Comcast Spectacor is Planning to Overhaul the Wells Fargo Center, Sometime

The Wells Fargo Center is getting a little old. The Flyers have been playing there longer than the Braves have been playing at Turner Field, and the Braves are outta there. The venue itself isn’t remarkable. It’s a bit bland, the concourse is nothing to write home about, and you can sometimes feel like you’ve got the Comcast logo tattooed on the inside of your eyelids. But other than that? Sure, not bad. [Editor’s note: Jim didn’t go far enough– it’s a fucking soulless phone book with some halfway decent foodstuffs.]

Nevertheless, updates are coming. Kind of. As reported by Frank Seravalli in the Daily News over the holidays, at least one of them is coming tomorrow: Wi-Fi. But that’s not all. In talking about the state of the Flyers’ (and Comcast-Spectacor’s) front office since the departure of Peter Luukko, Seravalli gave some brief details of other upgrades on the way:

  • January 6 – “the Wells Fargo Center is expected to unveil a speedy, arena-wide WiFi system to enhance communication and in-game interaction for fans.”
  • 2016-ish sometime – “a total refresh of the suite and club levels.”
  • 2016-ish, sometime later – “a significant update to both the upper and lower concourses.”

It’s not like the WFC (formerly the CSC, FUC, WC, and anything else you want to throw at it) has never been updated or touched. In 2006 — the building’s 10th year — they hung a new scoreboard and those LED lights that encircle the arena and change its color when a Chickie’s and Pete’s ad is displayed on them. HD TVs were added. They probably mopped some floors. But this is going to be a bigger deal. Seravalli describes the plan as a “multimillion-dollar modernization” of the arena, which would likely give a complete facelift to most of the areas your typical fan is likely to be. Add to that plan a Sixers mascot, and you’ve got the complete Flyers/Sixers gameday package. Some wins would be nice too, but that’s secondary.

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47 Responses

  1. They should remove all the restrooms so the Flyers and Sixers fans can piss on each other because they deserve it.

  2. And they tore me down for this piece of shit building! Didn’t you like that your shoes stuck to floor when you walk the concourse or you could smoke your weed on the 3rd level of an AC/DC concert? Ahh…the good old days!

    1. I’ve seen weed smoked on the 3rd level of the WFC during “the wall” and a cold play concert. God damned kids! Why can’t they just drink and drive like we did when we were young???

  3. Say hello to ticket price raises. The building isn’t making money as it is… how do you think they are going to pay for this shit? and where is the “philly live” experience we were promised 7 years ago?

  4. “and where is the “philly live” experience we were promised 7 years ago?”

    It was replaced with the “philly lose” experience mandated by Sam Hinkie and Ron Hextall.

  5. They need to improve the armrests. They’re falling off the seats all over the building. However, if you think the WFC is a soulless piece of crap take a visit to the Verizon Center in DC. That place feels like a dungeon. And plan on waiting in line for an hour for food only to be told they ran out when you get to the counter.

  6. sinks don’t work on the first floor, maybe some soap in every other dispenser, towels? Hell No, wipe your hands with your jeans. I’ll give you your Thomas Tar Tar Suace……Excellent. Smithers raise the ticket prices, these robots will still come back!

  7. Not that buttfuck Jim would add context to this, but the updates to the WFC are standard for the industry.

    MSG….Barclay’s…..Staples….if you want to compete with the top arenas in the top cities, you need to make your house as fancy and shiny as possible. Philadelphia wants a convention in 2016, right? Philadelphia wants more events like the Frozen Four and the NCAA tournament or Women’s Final Four, right? Philadelphia wants other shit that I’m too lazy to list, right?

    Well, this is what you gotta do. Sean Brace is a cancer.

  8. “They probably mopped some floors.” They did? With what?….. the mops and water from the last year of the Spectrum. They need to mop some management out of both organizations to start…

  9. The “We Fuck Customers” Center is just like most 90-esque arena’s. Very bland, no character to it, over-priced, and overrated.

  10. Hello, citizens. I love the Spectrum. One of my all-time highlights was getting tea-bagged in Mr Snider’s club box by Coatsie during a Supertramp tribute show in ’83

  11. It hasn’t aged well. The 3D court display, lighting and Jumbotron are good but the concourses and amenities are nothing special. Acoustically MSG blows the WFC away when it comes to a concert venue. I couldn’t believe how good the sound was when I went to MSG for the Eagles concert.

  12. Anyone who thinks WFC is bad needs to have their head examined! I live and work in Hershey, PA and go to Giant Center for Hershey Bears games and it’s nothing compared to WFC. I love going to WFC when I visit Philly. It’s so great to be in a REAL arena, not a wanna be like Giant Center that we are stuck with here in Hershey. I can’t wit to visit Philly and see a renovated WFC.

