LeSean McCoy Pulls out of Pointless Game Because of Injury, Maybe Just Wants to Party Instead

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Though LeSean McCoy was named to his third Pro Bowl this year, he won’t be playing in the game due to a knee injury. Also, he has this party to go to.

According to the Courier Post, McCoy’s reason for skipping the totally pointless game is because of “a knee injury suffered toward the end of the season finale against the Giants.” The injury is not said to be serious. However:

McCoy will still be in Glendale, Ariz., that weekend, however. He is scheduled to host a party the day before the game.

It makes sense. Nothing ruins the morning after a good party like waking up and realizing you have to go get hit by a bunch of big dudes for absolutely no reason. It might cure a hangover, though.


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  1. Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t want to get injured in a pointless game to end the season or anything.

  2. McCoy is just a little pussy ass bitch! You can tell by the way he whined all year and blamed everyone else for him not having a “best rb in the league” year. Fuck him!

    1. Relax dude it’s a meaningless game,and besides shouldn’t you be worrying about your shitty ass Redskins?

      1. Yeah, I know. And the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl this year! Again! Ha!Ha! The same pathetic chant every year!

          1. I feel like an idiot. I post on blogs of teams I don’t like, then hit refresh all night. Then get a little sleep. I then wake up and start the process again.

            I will be banging refresh…waiting. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. “realizing you have to go get hit by a bunch of big dudes”

    That’s kind of a stretch. They barely even tackle in the pro bowl.

  4. Just get rid of the game. I dont know why people even watch. Its less meaningful than the 4th preseason game. All it does is risk injury to the the few players that actually try in the game.

  5. Lets just hope McCoy doesn’t beat up any hookers that weekend like he did on the party bus

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