Penn State Fans Call for Return of Joe Paterno Statue, Declare That “Justice Has Been Served”


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  1. What a sick, disgusting culture of human filth. Oh and Penn State people, too.

    But seriously… many kids did Sandusky fondle? WHO CARES we got our football wins back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t even waste my time arguing anymore. These deluded robots think football games trump the mental damage and destruction done to young children. It is stomach churning and disgusting.

    1. What’s it like to hero worship a man, and university as a whole that harbored a predator.

      1. To be clear:

        I was telling Penn State to go fuck themselves.

        No worship here, Bro…..just disgust

    2. Right on. That’s a fucking disgrace.
      We are……ASS JAM U!
      I hope Bubba is balls deep in Uncle Jerry right now.

  2. These people are absolutely gross. Only justice served here is that Joe Pa died to the thought of leaving his program, which he put before the welfare of children, in ruins.

  3. Smdh as an allumni. This doesn’t “prove Paterno right”, idiots. I admit that it is nice to have the wins back. It was a little weird in an kind of Orwellian way for the NCAA to just erase the wins form history. The important thing here is that the charitable organizations in Pennsylvania that are supporting abuse victims will be able to receive the fine money directly from the University. That’s the real victory here.

    1. Truth.

      Also, I think a big part of the problem here is that everyone was wrong in this situation but people still feel the need to take sides. Should PSU have gotten the police involved immediately after discovering what Sandusky did? Obviously. No one with a brain in their head will say otherwise. Personally, I think that redheaded stepchild, McQueary, should have beaten Sandusky to death in the shower instead of running to tell his dad or whatever the fuck he did.

      But all that doesn’t make what the NCAA did right. They overstepped their authority and manipulated PSU into agreeing to the sanctions, not to protect kids or for justice, but to make themselves look good. Which makes the NCAA a bunch of selfish pricks who took advantage of a horrible situation.

      So those sanctions are now reversed. Is that justice? Not in the grand scheme of things, really that doesn’t matter. What matters is Sandusky can’t hurt kids anymore and is being punished. The people who covered it up have been as well, for the most part. That was the act of 4-5 individuals, not an entire school.

      Like you said, the only thing that really matters is helping the victims as best we can. Hopefully that money helps a bit. And hopefully in the future people who witness this kind of horrific act will actually do something about it rather than let it go on like the officials who engaged in this cover up did.

      1. A logical well put together, coherent and rational opinion as a crossingbroad comment?

        I am sure people will try and troll you for having a level headed opinion but I just wanted to let you know it didn’t go unappreciated.


        As for my own; There were clearly people within the PSU BOT or someone who knew or did something, the NCAA was under incredible pressure which they had never seen before and there was also clearly dirty politics involved with Corbett.

        So I seem to think that if you understand the menial roles that Joe and McQueary had in this entire scheme, you quickly realize that they were by no means a focal point. The action/inaction didn’t hinge on them, the problem started well before and almost entirely outside the University. So others were to blame and I really believe they used Joe a scapegoat that the media and public could chastize for immediate retribution to take the focus off themselves.

        Most people don’t understand the role and real power anyone had at the university. While prominent, Joe wasn’t an omnipotent god, but he also wasn’t a saint. I do think that he was still a mell meaning, and very good man that did his best.

        so hate on readers

        may no act of ours bring shame, to one heart that loves thy name

  4. It’s great you got those wind back. Realistically probably shouldn’t have been taken away in the first place. Apples and oranges situation. That being said PSU football will NEVER be a powerhouse program again.

      1. I debated on whether to use that term. I figured it wasn’t accurate. But I hoped it would squeak by without notice.

  5. Forgot the subject complement in their hashtag. #wearepedophiles is more accurate and grammatically correct. #englishteacherscanjoketoo

  6. I’d love to stick my tongue right up those 2 chicks posing with the joe pa statue assholes

  7. JoPa died in abject shame, knowing to the grave he should have done more. Yelling 409 will never erase that, thank God.

  8. This is effin sick brosephs. We’re gonna need to dip into the emergency rufy stash tonight.

  9. The “hero worship” thing is out of hand, but the wins should never have been taken away.

  10. Wow I love that sign “you can’t cover up 61 years of success.” But yeah you sure as hell can cover up a child m0lestation scandal and continue to let a sexu@l preditor bring children into your gym facilities for a number of years.


  11. The funny thing about PSU grads is they think they graduated from Harvard. It isn’t close to Northwestern, Michigan, or Purdue.

    He hadn’t won a title since 1986. With Meyer at Ohio State and now Harbaugh at Michigan, they won’t see one for even longer now. All the talent will go there or to the SEC. But keep thinking you are relevant to college football. Losers

  12. Did any of these loser PSU people have their lives changed today for the better bc of this? No. a number went up. The fact that these idiots got so worked up about win totals is beyond me. Who the fuck cares about his win total. If you want to be happy that your bowl ban is lifted, thats fine. But to get this excited about a win total changing is psychotic.

  13. I’m not a PSU hater, because they are irrelevant to me. But the fact that the para-attorney, greasy, piece of shit Jay Paterno called PSU a “model program” on ESPN was too much. Fuck that self-serving asshole.

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