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Today was a big day for Scott Paterno. Every day is a big day for Scott Paterno. 111 of Joe Paterno’s vacated wins (and one of Tom Bradley’s) will be restored in the record books thanks to a settlement in a lawsuit brought by PA State Senator and Penn State alum Jake Corman against the NCAA over sanctions handed down to Penn State and its football program (because our elected officials have nothing better to do with their time than appease their fellow alumni). Now the Valley can be Happy again, I assume.

In a statement, the Paterno family continued being the Paterno family:

via (@OnwardState)

via (@OnwardState)

Still vacated: the dignity of Sandusky’s victims.

UPDATE: I completely agree that the NCAA overreacted and tried to save face in all of this, by the way. But maybe the Paterno family could demonstrate just a shred of awareness, restraint and humility by not calling the settlement a “victory” and acting like this is the particular truth that matters.