Joe Paterno’s Wins Will Be Restored, Because That’s Important

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Today was a big day for Scott Paterno. Every day is a big day for Scott Paterno. 111 of Joe Paterno’s vacated wins (and one of Tom Bradley’s) will be restored in the record books thanks to a settlement in a lawsuit brought by PA State Senator and Penn State alum Jake Corman against the NCAA over sanctions handed down to Penn State and its football program (because our elected officials have nothing better to do with their time than appease their fellow alumni). Now the Valley can be Happy again, I assume.

In a statement, the Paterno family continued being the Paterno family:

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via (@OnwardState)

Still vacated: the dignity of Sandusky’s victims.

UPDATE: I completely agree that the NCAA overreacted and tried to save face in all of this, by the way. But maybe the Paterno family could demonstrate just a shred of awareness, restraint and humility by not calling the settlement a “victory” and acting like this is the particular truth that matters.


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  1. It didn’t make sense to begin with, the NCAA chair admitted he didn’t even read the fake bought report that they supposedily based the sanctions on.

    It is a complete sham all around and more was “covered up” and mislead by the NCAA then the actual scandal.

    Here come the lawsuits

  2. Penn State is the worst college. Not because of the molestation. Because it just is. Villanova is bad too. So I hate everyone involved on this post and comment board.

    1. Nice try. Next time try to use more horrific language. That might stir people up.

  3. So…. it’s like that stuff never happened…. and everything is exactly as it was before… Bowls, scholarships, wins, etc…

    1. Ummm yeah, except that the man who is guilty of the crimes is in jail for life. And they had bowl bans, and scholarships revoked. And JoePa died, and they had to donate $60M to programs focused around prevention of child abuse and molestation. Soooooo what were you saying?

        1. Athletic programs at penn state are self funded.. The money for all sports, sports programs, even facilities are almost entirely from boosters, donations and revenue generated by the atheltic programs.

          Football, Hockey, Basketball, Womens Volleyball and I think wrestling all help fund every other D1 sports program.

          Your tuition or state taxes have nothing to do with paying coaches or fine or whatever you want to feel entitled to complain about

          1. Well in 2013, the PSU athletic department made $104,751,464 and spent $110,737,200. That’s public knowledge.

            So IDK where the $60 million is coming from. Granted they used to run a surplus, but that hasn’t been the case anymore. And in the end it’s $60 million taken out of upgrading facilities, recruiting, etc….and this lawsuit made no attempt to reduce/eliminate something that could be beneficial to the universities.

            The wins mean nothing. I don’t think that Chip Kelly has as many BCS National Championships as Pete Carroll because his one at USC was vacated with the Reggie Bush stuff.

      1. Pay no attention to those who covered it up… we are going to make their lives back to normal. And i’m sure that Joe really cares about his win total right now.

        Just eat this cookie… and you’ll feel right as rain.

  4. And in a few minutes the liberal know it all douchebag Pedophile State alum Mike Missanelli will shove it in everyone’s face about Joe Paterno’s precious wins and how he was oblivious to what was going on.

    Meanwhile nobody gives a damb about the young victims.

    If there is a God in Heaven he’ll burn that school to the ground.

    1. So, if Penn State doesn’t burn down, there’s is no God? Is that what you’re saying? Also, how much of the school would have to burn down? There are numerous buildings that make up the school. Not to mention the satellite campuses. What exactly are you trying to say here, Bob? We’re all very confused, Bob. Please explain yourself now, BOB.

    2. Hey BOB, since 2011 what have you done to help the victims of child abuse? Probably nothing and definitely less than PSU. Your faux outrage is pathetic. STFU. You dont care about the victims. Stop playing that card.

  5. 409 > 69 the penn state way

    BTW: Can they vacate Penn State’s wins against the fucking garbage Out of Conference teams they play every season?

    1. Sure, because no other team in the NCAA plays games against cupcake opponents! No sir, every other team in the NCAA plays either a conference game or a top 25 team EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Only PSU plays games against lesser opponents before the conference schedule starts!

      1. Please look at your first 6 games for 2015? It is the same philosophy that Joe Pa had besides many years (take advantage of the weak…toooo easy) play garbage teams OOC, and then hope you beat Ohio State because the rest of your schedule is trash.

        1. because UCF is a cupcake game? yeah they haven’t beaten any good team ever.

          I am sure ND 2007 was a cupcake game

          and Bama a couple years back, that also was a cupcake

          actually, you have no idea what you are talking about

          1. Oh man, a lot of (few years back) and Notre Dame in 2007. Almost a decade ago. UCF is legit too. I almost forgot to mention Miami (Ohio). Obviously we can tell from your post above, you’re an ignorant Sandusker Cult member

    1. Getting so dark, and cold… And irrelevant.

      Damn we are bitter and hate our lives

  6. Penn State lost to Northwestern and Illinois last year. Hysterical. Outside of Ohio State and Michigan State, the B1G is on par with the American Athletic and Mountain West conferences.

    1. they beat boston college in a bowl who gave florida state a run for their money during the season. you dumb ass. Also wisconsin beat auburn ass gremlin.

      1. Since you brought up the SEC, How many losses did the SEC have to MAC teams like the mighty B1G ? Wisconsin beat an Auburn team that mailed it in. LSU beat Wisconsin at a neutral site . Auburn beat LSU. Bowl games are a flimsy argument. Outside of the two top dogs, the B1G is a weak conference and has been for years now. The national perception of the B1G was spot on earlier this year. Ohio State won back some prestige for it after adding to the conferences demise .

  7. Kyle, your understanding of politics as well as politicians can be simplified down to House of Cards and Netflix documentaries. Try to maintain a bit of integrity and avoid the uninformed anecdotes. You’re just making yourself look bad.

  8. Deez es pc el shit. Penn state es scumbags.

    yo this is unreal. Penn Staters should be embarrassed, especially the remained of JoePa’s fatass family

  9. Kyle, there is something that I think is not being said, that tells me this isn’t over. I believe the Paterno’s will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the NCAA and the Penn State Board of Trustees members who agreed to the sanctions, citing this a a tacit admission that the NCAA’s overreach was the cause of such stress that it caused the quick deterioration and eventual death of Joe Paterno. They will also cite Joe Pa’s offer to resign at the end of that season as an gesture of good faith to take responsibility for any role he may have had in Sandusky’s wretched acts, and the NCAA and the Board pursued another route, with the hidden but intended agenda to humiliate Joe Paterno. Unless there is a clause in the repeal agreement that prevents that, my gut tells me that’s the next act in this Greek tragedy.

    1. Agree. At this point the remaining pieces of shit in the Paterno family exist to file lawsuits. That would not be a stretch.

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