Geoff Mosher Skewers Howie Roseman

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over at CSN, Geoff Mosher tried to make a little sense of the Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman shakeup, and he describes Roseman as more of a paranoid weirdo than we ever thought:

Scouting isn’t an exact science. Even great franchises like the Patriots, Steelers and Packers have made plenty of bad first-round picks and bust free-agent signings, but sources said Roseman was so driven by fear of failure that he didn’t stick to the process and quickly turned on his staff when problems arose.

Roseman was also distrustful of his staff, fearing that underlings would try to climb the ladder and snatch away his job the same way he did as he worked his way up the chain for 16 years.

His paranoia either drove other talented executives away or landed them pink slips. That’s why guys like Jason Licht, Marc Ross, Tom Heckert, Louis Riddick, Tom Gamble and others had short careers with the Eagles as Roseman worked his way up.

“He’s not a leader,” one person who worked under Roseman said. “He’s an authority figure.”

Reading that, it would make sense if the Eagles decided to make this move on their own. But since it may have all stemmed from Chip’s wishes… even better?


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  1. Could explain why they’re $20 million under the cap and barely upgraded the secondary last off season.

    1. Jenkins was an upgrade. And they wanted Clinton-Dix but he got swiped right before their pick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they did enough, but there weren’t a ton of free agents worth bringing in, and they screwed up thinking Haha would fall to them.

      The bigger question is why you would release DeSean for being too expensive and then not use the money.

      This offseason is the most important so far IMO. They’ve built a base for the 3-4, and have the offense heading in the right direction. I’d like to see them fully upgrade the secondary, address the qb position, and possibly bring in a true #1 receiver. They have the money to do it, and the base of the team is in place. There’s no excuses.

      1. wow, a true thought out and well worded sports comment haha I agree, this offseason is the one that will define chip …gotta admit mistake and upgrade at least two, if not three of the secondary positions. There seems to be some quality dbacks and safeties on the free agent market. I think they have a number one WR in Maclin and could use a number two wideout, matthews in the slot, Riley at the four/ special teams (I know, getting paid a lot but stil a $3 mill cap hit if you cut him so might as well get the most out of him). I like Huff but he is a goof. I’d focus on secondary, LB and O line in the draft. I think they can win with Foles and by no means should blow up the roster or eff up drafts for years to come to move up and get one of the top two QBs. It’s a nice thought but that’s it ..a thought ..don’t do it.

  2. Wait. Roseman is a paranoid weirdo for stabbing people in the back an usurping them to get to a desired position after 16 years, but Kelly is a genius for doing the same exact thing after 2 years?


    Roseman and Kelly have both coached NFL teams to the same amount of playoff wins.

    1. I hope you get in a violent car accident. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into you.

      It’s a week into 2015 and you’re already in the running for Crossing Broad’s Mouth Breather Of The Year (Also, sweet handle man! Not bizarrely stupid or un-ironic at all!). Well done actually, must be a record. I’ve lost a significant amount of brain cells reading your comments over the past few days.

      I think I’d rather huff spray paint than read more of your comments.

  3. Who cares what this Chip Kelly lapdog has to say since we all know it was Chip Kelly and not Howie Roseman who screwed up last year’s draft I mean seriously do you think Chip would take marching orders from Howie on draft day or any day for that matter.

    The sad thing is that you ass kissing green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs are to stupid to realize when you’ve been had by Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie.

    Enjoy another mediocre draft and no playoff appearance you dopes.

    1. 10-6 in first two seasons in the NFL, with mediocre at best quarterbacks, after taking over a team that was 4-12.

      1. Who fucking cares Kyle you douche? YOU WIN THE SUPER BOWL OR YOU DO NOT..That’s it. Shove 10-6 up your ass.

        1. Just an awful/cringe worthy/clueless comment here. You sub-human cretins are in rare form today.

        2. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times.

          Name a coach that took over a 4-12 team and won a Super Bowl in his first 2 years. I’ll wait…

          Should we fire a coach every year if they don’t win the Super Bowl? Fucking idiots. Who would you even rather have coaching right now?

      2. The 4-12 team he inherited had Vick, who Kelly wanted, Foles, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jason Peters, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Kelce, Brent Celleck, Todd Heremans and a last place schedule that also included the Matt Flynn led Packers. He didn’t exactly change water into wine.

        He is also the first Eagles coach since Marion Campbell not to have won a playoff game at this point in his tenure.

