Joe Blanton is Attempting a Comeback

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

My God someone please keep Ruben Amaro away: Erstwhile pitcher Joe Blanton is planning a comeback. Fat Joe last pitched for the Los Angeles Angels in 2013, and will work out and throw in the bullpen for Major League teams in Nashville on February 4. In reality, Blanton (who just turned 34 in December) may be a bit too young for Ruben to consider.


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  1. “I have just signed Fat Joe to a 5 year, $95 million deal with a full no trade and all years guaranteed”–RAJ
    Fuck off.

    1. yep, trading cliff lee and signing fat joe da bloatster instead was the 1st of many stupid things that RTJ did.

  2. I saw Joe pitch last summer in Salt Lake City. The guy was in great shape; I didn’t even recognize him. Completely pedestrian effort, though he got the win I believe.

  3. Who cut Rubes purse strings ? Damn-it Im going to have to go sign a minor league deal somewhere. Oh well that dumb as Rube made me a millionaire 21 times over. Thanks dimwit.

    Thats right basement dwellers . Talk about me all you want but I got $21 M in the bank.

  4. The Phillies announced today that Joe Blanton’s health has significantly improved, and he has been appointed Assistant Chairman to the Chairman Emeritus in charge of appointing more Chairpeople and semi-retired Club Presidents who are also Ex-General Managers.

    He will report to Chip Kelly.

  5. Maybe if he put a little effort into his conditioning, he’d still BE in the majors. My least favorite Phillie of that era. Fatass.

    1. ’08 phillies that have at least some detractors in this town: Howard, Rollins, Feliz, Burrell, Werth, Blanton, Myers, Hamels. Amazing they won with all those terrible players.

      1. Got hot at the end of the year, Cubs lost, Sox lost. The 09-11 teams were actually more talented but they didn’t get the breaks that the 08 team did.

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