Mr. Snider Really Wants People to Call Mr. Snider “Ed” From Now On

Ed Snider has always been “Mr. Snider” to pretty much everyone for some strange reason. Paul Holmgren, when he was “promoted,” called him “Mr. Snider” twice in as many sentences. People who work for the organization speak of “Mr. Snider” like he’s some deity. Sure, it’s a respect thing, but it’s also a super rich guy who wants to be called “Mr. Snider” so we call him “Mr. Snider” because he pays our bills thing. Except, not anymore, man, because the new, totally chill Mr. Snider just wants to be called “Ed.” You know, like your pal.

Per a press release celebrating Mr. Snider finishing ninth on the Hockey News’ annual “Money and Power” list, we learn that Mr. Snider never wanted to be Mr. Snider in the first place and just wants to be Ed from now on:

“I don’t know why everyone continues to call me ‘Mr. Snider,’ but my name is Ed and that’s what I want everyone to call me. Bob Clarke started calling me ‘Mr. Snider’ back when he was a player and he continues to do it today, despite the fact that I have repeatedly told him not to (do it). I never wanted to be called Mr. Snider

I know why everyone does it, but I just want to be called Ed which is my name.”

And if Mr. Snider wants to be called “Ed” from now on, Mr. Snider will be called “Ed,” because Mr. Snider gets what Mr. Snider wants. I mean, Ed. Ed gets what he wants. Or is that “Mr. Ed?” Never mind.


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  1. Fuck off Mister Snyder killer…win something…

    The Flyers are cursed until this guy is dead…..

  2. this flyers team will not win lord stanley’s cup until “Ed” gets the fuck out of the way. i mean…why does every fucking hockey decision need to go thru “Ed?” that’s why this flyers team sucks.

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