since Herschel Walker wont be traded any time soon, Chip is no J.J.. Think about it: Spurrier, Erickson, Petrino, Saban, Davis, Kiffin, etc., etc. & Chip is gonna be the one who busts up the mold ? I find it hard to swallow. He’s already lost a HOME playoff game, which will prolly be the last one he coaches in. Maybe if he’d at least won 1 Rose Bowl.

    1. while i’d hate to see shady go..if it somehow gets me Maxwell, McCourty and Fitzgerald along with linebacker depth……seeya!

  2. one year from today Crossing Broad will be announcing the resignation of Chip Kelly after the Eagles go 8-8 . Mark it down. It will be right after some bullshit article about the Toronto Maple Leafs trying to get out from under Mike Richards’ ridiculous contract.

  3. Moesher, frank, mclane & bowen just a few of the absolute moron lazy beat reporters who have created panic the past 2 days by totally fabricating a “power struggle” within the eagles. Someone needs to expose these complete hacks. We better see a post from kyle showing all their tweets and quotes from informed sources that were total bullshit. Like that creep reuben frank tweeting that his guess was chip was leaving. Frigging dopes.

    1. There was a power struggle dipshit, that’s why all of this just happened. Chip won, Howie lost.

      1. Exactly what was the power struggle? Kelly and Roseman both essentially go promoted. Kelly gets more power. Roseman gets to do less and still gets an extension. Tough day at the office for those guys

        1. Power struggle was obvious no? Chip felt he lost personnel power after gamble was canned. He was likely furious over that and asked out of the contract. There was no way he was going to cede personnel decisions to a guy like Roseman. Lurie made a mistake, and admitted it by saying he changed his mind. He knew Kelly would leave and it would be a pr nightmare. In the end, Kelly gets more power and Roseman much less. Hence the power struggle. Pretty obvious, CM.

          1. Nothing was said by Gamble, Chip, or anyone in the Eagles organization. It was all media fueled speculation. Dont be a media lap dog TR. The media has their own agenda. Just look at all the nonsense that was thrown around around Chip leaving, being traded, Oregon friends saying hes mad. At no time did Chip say he wanted to leave.

  4. Hope your happy with Marcus Smith, you are going to end up with a lot more of them. Howie should know better, you don’t fuck with Mother Nature.

  5. Fire his ass. Should’ve fired him the second Harbaugh came available. Now it’s too late.

  6. That’s all this is. Chip will still be gone after next season when he realizes Foles isn’t the answer. Eagles are going to win a ton of games with a very easy schedule. When they get to the playoffs the QB deficiency shows up unfortunately the team will be drafting near the bottom so the problem isn’t going away.

  7. “Forget Chip Kelly we need a coach like Pete Carroll”

    It took Pete Carroll SEVEN seasons in the NFL to have two 10 win seasons.
    It took Chip TWO.

    1. Eagles play in a weak conference, an even weaker division, and have had the benefit of an easy schedule two seasons in a row. Kelly’s numbers aren’t as good as they suggest.

      1. Yeah as opposed to Pete Carroll who had really tough NFC West competition in his first three years on the job in Seattle. I mean they had to get 7 whole wins for the title in 2010. And the Rams and Cardinals sure were powerhouse teams that definitely finished over .500 any season between 2010-2012.

        Kelly may be overrated but let’s not act like the same conditions you’re applying to him also disn’t also apply to Carroll.

        1. I mean come on. We’re talking about a coach who absolutely refuses to run a sneak at the goal line because he “tried it once last year and it didn’t work.” A coach who took three-quarters of a season to figure out that Polk was the go-to-guy when you need a short gain on third down. A coach who forces his defense to play the equivalent of 32 games every season. A coach who refuses to adapt his game plan when GO FAST ain’t working. A coach who released his best receiver without doing anything to make up for his lost production. Kelly is a chump.

          1. Never mind. Macklin made up the production. Not a real fan. I forgot he didn’t play in 2013 and in 2014 he surpassed Jackson’s ‘production’.

    2. Pete Carroll has won a super bowl. Has Chip Kelly? Did he even win a college championship? Have the Eagles ever won a super bowl?

  8. The Eagles front office cut Brian Dawkins, decided Todd Pinkston was a #1 WR, and then cut Terelle Owens because they didn’t want to pay him.

