Joel Embiid Might be Immature, is Definitely Chubby

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“I don’t weigh that.”

That was Joel Embiid’s simple response to the Inquirer report that he weighed close to 300 pounds. It worried Bill Simmons. It didn’t worry Molly Sullivan. But it’s a legit concern. Embiid says he doesn’t weigh 300 pounds, but sources put him at at least 275. It could be an issue. Especially if his weight — which really can’t be expected to stay level considering how immobile Embiid is with his injury — ties into a bigger issue: Maturity.

The dreaded “immature” label. Many players have had it draped over them in their career, to varying levels of accuracy and impact: Allen Iverson, DeMarcus Cousins, Javale McGee, Andrew Brynum, etc. In Keith Pompey’s Inky piece, he talks to Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Embiid’s mentor, about his maturity:

“Obviously, you can see some of his immaturity [in] his tweets sometimes,” Mbah a Moute said. “But you can also understand how mature he is in certain situations the way he handled himself. . . . He’s a good kid, man.

“At the end of the day, it’s tough for him being in a situation where people can’t really see who he is as a person.”

Kyle Neubeck at Liberty Ballers put the whole thing into context, acknowledging that Embiid’s maturity can be an issue, but there are other things to be more concerned about:

The more interesting question to me than “Is he immature?” is this — how will Embiid react to frustration and failure, a hurdle he hasn’t had to clear often at lower levels of competition? When he finally plays NBA minutes, it will be one of his first opportunities to spar with giants of his caliber. He will get pushed around, hit in the mouth and not always be the largest, most physically dominant person on the floor. If he is not diligent with his approach to the game, he will get abused by grown men who understand what it takes to make it in the league.

Derek Bodner, at the same site, balances his hope for Embiid with the concern that maybe conditioning and mental drive is an issue with him. We really won’t know until Embiid is working out with high-impact drills, scrimmages, and playing in games against NBA-level competition. It’s going to be a while for that last one, so let’s just hope Embiid, if he’s under it now, can stop himself from cresting the three-bills mark. “Fat Joel” would be a pretty solid nickname though.


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  1. Maybe it’s not too late to get a second round pick for him in 2018?

    I really, really like second round picks….

  2. How much could he really work out this season with a broken foot? I am not saying it sarcastically, but how much exercise could he have really done on a broken foot? Now if he comes into camp next October at 300 lbs then I will be worried.

  3. Embiid is a ATTENTION/FAME WHORE. All he needed to do was make an instagram video of himself getting on a scale and showing he wasn’t that heavy. It would have been all over every single ESPN show, it would have been frontpage of, CNNSI, FOXSPORTS, all the sports forums etc etc etc.

    Instead, Dei Lynam aka 76ers mouthbreather comes to his defense.

    BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hope that all the Hinkie Fuckboiiiiis take Occam’s Razor and draw a warm bath

  4. Honestly this doesn’t mean anything. He’s a 20 year old kid who has mostly been sitting on his ass because the sixers are scared he will have a setback. If anything I’m glad he gained some weight, because last year at times he got pushed around by shorter but heavier big men who had leverage on him. I kinda wish he would quit with the Instagram shit, it was funny and cute at first but it’s going to get old fast. Don’t need another Dwight Howard personality in the league

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