DeSean Jaccson Judged the Miss Universe Pageant

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Beauty pageants are weird. Women who are in a contest to be the best-looking are asked to solve world hunger in 30 seconds right after they model a bikini. It’s just odd. Sexy, but odd. And last night’s Miss Universe pageant was no less odd, because it was judged by DeSean Jaccson.

Joining an illustrious expert judging panel which included Giancarlo Stanton, Kristin Cavallari and Rob Dyrdek, DeSean was tasked with helping find the one woman who could officially represent us as the spokesperson for the Universe should we ever encounter beings from another dimension (Neutrinos?!?). They chose Miss Colombia. Manny Pacquiao asked Miss USA about terrorism. All weird, but still better than the Pro Bowl.

[Editor’s note: Alternate version of this post: Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy got dat fine CO Luuum Beyon ass on lock str8 representn dis one verse !!]
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8 Responses

  1. Whoa Jim…”Jaccson” is for Kyle’s use only….just like “RADIO WARS.”

    Easy there big fella…no need to create needless office tension by stealing a co-worker’s intellectual property. (The word “intellectual” used very loosely there, by the way…)

  2. That is a weird collection of judges.
    Get off DeSean’s dick. You are obsessed with the man. Kyle and Jim.
    Borderline racist impressions.
    Miss Colombia is a fine piece of gash.

    1. How is it racist if that’s the way Jackson talks and writes on instagram? I mean, I get what you’re saying about the stereotypical “black voice” but they’re not making fun of some generic racist character full of stereotypes, they’re specifically making fun of Desean and that’s the way he writes on intsagram and other sites.

      That being said, the gag is way old and they should drop it. Its just not funny anymore.

      1. Yes, it is old and tired. Who really gives a fuck anymore what this little pussy ass n igga does? Only n iggas could think it’s cool to talk like you’re really stupid!!!

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