Former Penguin says You Don’t Want to Bring Your Kids to the Wells Fargo Center

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Our reaction exactly, Wayne. Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks Orpik spent the first eleven seasons of his career in a Penguins uniform, so he knows what it’s like to be treated like the enemy at the Wells Fargo Center. He plays for the Capitals now, and in the lead up to the Caps’ first game at the WFC this season, he shared some words about what playing on the hostile Wells Fargo ice is like:

“It’s probably not a building you want to bring your kids to, that’s for sure. You’ll learn some new language, especially with the way the benches are set up, they’re kind of open to the crowd.

It can be entertaining, too. Sometimes they get pretty creative with the signs and I’ve seen them go a little overboard, too. It’s always a real fun building as long as you don’t get behind early. If you get behind early it can be a pretty tough building to play in.”

Okay Brooks. First of all, it’s probably some (well taught) kids yelling some of that stuff at you to begin with. And secondly, isn’t “new language” just a sign of the fans’ creativity? They’re artists. Then again, where you bring your kids is entirely up to you. And some people wouldn’t bring their kids to tonight’s Capitals/Flyers game for a different reason:

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    1. It’s always a real fun building as long as you don’t get behind early. If you get behind early it can be a pretty tough building to play in.

      Too bad the same can’t be said about Console Energy, behind or ahead the Flyers always end up just wining in front of an apathetic crowd

    2. I’m sure you had no problem with the signs Penguins fans made about Pronger or Briere’s wife in the 2012 playoffs

  1. For $81 for a seat in the last row?

    Damn right I’m not bringing my kid to a Flyers game.

  2. Yeah, complete agree. I wouldn’t want my kids learning bad words from all of those rich white people!

  3. Dodgers vs Giants either stadium
    Dodgers vs Angels either stadium
    49ers vs Raiders either stadium
    Raiders vs Chargers either stadium

    Brooks Orpik wants to see danger,let that mangina take his kids to above mentioned games and see real danger when latino gangs and bloods and crips are throwing down not only in the stands,but in the parking lot as well.

  4. “I’M HAVING A STROKE”… 97.5 keeps the most annoying commercials going and going!

      1. Had to take a break from the awful sports radio in this town a few weeks ago. After discovering SVP and Russillo 97.5&94.1 are mostly unlistenable.

        1. I don’t know about you guys but I love hearing these snorefests known as sports talk radio hosts talk nonstop Marcus Mariota to the Eagles for 3 1st and 2nd rd picks and either Fletcher Cox or Mychal Kendricks.

          Oh and did I mention how doubly excited I am when they switch it up abd and talk endless hours of Chip Kelly vs Howie Roseman.

          Now that’s what I call exciting Philly sports talk radio.

          1. So what should they be discussing? The putrid state of the rest of our sports teams? The upcoming playoff games that no one in this city cares about?

  5. I take it as a warm compliment actually. He sounds like he actually likes us.

    I do bring my kid to Flyers games. He learned new words every time. I remember his first game with a hat trick like it was yesterday…..

  6. Pittsburgh, one of the only places left where it’s it’s legal to have sex with farm animals. True story!

  7. Why do you CB folks get so butt-hurt every time some nobody player, reporter, blogger or fake-celebrity says something remotely negative about Philly fans?

    Get over it and put your big-boy pants on already.

    The only thing worse than these dweebs making the tired old Philly fan comments is the Philly fans who complain about them.

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