Jimmy Rollins Is Mr. June in the Phillies’ 2015 Calendar

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Inept doesn’t even begin to describe the Phillies these days.

John Gonzalez, who tweeted the picture, notes that the calendar arrived at CSN offices over the holidays, so there’s no doubt it was printed prior to reports (December 10) and completion (December 19) of the Jimmy Rollins trade. Still… the Phillies.


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  1. C’mon, you’re reaching here. There are plenty of other things to bang on them about. Do you expect Rube to be in on the meeting for ‘who should we put in the calendar this year’? If they were going with sure things, it
    would be 12 months of Hamels pics.

  2. I received the Phillies calendar on December 25th as a Christmas gift and then placed it in the trash on December 26th. True story.

  3. They sent this calendar out to season ticket holders well over a month ago. Well before there were any reports of Rollins being traded.

    So your article is a rehash of a John Gonzales’ , who used to be the worst journalist in Philly before this site came along, tweet about mail he got over two weeks ago. It’s January 16th, most people went back to work on January 5th at the latest. And then you link to the 700 Level.

    Inept doesn’t even begin to describe this website.

  4. i know the phillies suck, but so do the sixers, yet you have at least one post a week sucking sixers dick.

  5. That one of the greatest players in team history — and most productive LAST YEAR — is no longer on the team is indefensible. So at least he’s in the calendar.

  6. It’s a little awkward, but so what?

    Just stop being so fucking cynical about every little thing Kyle, and consider it a “hat tip” to Rollins for everything he accomplished while he was here.

    I’m on board with most of the cynicism about Philly teams and how they handle things but this one’s over the top.

  7. Does it matter. I’d rather have him on there than fucking some scrub no name like Wil Nieves. Why is it a big deal that the best most recognizable player of the past decade on one of the Phillies all-time greatest teams is on the team’s calendar?

  8. This “article” is weak…..a reach. So if they left him off the calendar and then didn’t trade him, what would the public perception be then?

  9. I am all for ripping the Phillies (and they deserve it), but you can’t get them on this.

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