Crossing Streams (Episode 31): Special Guest Jim Ross

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Jim and I are joined by longtime CB contributor and wrestling nut Ryan Gillon, who set up an interview with wrestling broadcasting legend and former WWE announcer Jim Ross. We spent about 40 minutes talking with Good ‘Ol J.R. about what he’s been up to lately, the current state of announcing (in both wrestling and football), old school vs. new school wrestling, general reminiscery, how Philly fans let him know he would be welcomed back into broadcasting with Bell’s Palsy during WrestleMania XV, and his one-man show, Ringside with Jim Ross, which is coming to Philly and South Jersey next Friday and Sunday before Royal Rumble.

After that, we talk Eagles front office drama, the terrible reporting that kicked off the new year, RADIO WARS, and the worst idea in sports history.


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Show notes:

Ringside with Jim Ross. Friday, January 23 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey at 7 p.m., and Sunday, January 23 at the Trocadero at 3 p.m. Get tickets here. VIP packages for a meet and greet with J.R. are available.

J.R. returns to call Stone Cold vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 15 in Philly.

J.R.’s greatest calls dubbed over video games.

Jon Morosi’s nonsense.


Liberty Broadcast


Tony talks about his Cowboys prediction gone wrong on his latest show. Listen at


The guys had their biggest show ever last week discussing the Eagles’ front office changes. This week? The draft. Listen at


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And, of course, new episodes from newly added shows Shander Show with Eytan Shander, Inside The Eagles with Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor, and Sixers Beat with Derek Bodner. Listen at And you won’t believe whom we’re adding in the coming weeks.

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9 Responses

  1. Wrestling is for men who enjoy watching up oiled up muscle bound men roll on a mat and rub each other all over in a homoerotic way. And myself, of course.

  2. Who gives a shit about wrestling? Are the sports in our town that bad that our most “popular” sports website is posting this garbage? Can’t you just do another post about that fatass Innes again? At least that makes for an entertaining comment section.

    1. Uhm, wrestling is about as popular in this area as the Eagles are. Not your dumbass fault you can’t recognize it.

  3. What’s the deal with Kyle throwing subtle shade at Spike Eskin any chance he gets? The trolls are going to come out and crucify me for mentioning anything even remotely positive about Spike, but I’ve become a huge fan of his podcasts over the past couple years (not to mention his fill in spots on WIP aways back. Dude’s a natural behind the mic, accept it.) He’s an enormous breath of fresh air and I always appreciate his reasonable/humorous take on most topics. And hearing him berate his shitbag father on the air is fucking radio gold. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the complete antithesis of the guy.

    Also, Spike’s Sixers podcast seems like a match made in heaven for Liberty Broadcast. Yet Kyle (who is admittedly also great in the podcast form) continues to make these type of comments, probably jeopardizing any chance of that happening. Maybe I’m reading too much into this and the two are on great terms, but it feels like there’s bad air between them. I see this becoming increasingly awkward as Spike Eskin works a lot with the Liberty Ballers guys (who just launched a show on Kyle’s new podcast hub.)

    This comment isn’t all negative, love the RADIO WARS stuff on the pod. Keep it coming guys.

  4. Anyway, wresting is the real thing – the stuff they do in college and in the Olympics. Foxcatcher, etc. We used to call the stuff that you’re talking about “wrasslin”.

    I haven’t watched wrasslin since I was about 12. Watching it as an adult is not normal behavior. Talking about it and writing about it like Spike and Petzar is just creepy.

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