    Yet we sit here and blame Chip. It’s been a problem for years. Don’t know why anyone would want to coach here

    1. Howie Roseman/Chip Kelly wasn’t the one that did any of those thing? So what, exactly, is your point?

  9. Almost 100%, this is a total desperation move on the part of Lurie. He and his little boychik Howie fucked up the other day firing Tom Gamble. Chip went ballistic, threatened to walk, and they decided last-minute that there were now actually going to be negative consequences to their ass-hat maneuver.
    These 2 turds have shown their hand. Little chance Chip Kelly stays here long term. Why would anyone with a good football reputation want to be a part of this bullshit? And zero chance this team wins a Super Bowl while butt-plug Lurie and his lackey stay around. Who the fuck of any caliber would want to work for these 2 jagoffs.

    1. Exactly. They wanted to get rid of Vick and then balked when Kelly demanded Vick stays if they wanted him to take the head coaching job…and we saw how that panned out.

      Kelly wanted Vick over Foles, thought Riley Cooper was an elite WR and drafted Marcus Smith….8-8 if they are lucky next season.

      1. Oops, you’re right. Howie Roseman, the football genius with that great pedigree for the game, has more credibility than Chip Kelly. Nowhere did I say Chip is infallible, but if you’re implying the eagles are better off without Kelly and better off with Roseman, you’ve got shit for brains.

        1. Roseman’s 2012 draft was way better than the Kelly drafts. Kelly came here because he was big on Vick…that worked out, right?

          Kelly extended Riley Cooper. Another great move.

          Just because WIP Nd Kyle Scott blow a guy, it doesn’t make him great.

      2. My god you’re a fucking idiot. Just trainwreck comments from you all up and down this thread.

        Not to mention the comment you replied to here defends Chip Kelly, yet you’re consumed with your own supremely idiotic agenda that you don’t even realize this. Do us all a favor and go jump in front of a septa bus or something.

    2. News flash: our “football guy” fucking sucks at picking other football guys.

      They’ve drafted 3 players in 2 years who could either start for a playoff team or be on the 45 of a Superbowl team. Maybe 4 if you count Beau Allen.

      Lurie and Howie are reeling Howie back because you can’t possibly fire Kelly in this town right now, so the only thing to do is give Kelly total control so the public knows who to blame when it comes time for firing after 8-8 next year. If he happens to learn something and succeed, great. If he fails (he will), Lurie gets to keep his paisan and start over.

    3. If Chip really has all the personnel power, they will trade very draft pick to Tampa to get Mariota. If they stay at 20, then this is all bullshit. There is no way, no way, head killer gives power to non-killer. Same bullshit with these fuckers…Chip back to college ASAP.

      Fuck these guys.

  10. This is why i hate beat writers. They all try to be the first to report something whether its true or not. They throw out these wild accusations from their bullshit “sources”. Then they complain that no one talks to them to address a story that they themselves dont even know the truth to.

  11. This is finally what we’ve been waiting for!! Next year is the year baby!!!!



    1. I said “baby”. When I read my posts I feel like such a puss. What a life I have. Seriously, think about it. I spend countless hours posting puss thoughts on blogs of teams I don’t like. There I was on Friday night doing it again…..and I call others “losers”. Baby! What is wrong with me. Nice life. I am Lehm.

      1. And yet I still manage to get under your pimply skin. Shouldn’t you be focused on more important things like the Eagles playoff game this weekend? oh, wait..

        Also, I was imitating Eagles fans when I said “baby”. I know this is hard to follow but try to keep up

        1. Why am I still hitting refresh? I will post to myself again. Go Steelers!

          What a life I have. Unemployable and spend countless hours posting on blogs of teams I don’t like. Sometimes I pretend to be a federal agent.

  12. Wait until my show tomorrow morning with Ray Didinger when we discuss this and I can talk down to Ray and talk over him and lift my leg on his opinions. All the while I’ll be acting like I’m glassy-eyed impressed with his Hall of Fame Credentials and fawn over his next Eagles Encyclopedia book signing at some butt-fuck bookstore in West Chester.

    I’m a Communist, fatheaded phony who should be sitting in a movie theatre with the bottom cut out of the popcorn box, jerking off over some half-assed movie about some jagoff that just missed the Olympics in 1924 due to prejudice in those times against my religion/race/or large pimple on my ass.

    None of this has anything to do with Chip Kelly, which is like all of my shows. Pointless.

