Now Vai Sikahema Is Presenting Marcus Mariota with That Dumb Sal Pal-inspired T-shirt Oh What the Hell

Vai Sikahema was on 97.5 with John and Sean today and he talked about his recent trip to Hawaii, which is where he introduced Marcus Mariota at the somehow an actual thing Polynesian Football Hall of Fame – which I can only assume is currently working on constructing the birth story of their lord and savior, Junior Seau – and then presented the Oregon quarterback with that dumb Sal Pal-inspired #DoTheDeal t-shirt.

The fact that that blowhard Sal Pal gets publicity for his inane speculation makes me want to punch small babies in their temple area. Just look at this shit.


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  1. Man why do you hate me? I don’t even come around much. I’m always up MIKE Miss butt or NY Jets Brass Butts

  2. Wow mocking someone else’s culture to make a point,dude you need serious help.

    I’m sending this story to Vai Sikahema and let’s see if you can mock his Polynesian culture face to face.

    Come on Kyle I know you can do it,flex those big strong sheltered suburban muscles all in Vai’s face,heck while you’re at it challenge him to a celebrity boxing match.

    1. Give Kyle a break.

      He is still salty about not getting into the “Morons Who Made Pick Up the Shield T-Shirts” wall of fame at the Delco Chuck E. Cheese.

  3. Vai should offer Marcus sheena on a silver platter for him if the birds do the deal

  4. What the fuck. HORRIBLE coaching to end the 1st quarter of the sixers. We are up 24-4 with all the momentum and brett brown calls a time out?!?! Then takes out nerlens, mcw, and covington, who were DOMINATING. Pistons then go on a 12-4 run to end the quarter.

    If you’re watching you understand why I’m so mad about this. If you’re not watching, trust me, that was the absolute most bonehead dickhead retarded thing I’ve seen coach brown do. Unreal.

    1. You’re completely insane. The game was never in question, the Sixers dominated from start to finish, even with that little run the Pistons went on the end the 1st quarter. Let Brown do his job you ungrateful cretin.

  5. Funny, if it was a “pick up the shield” or “culture” or “snow bowl” tee, this post would sing a different tune.

    How about that one time that one plastic clown/disgrace with massive “teef” posted your “wolf of broad st tee”? Talk about cheap publicity dude. Funded your honeymoon, sweet humble brag.

    You’re a flat out idiot and hypocrit. Unless it’s promoting you and your trash , it’s wrong.

  6. “On our buddy Sal Pal”…

    1. It was disgusting hearing the “Sal, Sal, Sal…” bullshit chant when mike and mike was in Philly.
    2. Guy is the biggest blowhard in the business. Pompous in every interview he does (MM, Cowherd)
    3. 97.5 sucks this guys balls so bad and he’s a colossal asshole to most of the people he works with. Like big red once said, “NOTHING’S BIGGER THAN SAL PAL BABY!”
    4. Matt Nahagian is on crack to believe that the listening audience actually enjoys when Sal comes on and is the “Highest rated segment”. Thats like saying I polled 10 guys in the coffee shop and 6 recognized the name Sal Pal.

  7. Not sure why this upsets you Kyle …. Is it because getting mariotta would take away the tiny little bit of attention the Phillies get?

    What’s the over under on # of times the Phillies are even mentioned on the radio this summer if the Eagles land mariotta…. I’ll say 2 ….

    What do u think?

      1. Ha ha very funny. The truth is that the Phillies are always the talk of the town come summer time. Sorry NFL… Not in this town… We love baseball here. Much more gentle and peaceful, not like that barbaric sport football.

  8. Wow, you hating on Sal Pal again. I guess you could do it better than him, and everything you proclaim and report will be on point and the whole country would love you. You do blogs and people hate you. Sal Pal is not only a “homer” which is cool, but he has a different way of reporting with good comparisons and stats. Thats what the general public likes to hear. You sit there and wait for him to make a false claim and then you go off on it. Just shut up.

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