Please Welcome The Barstool Philly Podcast to Liberty Broadcast

Liberty_space_logo_v1We’ve added yet another podcast to— this time, it’s Barstool Philly guy, Smitty, and the Barstool Philly Sports and Life Podcast.

So now, our lineup of shows includes the following in addition to our show, Crossing Streams:

Tony Bruno

BGN Radio— John Barchard, Brandon Lee Gowton and the Bleeding Green Nation guys

Shander Show— Eytan Shander of 97.5, Sirius and elsewhere (great interview with Michelle Beadle this week)

Iggles Pod— Jimmy Kempski of and Tommy Lawlor of

Sixers Beat— Derek Bodner and the Liberty Ballers guys

Barstool Philly Podcast— Smitty of Barstool Philly

That’s a sports talk radio legend, the three biggest sports blogs in Philly, a longtime radio host, and some of the best Eagles and Sixers writers around, and there are a few more big names to come.

You can listen to the Barstool Philly Podcast, as well as our show and all the other great shows, at We’ll have an app coming in the first half of the year to make it even easier.


16 Responses

  1. Does Shandler ask Michelle Be@dle about the LBs she’s put on round the middle?

    Actually, I bet he doesn’t, that latent h0mosexu@l freak.

    Why can’t else be so open and tolerant like me? It gets very lonely up so high on this h0rs e.

  2. Good stuff Kyle. I’ll make sure not to listen.

    See what I did there? Do you see?

  3. I will never listen to one of these things after that coc* slobbering BJ fest Scott O’Propaganda, but no matter how unprofessional these podcasts can get or how unlistenable they are, they are definitely better than 97.5.

    Mike and Mike are mentally challenged bickering queens
    Who and what the hell are a Harry Mayes?
    Jon and Sean make dying of cancer seem fun….these two are unfit for high school morning announcements let alone bro’ing it up at Pitcher’s Pub.
    Missanelli is a pathological lair and a old hair dying condescending POS.

  4. Kyle Scott quotes – “chase utley is Guna hit 100 homers this season I just know it!!!!”

    “Mr utley mr utley!!! Will you sign my mit please???”

    “One day when I grow up I’m Guna be a baseball player, just like chase utley!!!”

  5. Who knew you could build a lame ass Internet media empire by discussing how bad Philly teams suck?

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