    1. I spewed garbage all day today defending Howie cause he’s part of the tribe. I got fired from WIP because I’m a passive aggressive prick. I set a guy straight today, as he confessed to calling WIP twice in one week. Who the hell does he think he is. I told him one call per week.

    2. Tell us how you really feel, Cuz!

      Do you still get those Primos $ or was that tied to the WIP contract?

  13. WOW… The comments on here makes my head hurt. Pointless & no real substance. A
    Have you guys stopped drinking since New Years? Chip is not going anywhere for at least 3-5 years now he has the power. Gamble should not have had to go but he probably talked a bunch of shit to Dweeb Howie who’s like Luries son so now Chip still gets what he wanted all along. Hopefully they will cxl the Howie show where he blows sunshine

  14. Kudos to Tim McManus who was the only one who got this right. Would love a rundown from Kyle on all the wrong opinions and insight to this story.

    So after 3 days of the Howie Roseman Powerplay, just the opposite has happened. And from the sound of Lurie’s explanation, not the official announcement, letting Gamble go was discussed and signed off on by Chip, which explains the praise Chip gave Gamble on Monday. Give him an endorsement on the way out knowing he’ll be looking for a job.

  15. So in other words, if you listened to Sal Pal, he was 100% correct in that the Eagles will promote Chip Kelly as was done in the Andy Reid era, give him total control and Howie specified roles, and all of this will go away. Glad you bashed Sal even though he was the only reporter, even if speculative, stated exactly what would be done and needed to be done.

  16. Come on now Eagles fans. Have a few drinks, smoke some weed, get laid (many of you apparently for the first time). Whatever it takes, just calm down. You aren’t going anywhere, with or without Chip Kelly.

        1. You can tell I am a Cowboy fan. I spent all Friday night posting, yet was telling all of you that you need to get laid. Indeed attention, so I root for the Cowboys. Negative attention is an improvement over my sorry ass life.

  17. So much pessimism! All the Eagles have done since Chip Kelly arrived here is solidified themselves as a winning organization for years to come, who every player in the NFL wants to suit up for. Commenters are slamming the front office for their personnel decisions and the past two drafts! (Steve Mason Elite!). When in reality they have added valuable assets on both sides of the football while getting rid of all the garbage that littered the roster during the 4-12 run. Johnson, Logan, Ertz, Wolff, Matthews, Allen have all been big contributors. Anybody with sense knows that grading a pass rusher like Marcus Smith on his rookie season is nearly impossible. The massive mistake? (Riley Cooper), take a look at the contact and you would see that they can cut his racist ass with little negative impact. We used to sit through Andy Reid and his version of the dated West Coast offense. Now the birds have the most exciting offense in football and one of the most progressive coaches in the NFL and the trolls can do nothing but complain. Do us a favor and become a Jets fan if you want to bitch about nonsense. I’m sure you will be the first to get on your knees when Chip leads the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

    Go Eagles!

    1. This is a fucking joke, right?

      All the Eagles have done in the past two years is beat on really bad teams Nd the get beat or get their asses kicked by good or great teams.

      They have bo QB. Their defense sucks. Their offensive libe is aging and their asshole RB is a year short of falling apart completely.

      Stop drinking the WIP Kool Aid

    2. I’d love for you to elaborate more on the “big contributions” Earl Wolff has made for this team.

      1. Experimental treatments by the training staff? Leaving more smoothies for the other guys?

  18. Good evening Patriots, I mean, EAGLE nation. Yes indeed, I bleed blue, err, sorry, GREEN just like the rest of you’s (you see, I just butchered perfectly good English like a true Philly slob to show I’m a regular guy!). That’s right, Eagle Green! Not that awful Kelly Green that oh so repulsed my skank of an ex-wife. I’m very proud I flushed 70 years of tradition in this city down the toilet to make that facelift pig happy!
    Anyway, big news- we will be keeping my dear, trusted friend HOWIE onboard with a BIG promotion. In fact, after he polishes off my butt plug, his first job will be determining how much of YOUR salary he can fuck you out of with concessions, t-shirts (recycled of course), and all other meaningless shit that will line my money-grubbing pockets.
    Make no mistake New Englanders (FUCK!), I meant Philadelphians. We are the GOLD standard. And by standard, I mean it is MY standard operating procedure to continue leading you dumb fucks down a dead end road and providing you half-hearted meaningless platitudes about winning a Super Bowl that you will desperately hang your fate on. But really, it’s ultimately about sucking as much blood out of you as possible to build up my gold reserves. Go Eagles!
    And PS- that fat Irish goyim prick Chip Kelly will be staying on a king of all football to please you slobs.
    P.P.s- did I mention they my little bubbie Howie got a much-deserved promotion.?

