Mike Richards Has Cleared Waivers and Will Likely Be Assigned to the Manchester Monarchs

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sportsnet in Canada with this sad Mike Richards update:

Los Angeles Kings centre Mike Richards cleared waivers Tuesday, proving his contract is too hefty for the competition to take on.

Richards still carries a salary cap hit of $5.75 million for five more seasons. With the forward being sent down to AHL Manchester, the Kings will save $925,000 in salary cap relief.

Richards will be available if the Kings wish to recall him for the playoffs.

Kings GM Dean Lombardi:

“There’s still time here. He knows what he has to do,” Lombardi said. “That part I am not questioning. The way the schedule is down there, it allows him to get his innings in and conceivably he could be back here. That’s the way we’re approaching this. That’s the short term.

“On the long term, he could be a different player. If you remember when Teemu Selanne when he went to Colorado it looked like he was done. He looked done. But all of sudden things changed. He went on for a longer career. They’re different players but I see no reason why this can’t happen here, either.”

Incredibly, after helping the Kings on their way to two Stanley Cups, Paul Holmgren has managed to retroactively screw Flyers West with Richie’s outlandish contract, which all but guaranteed Richie would live long enough to see himself become the villain.

Fun part: The Monarchs visit the Phantoms on March 29. God willing, Richards will still be with them.


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  1. Breaking News: Jeff Carter to hold out until he receives assignment to Manchester Monarchs.

  2. Not sad news at all. Guy was and is a creep. He is getting what he deserves. And I don’t know how three goals in 24 games exactly “helped” the Kings to their second Cup. I mean the guy was playing so bad in the playoffs there was news the Kings would buy him out all through April, May and June, so, whatever those intangibles are that don’t “show up on the scoresheet” that make him a “difference maker” they must not have been so obvious to the Kings themselves if they were exploring the option of buying him out up until the literal deadline to make that decision.

    Smart move by Dean Lombardi to give into Jeff Carter’s begging.

    1. Other than Game 6, he didn’t really see that much ice time in last year’s Stanley Cup Final.

      He doesn’t have the drive he had in 2010.

  3. For fucks sake, why don’t some of these guys attempt to restructure their contract? Is that not allowed in the NHL? If it meant staying with an NHL winner, or going to the minors, I would happily take a pay cut.

  4. is everyone still mad about having Voracek, Simmonds, B Schenn and Couturier over Jeff Carter and an AHL player?

    Or would those people rather be paying both so much that Claude Giroux would now be playing for the NY Islanders since the Flyers couldn’t afford to pay him top-10 money?

  5. This kid needs AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA(Narcotics Anonymous) in the worst way.

    Sad to see a young man drink and snort his career away like Richards has.


    1. First thing this genius does after getting cut by the Kings is post a photo of himself and his new-Non Jeff Carter-fiance drinking.

  6. He’s now an AHL player that has the same amount of Stanley Cups as the Flyers franchise.

    How do you feel about that?

    Flyers fans keep hanging onto the past with the Broad St Bullies and the idiots of today like Rinaldo. Keep loving the forecheck and the muckers and grinders. Idiots.

    – A Flyers Fan who doesn’t like the “BRO” culture around the Flyers.

  7. The flyers organIzation hasn’t been relevant in years. Until uncle Ed moves over and they clear out all the former players in the front office this bullies era will never end

    1. The Flyers will continue to be irrelevant as long as Mister christkiller is alive.
      Fuck off Ed.

  8. Teemu Selanne? Um, he had major reconstructive surgery on on of his knees. And then had a year off to rest & rehab during the lockout. THAT is why he was able to bounce back.

    Does Richards have some major injury that we don’t know about?

    I hope Richards does bounce back.

    2 Stanley Cups (and would have had another if not for Leighton). Not too shabby.

    1. Are you kidding me Schreiber… blaming Leighton? You’re clueless. Evil Schriber pwns you.

      Leighton back there was certainly helpful getting to that point.

        1. That Stanley Cup Finals was nowhere near as close as it appeared and the Flyers had no business being there in the first place.

          The Montreal Canadiens had the most to do with that Cup run by beating the Penguins and Capitals, both who would’ve demolished the Flyers in a seven game series that season.

          Richards did break Krecji’s wrist with that cheap hit in game four. He did do that. That took away the only remaining scorer the Bruins had in that series and enabled to allow the Flyers to comeback against a backup goalie and a team missing six regular players.

          1. Rask wasn’t a backup goalie. He stole the starting job from Thomas halfway through that season. His numbers that year were actually really impressive.

          2. I hate the Penguins. Impostor idiot.

            Rask was a backup. He “took” the job then promptly lost it the following season when Thomas and those six other missing players from 2010 were in the line and destroyed the Flyers in four in Richie’s and Carts’ Flyers swansong.

          3. Rask started more games than Thomas in 2009-10. He played well and Thomas struggled. Hence, he became the starter halfway through that year and started all 13 of Boston’s playoff games. It’s not rocket science.

    2. “Does Richards have some major injury that we don’t know about?”

      Yes, he has a deviated septum from all that COCAINE SON!!!!!!

    3. I am just insulted that this idiot Lombardi put Richards and Selanne in the same sentence let alone compare them to each other.

  9. I am 60 and a long time recovering Flyer fan. Snider is THE cause no Cups in 40 years and it will go another 10 with Eddie in charge. Being an original Flyer fan, the WHA took all the Flyer beaters off Chicago (Hull), Montreal (Dryden, Trembley) and esp Boston (Sanderson – all time Flyer beater, McKenzie, Stanfield and Cheevers). And the Flyers got the all time mulligan in getting Bernie back, not from Toronto, the team Snider traded him in 71, but from the WHA also.

    1. Um….Sanderson was on the 1974 Bruins, idiot. The WHA had nothing to do with him. He came back after a brief stint with the Blazers.

      Get your facts straight.

      Did the Flyers play the Blackhawks in the playoffs in 74 or 75? No? Okay. Was Bobby Orr the greatest player in hockey on the Bruins in 1974? Yes. Okay. Was Espositio? Yes. okay.

      Go sell your revisionist garbage elsewhere.

  10. Tired of people blaming snider. All he does is demand we field the best team we can each year. You morons would rather have us be like the sixers/penguins and tank for 5 years to get good. Missing the playoffs only twice in the last 20 years is great. Didnt win a cup but we sure as hell had our chances. Ownership demanding to be competitive is all i can ask for.

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