Michael Del Zotto Has Himself A New Tinder Pic

Tinder stud, noted nympho and Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto posted this picture on Twitter earlier. It’s gross, but a great conversation starter.

The full pic is after the jump. It sort of looks like it’s from an autopsy.



8 Responses

    1. yeah one novacare way is in flames and we get a closeup pic of some flygirl’s ear…

    1. No way in hell Tampa’s GM passes up the opportunity to draft Mariota.

      Get used to seeing Mariota throwing touchdowns to Mike Evans for a long long time.

  1. Let me tell you something that is going to change the way you look at cuts for the rest of your miserable lives. When my brother Andy and I were growing up in Ashland, Kentucky, we didn’t always have access to the fancy medicines you northerners did. One night, after a passionate love making session with one of my cousins, I fell out of a loft in the barn and split open my knee. Thinking quickly, I was able to use dried sheep feces to stop the bleeding. I’ve been using it for similar injuries ever since.

    And here is another thing you northerns don’t know about dookie: you can get high off of it! Sweet, sweet ‘Jenkem’ is easy to make too. Just take a fresh dump, add urine and store in a warm, damp environment for 2 weeks. Once the 2 week fermentation is complete, just open it up and inhale! It’s that easy!

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