    1. Come on! I put a lot of thought into that and really wanted some attention. Would someone please respond? I am tired of hitting refresh. My life is great.

  19. Yo, yo ,yo!!! Hey Eagles fans! I just got my butt lifted last week with an extra large asshole implanted. You can all climb into my spacious rear end bandwagon or simply kneel on the outside of my tighty-whities and bask in the remaining essence of the burritos that I had for lunch yesterday. That’s the odor of the playoffs, you inebriated sequin wearing, banjo-strumming, high stepping to get out of the way of your own vomit, fools. Happy playoffs!!!

  20. The strength of the Eagles offensive line is their offensive line, which is among the best in football. The oldest player on that line is Pro Bowler Evan Mathis (33) and Pro Bowler Jason Peters (32). Older, but not exactly over the hill. The offensive line is probably the last thing i would point out if i was making an argument for the Eagles sucking. Yes, their defense is suspect, but made a drastic improvement from inept in 2013 to league average in 2014. With a nice core of young guys up front the Eagles are in great position to add impact players at linebacker and in the secondary through the draft and in free agency in the off season. Their “asshole” running back is only in discussion as their best running back of all time while playing arguably the easiest position to replace in the league. Go ahead if you are that ready to run him out of town. Genius fans turned analysts like Steve Mason love pointing out the obvious; Like that the Eagles QB situation is not perfect (25 other teams seem to have the same problem) and again pessimistically vomiting his views on message boards while somehow shortening 3 word conjunctions into “nd”. The Eagles are still recovering from the Andy Reid/Joe Banner drafts of 2010 and 2011 which produced almost no impact players of note. Do us all a favor and pay the troll toll because fans like you have very little to add to the discussion. The Eagles are headed in the right direction. Steve Mason is on the team with no future.

  21. You know I will be one of the first calls tomorrow speaking to the King in Atlantic City. I actually started call now 2 1/2 hours ahead of time. Got a busy day tomorrow because I have three more talk show hosts to call. I’m the second most intelligent caller on the radio behind Arthur.

  22. Do ya think Chip will trade me a second round draft pick?

    I really, really like second round draft picks…….

  23. Here is the reality. Lurie has been here 21 seasons, and has demonstrated that he is a carpetbagger. To Lurie, money supersedes winning Super Bowls, and he knows he has a hard core 2 million plus sycophants that will drink his Kool Aid all day, buy tickets, Eagle’s gear and other merchandise, keeping Jeffrey rich. Lurie knows he can continue to spew this B.S. as Eagle fans are like crack addicts – they need their fix every day. Its is sad for the Bowl-starved Eagle’s fans that eat, drink and breath Eagles every hour of every day while fans in cities that have won Super Bowls could care less about their teams. Bottom line, the Eagles will not win a Super Bowl with this failed movie producer running the team and who got Auntie Gotrocks to buy a team for him more than two decades ago.

    1. I am one of those sycophants(great spelling of that word) who drink the Kool-Aid and will continue to watch no matter what. I work hard, support a family and enjoy watching NFL football in particular the team I was raised to watch and cheer for because I am from this area.
      I agree with most of your post, but just wanted to chime in and say I drink green Kool-Aid. So what.

  24. Glad I said I was still buying tickets for next year. Never stop believing. Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory….

    10-6 again next year wild card berth, first round loss is inevitable.

  25. Sorry just posting now, I was actually out last night with a WOMAN. I know I should be better, trolling on a laptop from my parents basement while I wait for adult movies to load and buffer. The head office isn’t what runs coaches out of town or makes them Leary of coming here. It’s you bandwagon fans who call up the radio stations blowing chip and shady a year ago, and then now call ranting about how useless they are. Support your team, and if they lose build a bridge and get over it. Losers.

  26. I am going to trade this years drat and next years drat for super Mario. Don’t listen to all these smacked asses on this blog. They don’t kno the difference between a wet fart and a sneeze.
    Thank you
    Touchdown. First down get down

  27. A reporter has to ask Jeffrey if Chip was responsible for the last crappy draft. If so, why reward him for this failure?

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