        1. he’s two years in and you are comparing him to Marion Campbell? Get the fuck out of here. Some of you assholes really forger how bad the last two years with Reid were.

          1. I wasn’t comparing him to Marion Campbell, I stated a fact. Kelly is the first Eagles coach since Campbell not to reach the second round of the playoffs. The Fog Boel was the second round. The Eagles had won a bye that season.

        2. 1. Scott Tolzien for the packers last year
          2. You said WIN a playoff game at this point in his tenure
          3. Bowl. Not Boul
          4. Won a bye? Would they not have been at home of that were the case.

    2. Had by Kelly and Laurie to what end? I love you people who love to talk about who we’ve been tricked by Kelly or Laurie or both or whatever but never offer up an explanation about what we’re being “tricked” for.

      So, let’s assume Kelly and Laurie have tricked us into believing that Kelly is a good coach (by having two 10-6 seasons in a row, apparently). What do they get in return of successfully tricking all us kool-aid drinkers? Money? Do they somehow get more money by “tricking” us instead of having an “actual” good team? Please, explain this to me, because it makes no sense.

      Also, have we all forgotten how terrible this team was when Chip inherited it? As Kyle pointed out, they were 4-12 and it was a damn ugly 4-12. The whole team was a freaking mess and we all knew they needed to rebuild. So, two years later we expect them to win the Super Bowl with largely the same roster? They haven’t had time to get all the proper personnel in place guys, at the QB position among several others (CB, LB, etc.). Not to mention the fact that they switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 two years ago as well. Have some patience people.

          1. ….waits for everyone to realize some of these people are just trolling you and trying to p*ss you off on purpose ….waits …waits ….

    1. I plan on it …beer, t*ts, fat guys eating lotsa food ..more beer, more t*ts, no stress …I wish it was every week instead of aggravating things like playoff games and mind numbing comments about what our teams should and shouldn’t do by people who’ve never worn a jock in their life …give me wing bowl any day over that crap …

  4. A sniveling weasel lawyer who back stabbed his way to his position is paranoid the same will be done to him? Color me shocked. What this really reveals is what an absolute fucking clown Lurie is as an owner for promoting an ass kissing summer intern to GM.

    The best is Lurie shitting his pants the minute Kelly came in and flexed a little. Roseman is not hirable so he will bide his time and become GM again in 2 years when Kelly walks away from this train wreck of an organization.

    Keep supporting this piece of shit. He will be more than happy to keep serving the fans shit sandwiches that they will gulp down and ask for more.

      1. Do you have any original material. Reading you is like reading my posts from 2 weeks ago. Christ what a loser. Send your old lady over to my house, she probably could use a good fucking if she’s been with you any length of time.

    1. Kyle, this comment and posts like it border on anti-Semitism. Please tread carefully here. I’d rather you remove this type of comment, but just be careful that it doesn’t go any further.

  5. I know it means nothing whatsoever from a random internet commenter, but…

    The authority figure, not leader description fits what I’ve heard of Howie as well.

    A cousin of mine works for the Eagles (they handle clients services, basically taking care of business partners/VIPs). They were putting on a dinner during the weekend of the Arizona game, had planned everything, set it all up, reserved the room, caterers, etc.

    A day before the event Howie says he wants to come. But it can’t start at the scheduled time, it needs to be 2 hours earlier. Apparently he threw a tantrum when my cousin’s boss said it wasn’t possible. Howie tried to bully his way to getting it moved, but my cousin’s boss wouldn’t budge (since there was no logistical way to move everything 24 hours in advance).

    After hearing about the “promotion” and how Howie will be controlling multiple departments, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that boss is fired in the next couple weeks.

      1. What’s your laxative to tomato ratio for your sauce 2:1? if I’m trying to lose 10 lbs I always know where to eat. Your pizza sucks.

  6. Howie Roseman should be hosting Quizzo at some empty bar on a Tuesday night with Sean Brace, Pat Gallen and the other young turds trying to work their way up to that elusive 50-grand a year plateau. I’m Out!

  7. Who give’s a shit. Roseman is a pussy. Kelly is a overated coach who will be a college coach in 2016.

  8. I predict the 1st pick by the Eagles will be booed by a bus load of drunk armchair QB’s once again.

    Chip Kelly will put his stamp on this team. He’s got “the Biggest Balls of them All” – AC/DC

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