  13. I went to a Flyers game a few years ago. I drove in Pittsburgh to cheers on my 2016 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS PITTSBURGH PENGUINS WOO HOO,ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE BURGH! When I came out after the game ,some stole my 2012 Toyota Camry which was fully loaded, but I did leaving the keys in the car in plain sight and the door open. It was found in Camden, NJ totally stripped. Nothing was left but the frame. But again,I’m not the Brightest Bulb On the Circut.

  14. Flyers last Stanley Cup,1975. Penguins ,4 Stanley Cup since then. When it comes to sports, Pittsburgh rules! Read it and weep Philadelphia.

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  18. Patrick,

    I think where Kathleen Kane is going that she will have “girlfriends ” slurping on her and her doing some slurping on them. Sorry dude, no fantasy come true for you.

  19. Wow, I thought this was supposed to be about the Wells Fargo Renovations but by reading the last few comments it’s sounds like it is Penthouse Forum.

  20. Governor Christie is visiting Governor Wolf in Harrisburg one day back in the spring. They’re both walking down the hall of the capital when Kathleen Kane comes by walking the over way. They all exchange hellos and continue walking their separate ways when Governor Christie says to Governor Wolf ” Yo Tom, I’d love to hit that” Governor Wolf says ” Sorry Chris, first you’re too fat for her and second pretty soon where she’lledo be going she is going to have girlfriends in her sack in the cell” HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. When I drove in from Pittsburgh to see my 2016 Stanley Cup Champions take on the Flyers ( yes the game where my fully loaded 2012 Camry was stolen ) at the Wells Fargo Center, I went to the concession stand and the woman behind the counter was flirting with big time. I ordered the batch of fish sticks which I love and we were talking and she told that they were Mrs Paul’s Fish Sticks which I love even more. She actually gave a double order for the price of one which was nice of her since she liked me and gave a big container of tarter sauce. Went back to my site and ate all of the fish sticks and tarter sauce. Talk about MMM MMM GOOD!

  22. Just to let all of you know I was in the Wendy’s on Chestnut St near 15th and over a half hour ago I let a really loud smelly phart rip inside and everyone looked over at me. I was so embarrassed I just slipped right out of there. I think I smelled the place with my stinky gases.

  23. Charlie Brown,

    Yes , my husband and I do read Penthouse Forum. We love the hot erotica stories . Also my husband and I are swingers so I just leave it at that.

  24. I was watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and he had Michael Strahan on and they were playing the game “Drinko” and Jimmy and Michael both had to drink prune juice, jalapeño sauce and Scope mixed together in big glasses. After they drank it, I thought that both of them will be sitting on the toilet most of the day today. With the jalapeño sauce, that with definitely burn and aggravate the hemorrhoids.

  25. Me and my buddies were at the Fern Rock Transportation Center on the Broad St Subway platform the night the Eagles retired McNabb’s number 5 and McNabb was so loud and yelling in to the microphone that we heard him all the way up in Fern Rock! I heard he was drunk that night.

  26. Hi Philadelphia fans. First let me congratulate all of on the Eagles Super Bowl win. Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, we are not your biggest fans but we hate Tom Brady and the Patriots , so we,are glad you won. Maybe one year we will have that Pittsburgh Philadelphia Super Bowl match up. Ok now this. As you know, I’m the Penguins Fan who had my 2012 Camry stolen from the the Wells Fargo Center lot when I came in to see my Penguins play the Flyers and the woman at the concession stand gave a double order of Mrs Paul’s Fish sticks for the price of one and extra tarter sauce. Anyway on Monday my good buddy Clinton had to get a Amtrak train to Philly and he had to take this 55 gallon barrel of Claussen Pickles on board the train. We arrived at the station in downtown Pittsburgh and wheeled out to the train. Since it’s a low level platform we had to lift it up on to the Amfleet coach car and he was pulling it up and I was pushing up. We’ll little Ole me naturally lost grip and it fell and the Pickles and juice were all over the platform. I just stood there embarrassed and apologized and Clinton was very forgiving. Again, as I said before, I’m not the brightest bulb on the circut.

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  28. Tommy,

    Rumor has that Sean Payton has been sleeping with Gayle Benson since 2009 to keep his job as Head Coach. So I don’t think you have even a remote shot to date her much less marry her.

  29. The Rams should not be in Super Bowl 53! That was a missed defense pass interference call. The Saints should have won. It was our Year again and we got screwed again as last year. If it wasn’t for the so called Minneapolis Miracle last year, where a holding call by the Vikings was missed, the Saints would’ve beat the Eagles in Philadelphia last year and then beat the Patriots and we would’ve beat the Patriots again this year.! The Saints were screwed two years in a row! I want something done about it now!!!!!

  30. Hey Tommy,

    I hope you don’t toot toot on elevators and crowded buses and trains. Everyone will be gasping from your smelly wretched gases.

  31. They should remove all the restrooms from TD GARDEN North in Boston so the Celtics and Bruins fans can pass on each other and deserve it.

  32. I just had a real serious thought. I eat all organic foods, so when I poop, does that mean my poop is all organic?

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